Tuscola, MI, Civil War Volunteers
The Officers
Presented by Mr. Kim Leese

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The men of the Tuscola Volunteers also referred to as the Tuscola Rangers:

The Officers:

Charles Henry Curtiss was born in Huntington {Shelton Conn} He moved to Detroit in 1855. He served as Quartermaster Sergeant of the 7th Michigan Infantry beginning in 1861. He was commissioned 2nd Lt in January of 1863 and a 1st Lt in February of 1863. By August he was Aide-de-Camp to Col. Carrol. He was commissioned as a Captain in March of 1864. In June of 1864 he was honorably discharged.

Captain Harper Richardson...Tuscola County. Raised the Company and was elected as Captain. Entered service at the organisation as Captain of Company E on June 19th, 1861. Mustered on August 22nd, 1861. Commissioned Major on March 22nd, 1862 for service in the Battle of Balls Bluff Virginia. His company which were mostly Lumbermen and very able to "Ride a Log" were detailed to man the boats carrying the Army to the Maryland shore in the retreat. Interviewed by General McClellan who asked him if he could get the whole Army over by daylight and receiving an affirmative answer, General McClellan told him "For God's sake do it, Command the whole Army, They are in your hands". Most of the Army was safely brought across by the boats manned by Company E and Captain Richardson was promoted to Major. In the Peninsula Campaign Major Richardson proved to be of great service superintending the construction of roads and bridges that would carry heavy ordinance to the front in the aproaches to Yorktown, Virginia. Discharged for disability, May 25th, 1862. Re-enlisted as Lieutenant Colonel 27th Michigan Infantry at the organization February 1st, 1863 and commissioned on the same day. Discharged for disability on December 16th, 1863. Was present at the dedication of the GAR Monument in Riverside Cemetery Vassar placed there by the W.T Sherman Post 410. Name is honored on the Monument. Died 4-15-1894 and buried at Tuscola Cemetery, Tuscola County. Some comments taken from the History of Tuscola and Bay Counties: H.R. Page & Co. Chicago, Ill. 1883

Samuel N. Smith...Detroit. Enlisted at organisation as 1st Lieutenant June 19th, 1861 at Fort Wayne for 3 years, age 29. Commissioned June 19th, 1861. Mustered August 22nd, 1861. Commissioned Captain, April 1st, 1862. Wounded in Action at Antietam, September 17th, 1862. Acting Assistant Inspecter General, 3rd Brigade, 2nd Division, 2nd Corps from April 25th, 1863 to October of 1863. Wounded in action at Bristoe Station Virginia, October 14th, 1863. Commissioned Lieutenant Colonel, July 3rd, 1863. Commanded entire 7th Michigan regiment July and August, 1864.. Discharged for disability on October 12th, 1864.

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