OLD photos from Bay City and Saginaw


My name is Kathy Koehler and I have some old photos from Bay City and Saginaw. They were photos of friends of my great grandmother Clara
Daoust Kerns. If any of these photos are your relatives and you would like them, please email me at "". Here is a list
of photos (my guess is they were taken in the years 1900-1922 - my great
grandmother died in Saginaw in 1922 at the age of 46):



- "Babe" Demo - professional photo taken at Welch West Side in
Bay City
- "Babe" Demo - family photo
- "Babe" Demo - family photo
- "Babe" Demo, George Hornell, Emily Demo, Bud Pitzley -
professional photo taken at Marks.
- Carrie Hamel - professional photo taken at Ben S. Krupp in
- Carrie Hamel - professional photo
- George Pitzley - young boy professional photo taken at Harris
Studio in Bay City, W.S.
- Lottie Greve - professional photo taken at Smith's Studio
305 Genesee St. Saginaw
- Lena, Evah, Daisy, Naomi and Zora (last name unknown) -
professional photo
- 6 sisters - Cora, Bessie, Hortense, ANessia La Barge (2 sisters
unknown) sent as a postcard from Tawas.

If no one claims any relation - can I donate them to the genealogical
societies of Bay City or Saginaw. They are in real good condition.

If you have photos or any other memorabilia  you would like to share please e-mail me.

Thanks, Lesley Moss