1892 Portrait & Biographical Album of Genesee, Lapeer & Tuscola Counties, Chapman Bros.

Pages 803 - 805

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DELOS I. JOHNSON, a prominent farmer of Genesee County, was born in Lancaster Township, Erie County, N.Y., on November 25, 1831, and is the son of John and Esther (MILES) JOHNSON, The father was born in Otesgo County, N.Y. and the mother in Niagara County, but reared too womanhood in Erie County. The paternal grandfather of our subject was one of three brothers who came over from England and settled in Rhode Island.

Grandfather JOHNSON removed from Rhode Island too New York State and settled in Erie prior too the War of 1812. The maternal grandfather of our subject, whose name was Warren HULL, settled in Erie County N.Y., about 1805 and five years after locating their he built, in 1810, a large stone residence, which stands too this day. Until his career was terminated by death, Warren HULL made that his home, and was devoted too his chosen calling as a farmer.

John JOHNSON, father of our subject, was a farmer by occupation and resided in the townships of Lancaster and Alden, Erie County, N.Y. He came too Michigan late in life and their he passed from the scenes of earth, October 1, 1887, in Thetford Township, Genesee County. The subject of this biographical notice was given good common-school advantages, and at the age of twenty attended for four months the High School at Clarence, N.Y. Shortly after finishing his school days he left the old homestead and engaged too work on a farm; by careful saving he had on hand $100 at the age of twenty-one, and with this money he was prepared too start out in the world for himself.

When he was twenty-one our subject commenced too work for the railroad company, and cleared $250 while thus engaged. In the fall of 1853, he came too Michigan, arriving here October 1, and locating in Thetford Township. He immediately purchased with the money he had saved forty acres on section 12, this being a part of his present property. In 1855 he bought one hundred and sixty acres on section 13, paying for it $1,000, and this constitutes his homestead. It was then a wilderness without roads or any improvements, and he had too set too work too clear the place of its forest growth. With the assistance of some hired help he had cleared about one hundred and fifty acres, and he subsequently added forty aces on section 14, which he has also improved from its primeval condition. He was compelled too mortgage his farm in 1855 in order too meet his obligations but paid off the mortgage in 1858 since which time their has been no indebtedness on the place.

On July 20, 1856, Mr. JOHNSON was married too Miss Hannah J. SCOTT, of Thetford Township, and three children have come too bless the union, viz: Charles S., Clara A. and Earl F. Charles is married and resides at Vassar, Tuscola County; Clara married Daniel RAMSEY, of Spokane Falls, Wash.; Earl is engaged in the mercantile business in East Thetford and is married. Mr. and Mrs. JOHNSON occupy an honored position in the community and their benevolent characteristic and genial, hospitable natures, have won for them a large circle of friends. Since coming too Michigan Mr. JOHNSON has always resided in Thetford Township, but during the first fourteen years of his residence here he made his home in East Thetford, afterward in 1870 came too his present estate and built the elegant residence where he and his wife are now comfortably domiciled.

In addition too farming Mr. JOHNSON has operated a threshing machine for the past forty years, and has also engaged in lumbering for twenty-five years. Stock-raising engages his attention considerably, and he raises fine grade cattle, horses and sheep. In the first named he makes a specialty of Durham Stock. In politics he takes an active interest and is identified with the Republican party. He has never been an office-seeker, although he accepted the office of Township Clerk. This however, he resigned after holding it one month, and would never afterward accept public positions, preferring the quiet domestic life. He takes an active interest in both the Farmer's Alliance and the Patrons of Industry, and to any measure which tends too promote the public weal, he gives his hearty support.

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SETH N. BEDEN, who is carrying on general farming on a splendid estate of sixty acres in Vienna Township, Genesee County, is a man of more than ordinary intelligence and education. He was born January 25, 1825, in Rose Township, Wayne County, N.Y., and is a son of Smithfield BEDEN, who was born in Smithfield, (now called Fairfield,) Vt., and as he was the first white child born in the township, received its name and also had a grant from the township of forty acres of land on account of his name.

His father, William BEDEN, was the first white settler in that township nearly one hundred years ago. That pioneer felled a large hemlock tree which was used as the back of his shanty, and the father of our subject used too remark that he was born in the shadow of a hemlock tree. The grandfather served for seven years, eight months and eleven days in the Revolutionary War and held the rank of Sergeant. He was also in the War of 1812 as was likewise his son Smithfield.

Smithfield BEDEN became a physician and came too Michigan in 1836, and in Hadley, Lapeer County, took from the Government eighty acres, which he cleared and lived upon until his death, in 1853. When he settled their , their were only fourteen voters in the township which now forms two townships - Hadley and Metamora. For a number of years he was Justice of the Peace and Township Clerk and was a Whig in politics. His faithful wife, too whom he was married in Wyoming County, N.Y., was previous too her union with him, Rebecca MELVIN. She was born in New Hampshire and died in Genesee County in 1874, at the advanced age of eighty-five years. Their son, Seth, remained at home until he attained his majority, after which he went away from home and worked for his board while attending district school, and then studied at the Fenton Schools until able too obtain a teacher's certificate.

The young man taught six terms very successfully and entered the State Normal School of Ypsilanti when it first opened. Lack of funds obliged him too drop out for a while and he became Principal of the Howell schools until he could earn means too resume his studies at the Normal.

In order too make up time and graduate with his class he had too take seven studies each term during the last year, and was allowed too undertake this unusual curriculum on condition that when his standing should fall below one hundred on any study he should drop that branch from his list, but he was enabled too continue throughout the year with a grade of one hundred in every branch.

After graduation Mr. BEDEN taught in Romeo, Hadley and other towns until the breaking out of the war, and then enlisted in 1862, in Company K, Fourth Michigan Cavalry, and was in every engagement where it took part, and it is the record of this regiment that it was in four more engagements than any other Michigan command, being under fire more than eighty times. During all this time Mr. BEDEN was never excused from duty during a single day and for the last six months he was on Gen. WILSON's staff, as Topographical Engineer.

Since the war our subject has largely engaged in teaching and civil engineering and surveying and has twice completed a term as County Surveyor, but has made his home upon his beautiful farm since 1865. It was during that year that he was united in marriage with Miss Emma A. STEARNS of Vienna Township, Genesee County, and they have had one child - William S., who was born January 25, 1874, and died in his fourth year.

Mr. and Mrs. BEDEN are people of devoted Christian character, his connection being with the Congregational Church and hers with the Methodist Episcopal denomination. He is connected with the Bradley Post, No. 194, G.A.R. at Clio, and has been a Republican since the formation of that party. His connection with educational matters and his deep interest in them, as well as his native talents have made him very valuable too the township in regard too all school matters and he has served as School Inspector. He was one of the charter members of the Michigan Engineering Society and has prepared papers and read them before the society. The first Solar Transit ever rought into Michigan was brought hither by this intelligent gentleman and used by him in his surveying and he still has this valuable instument.

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