The History of Genesee County, MI
Chapter XXIX
Steam & Electric Railroad Conditions

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Feeling the influence of the general growth, the railways of Flint have evidenced an exceptional increase in business compared with 1914, both in passenger and fright traffic. The freight division of the Detroit United Railway show in 1915 an increase of twenty per cent over 1914. The year was reported to be the most successful the company has enjoyed since the establishment of the freight business. The Pere Marquette and Grand Trunk railway systems experience an average increase of about thirty-five per cent in 1915 over the year 1914.

The Pere Marquette in 1916 has ten yard engines in commission within the city limits, and the gross freight handled in 1915 exceeded that of any other point on the line, with the exception of Detroit. In the year 1916 the company is expending two hundred thousand dollars in the construction of a roundhouse and many miles of sidetrack. For the accommodation of the factory workers who live in Saginaw and Bay City, the Pere Marquette runs a "week-end special" leaving Flint Saturday at noon and returning on Sunday evening.

The Grand Trunk railroad is also constructing many miles of sidetracks in the vicinity of the Chevrolet plant, and also in the eastern portion of the city.

The Detroit United Railway, on account of the greatly augmented freight business, has outgrown its quarters, the car barns being moved to Thirteenth street, where new accommodations are provided, and where also a handsome two-story building has been erected for office purposes, the old barns on third Avenue being utilized to enlarge the freight facilities. This company during the year 1916 has also established at Crago crossing, south of the city limits, a large yard for repair and storage purposes.

An idea of the rapidity of the industrial development can be gained from the act that on January 1, 1915, the number of employees in the associated factories was eight thousand and sixty-five, and on January 1, 1916, the number of employees was fourteen thousand three hundred and sixty-five, an increase for the year of six thousand three hundred, and the average for 1915 was eleven thousand one hundred and thirty-three workmen. On July 1, 1916, there are nearly twenty thousand persons employed in the industries of the city, fully ninety per cent of whom are engaged in building of automobiles.

Statistics show that in the period from 1904 to 1910 the value of Flint's manufactured products increased from $6,177,000 to $53,375,000. This increase was due almost entirely to the automobile industry. For 1916-1917 the volume of business of the industries of Flint will reach nearly one hundred million dollars.


The following is a list of industrial concerns operating in Flint, July 1, 1916:

Buick Motor Co.

Chevrolet Motor Co.

Dort Motor Car Co.

W. A. Paterson Co.

Flint Varnish & color Works

West-Mott Co.

Champion Ignition Co.

Durant-Dort Carriage Co.

Michigan Motor Castings Co.

Mason Motor Co.

Walker-Weiss Axle Co.

J. B. Armstrong Man. Co.

Marvel Carburetor Co.

Imperial Wheel Co.

W. F. Stewart Co.

Flint Metal Spec. Co.

Flint Paint Spec. Co.

Copeman Electric Stove co.

Genesee Upholstery. Co.

Greissell Bread Co.

Hardy Baking Co.

A. W. Hixson Bakery

Model Bakery

Wm. T. Nottingham Bakery

Flint Bread Co.

Garner Baking Co.

Oak Park Bakery

Flint Clay Prod. Co.

Flint Sandstone Brick Co.

Portland Man. Co.

Builders Supply & Fuel Co.

J. P. Burroughs & Son

Flint Specialty Co.

Flint Pattern & Foundry Co.

Randall Lumber & Coal Co.

Nickle Bros.

Genesee Iron Works

Marshall Furnace Co.

Landes Iron & Metal Co.

Flint Lumber Co.

Flint Tool Salvage & machine Co.

Cooper Valve & Machine Co.

Flint Printing Co.

Snook-Jackson Printing Co.

Valley Printing Co.

Vehicle City Broom Co.

National Cash Register Co.

Hamilton Mill

Lewis Teackens

J. Jellis & Co.

Charles E. Handy

Charles H. Rood

George W. Sweet

Barney Granite & Marble Works

Weller & Austin

Hearsch & Wesson

Iroquois Cigar Co.

M. Ephraim

John C. Clasen Cigar Co.

Glenn W. Jones Cigar Co.

William A. Logan Cigar Co.

Lynch & Roser Cigar Co.

McKinley Cigar Co.

John A. C.. Menton Cigar Co.

David J. Richey Cigar Co.

Christian Rippey Cigar Co.

Patrick Ryan Cigar Co.

Frank R. Streat & Son Cigar Co.

LaLorraine Candy Co.

Paris Candy Co.

Freeman Dairy Co.

Powers Ice Cream Co.

Princess Skirt Factory

. .


In 1916 Flint's population, based on estimates from the compilers of the city directory, the water board officials, the telephone officials and the census of the public schools, is 85,000.


History of Genesee County, Michigan, Her People, Industries and Institutions
by Edwin O. Wood, LL.D, President Michigan Historical Commission, 1916

Transcribed by Holice B. Young

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