Tuscola, MI, Civil War Volunteers
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The "Tuscola Volunteers" officially known as Company E, 7th Michigan Infantry, were sometimes referred to in newspapers as the, "Tuscola Rangers." Not all of them were from Tuscola County but even the ones that weren't most had had ties to it in some sort, usually the proximity of Townships of Counties bordering Tuscola County or after the Civil War possibly the economic reasons of the Lumber Boom and and the jobs available because of it. The Company since being recruited in Tuscola County by Captain Richardson and organized in Tuscola a town to the east of Frankenmuth and also Captain Richardson's place of residence, off to the organization of the regiment itself the Company was moved.

They made an impression on a Detroit reporter who saw them and saw fit to submit this to his paper;

An article in the Detroit Free Press of August 29th, 1861 titled:


Company E of the 7th Regiment, Captain J.H. Richardson of Tuscola, is now full, seventy men, in addition to those already in camp, having passed through this city yesterday for their rondezvous at Monroe. The men are all from Tuscola County, average five feet and 10 inches in height, and are thouroughly inured to the hardships of life in the backwoods and the more exciting scenes of log driving on the rapid streams which empty into the Saginaw {River}. They are all nearly crack shots with the rifle, and for active service will be found equal to any company which has left the state. The morale of the company is beyond question as good as that of any equal number of soldiers in the service, and from their appearance are well assured that the honor of Tuscola County is safe in their hands.

Another article by a reporter for the Detroit Daily Tribune submitted this account of them in the August 30th 1861 edition:

THE TUSCOLA RANGERS - This crack company, belonging to the 7th Regiment passed through the city yesterday. They are as fine a body of men as the State can produce, and are commanded by Captain Richardson, who has few equals as a man and a soldier. The company has been raised entirely in Tuscola County and are inured to hardship. For months during the bleak winter, as lumbermen, they have dealt in the woods and cut down the majestic pines, singing the song of the "Shanty Man." In spring they have rode night and day on log rafts in our rivers, and can handle their rifles so as to take a deer on the jump every time. Who will say that such men will not make excellent soldiers?

When the 7th regiment was organized, its camping grounds was on the old fair grounds property at Monroe at Noble and North Monroe avenue in the cities 6th Precinct.

This page is dedicated for all of them not just the ones from Tuscola County and to their memory.

As for after the war, only G.A.R. Posts identified are what I have in my possession.There are veterans on this page that belonged to the G.A.R butI dont have the time to search the reels in the Michigan State Archives. The carded index there does show corresponding names for some of them.

For anyone wishing G.A.R. Records {Grand Army of the Republic Veterans Organization} Send an Inquiry to:

Michigan State Archives
717 West Allegan
Lansing Michigan 48918

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