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Books on Michigan and the Civil War
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Books available on Michigan in the Civil War

Books and printed material that relate to and have info on the 7th Michigan and or Individual officers and enlisted men. There are many Civil War Books published every day, Many since this list was put together regarding the 7th and of course not to mention before this list such standards as the 100 plus volumes of the Official Records of the War of the Rebellion by the US Government, Battles and Leaders and many others.
The 7th Michigan Volunteer Infantry, David G. Townshend, Regimental History of the 7th Michigan Infantry. Roll Call, Photos, Stories regarding Individual Soldiers during and after the Civil War. 400 Pages about the men who served in this outstanding Regiment. Anyone wishing to aquire this book can contact:

Civil War Associates

6200 Blanchard Road

NewPort Michigan 48166

Cost is $34.95

Note: This page is in no way obtaining any benefit from the sales of this book.

For the day to day life of a Soldier in the 7th Michigan:

The Civil War Diaries of Charles E. Benson

Corporal, Company I, 7th Regiment Infantry Volunteers

Edited by Richard H. Benson

The Anundsen Publishing Company

Decorah Iowa, 1991

Adams, John Gregory Bishop. "Reminiscences of the 19th Massachusetts Regiment", Boston MA, 1899.
A Memorial of Paul Joseph Revere and Edward H.R. Revere. Boston MA, 1874
Armstong, William M. "Libby Prison": The Civil War Diary of Arthur G. Sedgewick. {Virginia Magazine of History and Biography Vol 71 {October 1963}; Pgs 449-460
Aubery, James Madison. "The 36th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry". Milwaukee WI 1900
Bacon, Cyrus, Jr. " A Michigan Surgeon at Chancellorsville One Hundred Years Ago"; University of Michigan Medical Bulletin No. 29 {November/December 1963}: Pages 315-331
Bassett, Edward H. "From Bull Run to Bristoe Station" St. Paul MN: 1962
Hage, Anna A. "The Battle of Gettysburg as seen by Minnesota Soldiers": Minnesota History No. 38 {June 1963}: Pages 245-257. "Battle of Gettysburg" Michigan Academician, 8. {No. 4, 1976}Pgs 373-386
Bartlett, William Francis. "Debacle at Balls Bluff". Civil War Times Illustrated No. 14 {January, 1976}: Pgs 24-36
Bruce, George Anson. The 20th Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry 1861-1865. Boston MA 1906 Reprint 1988.
Coffin, Gorham. "Civil War Letters of Gorham Coffin". Essex Institute Historical Collections No. 93 {January 1957}: Pgs 58-92
Cole, Garold L. Civil War Eyewitnesses: An Annotated Bibliography of Books and Articles 1955-1986. Columbia SC: 1988.
Curtiss, Charles H; Papers, 1854, 1926; 1.5 Cubic ftt in 3 boxes. Finding aid and item level index cards available Clarke Historical Library, Central Michigan University. 4 Diaries 1860-1864 and letters discussing marches, battles, General McClellan, General Hooker, the treatment of soldiers, and cadets shot for desertion. Eleven Muster rolls of Company E, 7th Michigan Infantry 1861-1863 and nine monthly returns 1862-1863 are housed separately due to their size. Lists of military supplies and men killed in action are noted in the 1864 diary. Photographs of Curtiss and one of his wife, Fannie in an 1855, New Testament, and an illustration of their homestead are also included.
Directory of Archives and Manuscript Repositories in the United States. Washington DC: 1978-1988
Dornbusch, Charles E. Ed. Military Bibliography of the Civil War. 4 Volumes. New York, NY: 1962
Dornbusch, Charles E. ed. Regimental Publications and Personal Narratives of the Civil War. New York, NY: 1961
Ford, Andrew Elmer. The Story of the 15th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry in the Civil War, 1861-1864. Clifton MA: 1898
Gregg, John Chandler. Life in the Army. Philadelphia PA: 1866
Heffelflinger, Christopher B. Memoirs. Santa Barbara CA: 1922
Holcombe, R.I. History of the 1st Minnesota Volunteer Infantry, 1861-1865 Stillwater MN: 1916/ Reprinted 1987
Holmes, Oliver Wendell. Touched with Fire. Mark DeWolfe Howe, ed. Cambridge MA:1946
Imholte, John Quinn. The First Volunteers; History of the First Minnesota Volunteer Regiment, 1861-1865. Minneapolis MN:1963
Kreis, Phillip. Under Two Flags. New York, NY:1895
Lee, Aaron. From the Atlantic to the Pacific. Seattle WA:1915
Lochren, William. Minnesota in the Civil and Indian Wars:Narrative of the First Regiment. St Paul MN:1890-1893.
Michigan, Adjutant General. Michigan in the War. Lansing MI: 1882
Michigan Adjutant General. Record of Service of Michigan Soldiers in the Civil War, 1861-1865. 46 Volumes. Kalamazoo MI:1905
Michigan Centennial Observance Commission. Small arms used by Michigan Troops in the Civil War. Lansing MI:1966
Michigan State Secretary. Alphabetical General Index to Public Library sets of 85, 271 Names of Michigan Soldiers and Sailors Individual Records. Lansing MI:1915
Millbrook, George M. Twice Told Tales of Michigan and her Soldiers in the Civil War. Lansing Michigan: 1966.
Munden, Kenneth W. & Beers, Henry P. Guide to Federal Archives Relating to the Civil War. National Archives Publication 63-1. Washington DC: 1962
Perry, John Gardner. Letters from a Surgeon of the Civil War. Martha Derby Perry ed. Boston MA: 1906
Rosentreter, Roger L. Samuel Hodgman's Civil War." Michigan History No. 64 {November/December 1980}: Pgs 34-38
Shepard, Charles O. A Bowery Regiment. New York NY: 1898
Silliman Sue I. "Michigan Military Records". The D.A.R. of Michigan Historical Collection. Lansing MI:1920
Smith, John Day. The History of the 19th Regiment Maine Volunteer Infantry, 1862-1865. Minneapolis. MN: 1927
Smith, John Day. What War Meant to a Maine Soldier, 1861-1865. Minneapolis MN: 1927
Taylor, Isaac Lyman. Campaigning with the 1st Minnesota, A Civil War Diary. Hazel C. Wolf ed. St. Paul MN: 1944
Tivy, Joseph Albert. Souvenir of the 7th. Detroit MI:1900 {Copy in USAMHI says 1893}
Waitt, Ernest. History of the 19th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry. Boston MA: 1906- Reprinted 1988

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