The History of Genesee County, MI
Chapter XXIX
Michigan State Telephone Company

Online Edition by Holice, Deb & Clayton



So rapidly has been the growth of the city of Flint that the Michigan State Telephone company has been bending its energies to meet the demand. A most creditable record has been made considering its facilities, and the enormous demand which has been made upon its capacity. The number of telephones in Flint in 1914 was 4,100, which increased in 1915 to 4,700, an addition of 600 stations. Extensions of lines and enlargement of switchboard facilities to take care of this business necessitated the investment of approximately forty thousand dollars, which is fifteen thousand dollars more then was expended in 1914, when the number of new telephones installed was 275. From January 1, 1916, to July 1, 1916, fourteen hundred and sixty-one telephones were installed, beginning the total number of stations to date, 5,649. The company has also increased its toll facilities from January 1, 1916, to July 1, 1916, sixty per cent, the switchboard facilities forty per cent and the employment facilities twenty-five per cent, making a most creditable showing for the past six months. the telephone company occupies a handsome structure, which was erected in 1910 on the corner of First and Buckham streets. The exchange is under the management of E. N. Hardy, and the total number of employees is one hundred and twenty-five.


History of Genesee County, Michigan, Her People, Industries and Institutions
by Edwin O. Wood, LL.D, President Michigan Historical Commission, 1916

Transcribed by Holice B. Young

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