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1920 Croswell List

1 Flynn Robert E. Anderson Ave.
3 Hanson G.C. Anderson Ave.
4 Birdsall J. F. Anderson Ave.
15 ???? Anderson Ave.
16 Rice H.R. Anderson Ave.
17 Allen Walter Anderson Ave.
18 Stecker Mrs. L. M. Anderson Ave.
20 Stirling Mrs. Frances Anderson Ave.
21 Acheson J. M. Anderson Ave.
22 Lindke Edward Anderson Ave.
23 Baker Mrs. Elizabeth Anderson Ave.
25 Jackson S. Anderson Ave.
26 Hubbell D. E. Anderson Ave.
27 McIntyre Duncan Anderson Ave.
Dexter J.W. Anderson Ave.

1 Campbell Mrs. Albert Anna Street
3 Surbrook Chester Anna Street

1 Clement Lawrence Center Street
2 VanCamp Mrs. Jas. L. Center Street
3 Ellerthorpe Archie Center Street
6 Dafoe Philip Center Street
8 Davidson George Center Street
10 Meyers Vern Center Street

1 Frostic J. L. Church Street
2 Howey George W. Church Street
4 Hurley Charles Church Street
5 Green James Church Street
6 Carr George Church Street
7 Straffon George A. Church Street
20 McIntyre Archie Church Street
21 Wellman Albert Church Street
22 Todd Thomas H. Church Street
23 Kipp Frank A. Church Street
24 Moore Hawkin Church Street
25 Steele George W. Church Street
26 Bradford John Church Street
27 Hazel Thomas Church Street
29 Westbrook Frank Church Street
30 Amos Joseph Church Street
31 Davis William H. Church Street
32 McNair Mattie Church Street
33 Grandy Henry M. Church Street
? Church Street

1 Hall Walter Davis Street
3 Miller D. S. Davis Street

4 Brown Sophrona Elizabeth St.
5 French Charles M Elizabeth St.
6 Barsaw S. J. Elizabeth St.
9 Wixson Myron Elizabeth St.
10 Doan William R. Elizabeth St.
11 Hall Charles Elizabeth St.
12 McCellan Sarah Elizabeth St.
13 Lawson Andrew Elizabeth St.
14 Kinsey William Elizabeth St.
15 Hall George T. Elizabeth St.
16 Ferris Lavina Elizabeth St.
17 Jackson Charles W. Elizabeth St.
18 Tiehs Nicholas Elizabeth St.
19 Orton William Elizabeth St.
20 Lewis Elizabeth Elizabeth St.
22 Arnot Erwin W. Elizabeth St.
23 Bays Alfred Elizabeth St.
24 Kimball George Elizabeth St.

1 Campbell Ace T. Harrington Ave.
2 Burnie John Harrington Ave.
4 Croswell ??? & Coal Harrington Ave.
1 Moran Fred Maple Street
2 Telephone Exchange Maple Street
4 Ten Cent Barn Maple Street
8 Allen William A. Maple Street

1 Congdon William McMoran Ave.
2 Fisher William McMoran Ave.
3 Wannamaker Charles McMoran Ave.
4 Levitt Frank McMoran Ave.
5 C(G)olden C. K. McMoran Ave.
6 Wellman John McMoran Ave.
7 Moore M.A. McMoran Ave.
8 Kerslake Will McMoran Ave.
11 Coggins George McMoran Ave.
13 Steward John O. McMoran Ave.
15 Mortimer Sarah McMoran Ave.
16 Emeigh Edward McMoran Ave.
17 Straffon Fred R. McMoran Ave.
18 Lorce Earl McMoran Ave.

1 Avery Orin Melvin Street
8 Stevens Mrs. Mary Melvin Street
10 Curry John Melvin Street
12 Sanderson Robert Melvin Street
13 Tanner H. L. Melvin Street
14 Dagel Peter Melvin Street
15 Appenroth Eliza Melvin Street
17 Yurk Henry Melvin Street
19 Pearl Fred Melvin Street
21 Huckins Elmer Melvin Street
24 Isles Charles Melvin Street

1 O'Connor Joseph Mills Street
3 Kerslake George Mills Street
4 Jaynes Gordon Mills Street
5 Fox Walter J. Mills Street
6 Kerslake George A. Mills Street
7 Foley Leo Mills Street
8 Cummings Walter E. Mills Street
9 Foley Olivette Mills Street
10 McNames John M. Mills Street
11 Straffon Silas B. Mills Street
12 Hatherly Clarence Mills Street
13 Coburn Charles Mills Street
14 Decker Mrs. D. Y. Mills Street
15 Keller Mary Mills Street
16 Aitkin D.L. Mills Street
19 Carney Herbert Mills Street
21 Powers Gerald E. Mills Street
22 Helm Paulina Mills Street

2 Dove James R. Nims Street
3 Moran Emerson Nims Street
4 Schoettle William J. Nims Street
5 Surbrook Amos Nims Street
6 Hyde Erwin Nims Street
7 Hicks Mrs. William Nims Street
8 King Alfred R. Nims Street
9 Laidlaw james H. Nims Street
11 King John R. Nims Street

1 First St. Bank North Howard St.
2 City Hall North Howard St.
3 Graham P. L. North Howard St.
5 Dean W. C. North Howard St.
7 Niggeman J. P. North Howard St.
10 Meddaugh Daniel North Howard St.
12 Graham Mrs. P. L. North Howard St.
14 Geiger Milton J. North Howard St.
15 Dorward Amos North Howard St.
16 McColl Dr. N. J. North Howard St.
17 Madill Ross North Howard St.
18 McClellan Robert North Howard St.
18 Southworth North Howard St.
19 Erving Elata North Howard St.
20 Wixson H. W. North Howard St.
21 McKenney Frank North Howard St.
22 Graham L.I. North Howard St.
23 Conoly Mrs. James North Howard St.
25 Graham Mrs. Robert North Howard St.
26 Stoner Thomas North Howard St.
27 Quail david North Howard St.
28 Baum Web North Howard St.
29 Moran Rufus North Howard St.
30 Govette George North Howard St.
31 Robinson Roy North Howard St.
32 Flowers P. J. North Howard St.
33 Brown F.E. North Howard St.
34 Murdaugh John H. North Howard St.
35 Galbraith James I. North Howard St.
37 Stewart John North Howard St.
38 Montgomery Sarah J. North Howard St.
39 Kingston T.H. North Howard St.
40 Methven Homer North Howard St.
41 Andersen Frank J. North Howard St.
42 Mitchel Mrs. Sarah North Howard St.
43 Stephenson Joseph North Howard St.
44 Gray Mark North Howard St.
46 Graham Thomas H. North Howard St.
47 Biller Charles North Howard St.
49 DuMond Lloyd North Howard St.
50 Carter George L. North Howard St.
56 Hoffman Henry North Howard St.
245 McIntyre John North Howard St.

1 Cook L. F. Oak Street
2 Morrison George Oak Street
3 Odell Mert Oak Street
4 VanCamp E.A. Oak Street
6 Baker William G. Oak Street

1 Ragen James B. Sanborn Ave.
2 Straffon Paul Sanborn Ave.
3 Dawson Charlotte Sanborn Ave.
4 Coleman George Sanborn Ave.
5 Widder Wm. Sanborn Ave.
6 Hebert Rev. Alfred A. Sanburn Ave.
7 Benedict John A. Sanburn Ave.
9 O'Connor Thomas E. Sanburn Ave.
13 Burns Moses Sanburn Ave.

10 Jeffersonian office South Howard
11 Quail Produce Co. South Howard
12 Smyth & Straffon South Howard
13 Newberry George R. South Howard
14 Smyth & Straffon South Howard
15 Helm Fred South Howard
16 Quail David South Howard
17 Leathley James South Howard
18 Dray Office South Howard
19 Burns & McCoy South Howard
20 King John R. South Howard
21 Farmer's Elevator Co. South Howard
22 Ellerthrope A. E. South Howard
23 Frizzle John South Howard
24 Bridge & Culvert Co. South Howard
24 Baer Mrs. K. South Howard
25 Hayward Hiram South Howard
25 Carter Mrs. Rose South Howard
26 Baer Brothers South Howard
26 Martin A. R. South Howard
27 McTaggart Ray South Howard
28 Stover Hanna & South Howard
29 Pomeroy E. R. South Howard
29 Kipp Mrs. Martha South Howard
30 Temple Theater South Howard
31 Grout W. H. South Howard
32 Miller & Biller South Howard
32 VanCamp Howard South Howard
33 Johnson S. M. South Howard
34 Todd Frank E. South Howard
35 Flannery J.D. South Howard
36 Hall P.A. South Howard
37 Amoss & McClelland South Howard
37 Erving George A. South Howard
38 Campbell A. T. South Howard
38 French William J. South Howard
39 Pomeroy Geor. A. South Howard
39 O'Connor W. J. South Howard
40 Lindke Edward South Howard
40 Smith John South Howard
41 McClelland Peter South Howard
42 O'Connor W. J. South Howard
43 Elliott Thos. South Howard
44 Frostick J. L. South Howard
45 Heard H. J. South Howard
46 Leonard Mrs. Mary South Howard
48 Powell Sylvester South Howard
50 Nehmer Albert South Howard
52 Pearson Edward South Howard
53 Godfrey Fred South Howard
54 Lewis H.C. South Howard
55 Simpson H. H. South Howard
55 Boardman Andrew South Howard
58 Paton Herbert South Howard
60 Plain N. South Howard
65 Harner Jacob South Howard
66 Paton Residence South Howard
67 Snelling John South Howard
71 Long Geo. A. South Howard
72 Smith Eldon South Howard
76 Bauslaugh L. E. South Howard
77 Maxwell james South Howard
78 Pomeroy Elmer South Howard
79 Dumphy Thomas South Howard
91 Schleicher Paul South Howard
93 Sugar Factory South Howard
98 Fenske William South Howard
99 Markham Isaac South Howard
Stirling Drug Store South Howard
? & Carter South Howard
Thumb Clothing Co. South Howard
Croswell Hotel South Howard
Smyth & Straffon South Howard
?? Graham & Co. South Howard
Learmont Dr. South Howard
McColl Dr. South Howard
Middleton ?? South Howard
Oslo- Volimar co. South Howard
Jaynes ?G. South Howard
Burgess A. R. South Howard
Fox River Co. South Howard
Richardson Mary South Howard
Jackson ? South Howard
West R. A. South Howard
Bank State South Howard
Aitkin W. H. South Howard
McIntyre & Co J. M. South Howard
Tweedie A. T. South Howard
Gray Mrs. Andrew South Howard
42 Graves Mrs. Ella South Howard St.
43 French George South Howard St.
44 Todd Berton A. South Howard St.
45 Knox Frank South Howard St.
46 Moore Frank A. South Howard St.
47 Flott George South Howard St.
48 Niles Walter South Howard St.
50 Corsault T. H. South Howard St.
52 Bigger Mrs. Esther South Howard St.
53 Polan John South Howard St.
54 Pritchett Thomas South Howard St.
55 Flynn William R. South Howard St.
57 Nehmer Martha South Howard St.
58 Carter W. J. South Howard St.
59 Levitt Joseph W. South Howard St.
60 Briggs minnie South Howard St.
62 Phillips Ben South Howard St.
63 Weller George W. South Howard St.
64 Loeding Henry South Howard St.
66 Spencer Loren South Howard St.
67 Faltz Julius F. South Howard St.
69 Macklem Floyd J. South Howard St.
70 Bryce Edith South Howard St.
71 Barton Maud South Howard St.
72 Fenton Frank L. South Howard St.
73 Rankin Robert South Howard St.
76 Westbrook Alonzo South Howard St.
80 Cook Clarence South Howard St.
84 Williams Samuel South Howard St.

1 Hunt Lewis South Street
2 Lawson Mrs. Nora South Street
4 Wellman W. F. South Street
6 Stone Joseph South Street

1 Roach & Co W. R. Truman Street
2 Ballard Elba H. Truman Street

1 Tweedie A. T. Ward Street
5 ?? & Son John H. Ward Street
6 Kerr Hay & Grain Co. Ward Street
7 Grandy William Ward Street
8 Moore & Carter Ward Street
10 Wellman Sarah Ward Street
11 Filwock Paul Ward Street
13 Urmy Mrs. M Ward Street
15 Aitkin T.W. Ward Street
17 Baer William Ward Street
18 Clark George Ward Street
19 Halsey Hiram C. Ward Street
20 Jarett Charles Ward Street
21 Beedon Frank Ward Street
22 Kreiger Fred Ward Street
23 Beedon Frank Ward Street
26 Forsyth Samuel Ward Street
27 Converse H. W. Ward Street
28 Woodruff C. E. Ward Street
29 Barone Frank Ward Street
32 Garbutt Eliza J. Ward Street
35 Bennett Norman Ward Street
37 Kipp John Ward Street
39 Patterson Theron A. Ward Street
41 Ball Fred Ward Street
42 Neal Joseph Ward Street
43 Keller Peter Ward Street
45 Parker Charley Ward Street
51 Wright Fred J. Ward Street
53 Smith Mrs. Willard Ward Street
55 Mitchell Lester Ward Street

1 Howison Mrs. Andrew West Street
2 Wagoner Mrs. John West Street
3 Frushour J.E. West Street
5 Matthews Henry West Street

This is a list from one of the scrapbooks at the Depot Museum.


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