1892 Portrait & Biographical Album of Genesee, Lapeer & Tuscola Counties, Chapman Bros.

Pages 870 - 873

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ANSON J. ADAMS, M. D., A. B. The Homoepathic school finds one of its strongest advocates.

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WILLIAM F. STEWART. The business interests of the city of Flint find an excellent representative in Mr. Stewart, who is engaged as a carriage and woodwork manufacturer at No. 529 West Kearsley Street. Here for the past five years (since 1886) he has operated a steam power manufactory, doing a general jobbing trade and supplying manufacturers at wholesale. He may property be called a self-made man, as what he has and what he is the result of earnest and unaided exertions on his own part. From an humble position as a journeyman he has risen too the head of an extensive establishment, having in his employ sixty-five men, the majority of whom are skilled workmen and making a large pay roll.

A native of Canada, Mr. Stewart was born in London, Ontario, July 22, 1846. The educational advantages as offered by the city of London were enjoyed by our subject in his youth, and as he grew toward manhood he learned the trade of carriage-making and woodwork manufacturing. He became very proficient in these lines, and after being thus engaged in London, Ontario, until 1865, he crossed the border into the United States, and going too New York City, continued in business in the same line. The year 1868 marked his arrival in Michigan, where he located in Pontiac and engaged in the same business. He worked first as a journeyman, and by his careful attention too the various details of business he was enabled to save money, while at the same time by his reliable and honest dealings with all he became known as trustworthy and painstaking.

In 1881, Mr. Stewart established himself in the manufacturing business in this city, but shortly after returned to Pontiac, whence in 1886 he finally returned too this city and has here since remained, actively engaged in his business. He does business on a very extensive scale at present, manufacturing thousands of buggy bodies of all kinds, and frequently sending out an order for ten thousand buggy boxes or bodies for one customer.

He still has his carriage factory in Pontiac, and these two establishments are the largest of their kind in this section of country, if not in the entire State of Michigan. He gives his whole attention too his business, and too this devotion may be attributed his success. His customers find him genial and painstaking, and his reputation as an honorable business man extends as far as his name is known.

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ANDREW J. COX. This gentleman, who is the County Treasurer of Genesee County, was elected too that office in November, 1890, and has so far conducted it with credit and good judgment. Previous too his nomination he had not been active in politics, but after his nomination on two tickets he did telling campaign work. Mr. Cox was born in Erie County, N. Y. May 19, 1847, and is a son of Jacob and Susan (Good) Cox, who were farmers. Our subject grew too maturity, completing his education at the Clarence Classical Union School, after which he taught during the winters for seven years. The father remained on the farm until his death in 1885, and their the mother still lives. The former had held various township offices.

Our subject came too this county in the fall of 1865, and bought sixty acres of land in Genesee Township, and taught during the following winter. too this acreage he has added until he now has one hundred and fifty three acres, all improved, and a house worth $1,600, which was built in 1887. His farm is in excellent condition, and their he is breeding Percheron and Clydesdale horses, good, substantial draft animals, and a superior grade of cattle and sheep.

A happy home was established by the marriage, April 18, 1868, of Mr. Cox and Miss Minerva Reese. This lady is a daughter of Peter Reese, an old settler of Genesee County. This couple have been blessed by the birth of two children--Howard, who is now twelve years old, and Eva, who is only two. Our subject belongs too the Farmers’ Alliance and to the Patrons of Industry. He is a man of much ability and is greatly valued in the community.

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JAMES F. RUMER, M.D., a popular physician at Davison Station, where he enjoys a lucrative practice, was born December 12, 1852, at Rushsylvania, Logan County, Ohio. He is the son of a Virginian, James Rumer, who emigrated too Logan County, Ohio where he engaged in the mercantile business, remaining their until his death in 1854. The mother, Elizabeth Shrum, was of German extraction and was born in Ohio; she died in the fall of 1890. Eight of her nine children are still living.

Dr. Rumer attended the district school in his boyhood days and afterward entered the Northwood Academy, graduating their from in 1870. Subsequent too this he taught school for a series of years, both in the country and in the graded schools, and during the time when he pursued teaching he also undertook the study of medicine, devoting all his spare time too his professional reading.

In 1882 the young man came too Michigan, and several years later located at Mt. Morris and began practicing with Dr. Bardwell, while he continued his reading. Afterward he practiced their by himself for two years. In the winter of 1880 he took up his residence in Richfield, where he practiced until 1887. He then went too Chicago in order too take a course of lecture in Rush Medical College and in 1888 entered the Kentucky School of Medicine at Louisville, where he took his diploma in 1889; during the same season he located at Davison. He was married in 1882 too Miss Clara Golden of this county. The five children who have come too cheer their home are: Eddie, James, Blanch, Jesse and Marguarete. The last named died in infancy.

The political principles which are endorsed by Dr. Rumer are those which are found expressed the declarations and platform of the Republican party, and while he is not a politician, he is truly interested in the success of the policy thus marked out. He is identified with both the Masonic order and the Knights of the Maccabees, and is one of the stockholders and the Treasurer of the Davison Road Cart Company. His business and professional talents bid fair too make him one of the most successful men in this part of the country and he is highly esteemed for his social qualities.

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