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What This Site Has To Offer:

  • A brief general history of Lenawee county, MI.

  • A general county resources page offers links to libraries, census records, published books, cemeteries & funeral homes, others' Lenawee histories and genealogy websites, maps, military-related info. and national genealogy resources.

  • 22 Township-focused historical web pages (See the chart below).

  • A Lenawee summer flower guide.

  • Historical Geo-caching in Lenawee (coming soon).

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A little background:                                              Prefer a Poem?
The county seat of Lenawee is Adrian (though initially Tecumseh held the bragging rights). Founded in the 1820s by primarily New Yorkers, the county offered a variety of landscapes.   Marsh land, oak openings, heavy timber, cotton woods, sandy loam, rolling hills, and over 30 lakes made each section of the county unique and also leant itself to diversity of economy. Tourism & recreation, industry, and agriculture have always been the big three. These are spread over eight villages and four cities.

At the time of settlement various Native American tribes (Pottawatomie, Chippewa, Ottawa, and the Miami) were still living in parts of Lenawee.  They had helped establish the Historic Sioux Trail  (US-12). This was initially a native trading route but allowed the settlers greater ease in exploring the region and a direct line from Detroit to Chicago. 

Local historian Dr. Charles N. Lindquist reports that Lewis Cass, the territorial governor, chose the name of the county. Speculation exists whether it was gleaned from the Shawnee word Lenawai meaning  "the people" or from the Delaware word for "man" being leno or lenno


Lenawee County is divided into 22 townships.  It is my goal to have at least one webpage for each township with historical and current information. 

Lenawee Townships




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Anyone who can contribute family diaries, business records, news clippings, photos, church or other data relating to the following for any of the townships is encouraged to e-mail me !  Or, if you'd like to ADOPT  a city, village, or township please let me know. :) 

Agriculture/ Farming Architecture & Centennial homes (and barns) Industry/Business
Churches & Cemeteries Elders' Biographies Art, Entertainment & Tourism
Family Genealogy Lakes Mysteries
Politics Reform Movements Schools
Service Groups Soldiers, Veterans, & support Transportation







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