A Biographical Dictionary of Leading Living Men of the City of Detroit

Edited by Albert Nelson Marquis


A. N. Marquis & Company


Copyright, 1908 by Albert Nelson Marquis

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Pages 40 - 43

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Page 40

AVERY, George E., treasurer Detroit, Belle Isle & Windsor Ferry Co. Member Detroit Board of Commerce, Office: Moffat Bldg. Residence 50 Selden Ave.

AVERY, John H., vice president, Detroit, Belle Isle & Windsor Ferry Co. Office: Moffat Bld., Detroit. Residence: Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich.

AVERY, Waldo A., president American Exchange National Bank; born, Bradley, Me., May 14, 1850; son of Swell and Eliza H. (Eddy) Avery; educated in public schools, Saginaw, Mich.; married in Ohio, Aug. 7, 1885, Christine Morrison. Removed with parents from Maine to Port Huron, Mich., 1854; began active career as a boy in the woods and lumber mills at Saginaw; entered lumber manufacturing on his own account and for many years operated as Avery & Co., with head-quarters at Saginaw, and as Richardson & Avery, Detroit and Duluth; retired from lumber business, 1906, and is now in extensive operator in timber lands in his own name; president American Exchange National Bank; director Detroit United Bank, Second National Bank of Saginaw, Mich., U.S. Gypsum Co. of Chicago, Ill. Republican. Clubs: Detroit Country, Old. Recreations: Outdoors sports. Office: 1205 Majestic Bldg., Detroit. Residence: Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich.

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AXFORD, Lloyd L., lawyer; born, New Baltimore, Mich., Jan. 7, 1871; son of Livingston and Violet (Robertson) Axford; educated in public schools and Law Department, University of Michigan, degree of LL. B., 1893 Began practice at Caro, Mich., 1893, in partnership with Judge F.S. Wheat; removed to Detroit, 1897; member of firm of McDonald & Axford since 1898. Democrat. Member Detroit Bar Association. Office: 411 Moffat Bldg. Residence: 236 Harper Av.

AYERS, Clarence L., life insurance; born, Decatur, Ind., Aug. 8, 1874; son of Nathan A. and Sarah J. (Champan) Ayers; educated in public schools of Decatur; married at Detroit, 1904, Miss Iva M. Sanders. On farm until age of 16; studied law with Judge Paulis, Marion, Ind., 1890-94, and was admitted to bar, 1893; began active Career in 1892 with John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Co., continuing for nine years; then became connected with the State Life Insurance Co., of Indianapolis, as state agent for Michigan and remained with the company six years; has been vice president of the Northern Assurance Co. of Michigan since time of its organization, January, 1907. Republican. Member I. O. O. F. Club: Fellowcraft. Office: 221 Majestic Bldg. Residence: 67 Farnsworth St.

AYERS, Harry S., wholesale and retail coal and coke; born, Dexter, Mich., Mar. 31, 1870; son of William H. and Ellen C. (Hawks) Ayers; educated in public schools of Dexter and at Detroit Business University, graduating, 1890; married at Pinckney, Mich., Apr. 12, 1893, Musa C. Nash. Began active career as stenographer for Henry Stephens & Co., lumber manufactures, Detroit, later acting in same capacity for Williams, Davis, Brooks & Co. and others; became connected with Michigan Brass and Iron Works, 1895, and continued for Shipman Coal Co. for about two years; engaged in wholesale and retail coal and cole business for self until 1906 and as member firm of Ayers & Chase since June, 1906. Methodist. Member Palestine Lodge, A. F. & A. M. Recreations: Fishing and hunting. Office: 214 Hammond Bldg. Residence: 90 Newberry St.

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Page 41

BACKUS, Newton D., manufacturing of woven boxes; born, Jefferson Co., N.Y., July 10, 1853; son of Absalom, Jr., and Sarah E. (Stevens) Backus; educated in district schools of Jefferson Co. and public schools of Detroit; married at Detroit, November, 1877, Lillie E. Farrell. Began active career at 18 years of age, in lumber business with his farther; engaged in lumber business and in manufacture of Backus woven boxes, under title of A. Backus, Jr., and Sons (incorporated, 1885), of which he is secretary and treasurer, Republican. Club: Rushmere. Office: 505 Fort St., W. Residence: 739 2nd Av.

BACKUS, Theodore L., office supplies and stationery; born Detroit, Sept. 10, 1851; son of Frederick H. A. and Dorothy (Strange) Backus; educated in Detroit public schools; married, Detroit, 1877, Anna L. Geist. Began at 17 years of age (1868), with the house established by his farther and Arouet Richmond, as Richmond & Backus, incorporated 1885 as the Richmond & Backus Co., dealers in office supplies, printers' stationery, blank book manufactures, etc.; has been president of the company since decease of his father, 1896. Member Masonic order. Clubs: Detroit Athletic, Detroit Curling. Recreation: Outdoor sports. Office: 111-113 Woodward Av. Residence: 44 Garfield Av.

BADER, George T., real estate; born, Jackson, Mich., July 22, 1867; son of George and Hannah M. (Falahee) Bader; graduate Jackson High School, June 30, 1884, and later completed regular course in College of Pharmacy; married at Detroit, Jan. 24, 1894, Loretta I. Bosset. Engaged in retail drug business at Jackson after passing examination as registered pharmacist before State Board of Pharmacy of Michigan; accepted position as traveling salesman, 1889, with firm of Farrand, Williams & Clark, wholesale druggists, Detroit; entered general real estate, mortgage loans and fire insurance business at Detroit, Aug. 1, 1892 in which continues. Member Detroit Real Estate Board. Recreations: Fishing and all outdoor sports. Office: 221-222 Moffat Bldg. Residence: 54 Westminster Av.

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BAGLEY, Joel Newbury, tobacco manufacturer; born, Detroit, Sept. 8, 1860 son of ex-Governor John J. and Frances E. (Newbury) Bagley; educated in public schools of Detroit; married at Grand Haven, Mich., Mar. 11, 1884, Ester P Culter. Began active career, 1880, in tobacco manufactory established by his father, was elected president of the company, 1893, and still continues. President John J. Bagley & Co., established, 1853; vice president American Exchange National Bank; chairman board of directors Bagley land Co., Ltd.; director Security Trust Co. Republican as to politics. Unitarian as to religious belief (trustee of church). Member Sons of American Revolution, Society of Colonial Wars. Clubs: Yondotega, Detroit, Wittenagemote, Country, Detroit Boat. Recreations: Golf and fishing. Office: 48 Bates St. Residence: 881 Jefferson Av.

Page 42

BAGLEY, Paul Frederick, manufacturer; born, Detroit Oct. 15, 1869; son of ex-Governor John J. and Francis E. (Newbury) Bagley; educated in private schools of Detroit, Michigan Military Academy and University of Michigan. Began active career, 1892, in tobacco manufacturing business established by his farther, as John J. Bagley & Co., 1853, and is treasurer of the company. Director Union Trust Co.; treasurer Bagley Land Co., Ltd. Republican. Unitarian. Member Sons of American Revolution, Detroit Board of Commerce. Clubs: Detroit Yondotega, Country, Detroit Boat, Delta Kappa Epsilon. Office: 48 Bates St.

BAHL, George Lauer, general agent Penn Mutual Life Insurance Co. of Philadelphia; born , Philadelphia, Jan. 13, 1870; son of Joseph F. and Jennie (Rice) Bahl; educated in public and high schools of Philadelphia; married at Bailey's Mills, Ga., Dec. 23 1896, Elizabeth R. Bailey. Began active career in employ of Penn Mutual Life Insurance Co., at Philadelphia, March, 188, continuing there until September, 1895; was general agent of the company for Florida, with headquarters at Jacksonville, 1895-1907, and has been located at Detroit since April, 1907. Member Detroit Underwriters' Association. Mason (320), member Palestine Lodge No. 357, F. & A. M., Knight Templar, Shriner. Clubs: Detroit Hunting and Fishing Association, Detroit Automobile; Century (Philadelphia); Seminole (Jacksonville, Fla.). Recreations: Automobiling, fishing. Office: McGraw Bldg. Residence: "The Pasadena".

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BAILEY, Mark T., wholesale lumber; Port Huron, Mich., April 13, 1860; son of Mark T. and Anna (Holland) Bailey; educated in public schools of Saginaw; married at Saginaw, 1892, Lillie G. Goddard. Began active career in lumber business at Saginaw, 1880; spent ten years at New Orleans, La., in same line, returning to Detroit, 1903; member wholesale lumber firm of Conely & Bailey, organized, 1907. Also president Merchants' Salt Co. Christian Scientist. Republican. Recreation: Driving. Office: 38 Newberry Bldg. Residence: Alhambra Apts.

BAILIE, Robert L., president Golden Crest Mining Co.; born, Stratford, Ont., Can., June 2, 1869; educated in public schools and at Stratford Collegiate Institute, graduating, 1883. Began active career as one of the organizers of the Bailie Coal Co., 1890; has been president of the Golden Crest Mining Co. since 1902; director Central Drug Co., Michigan Soap Co. Republican. Mason, Knight Templar, Shriner. Recreation: 32 Warren Av., E.

Page 43

BAIRD, Charles W., merchandise broker and manufacturer; born, Cincinnati, O., Apr. 2, 1862; son of William and Margaret A. (Crouch) Baird; educated in public and high schools of Indianapolis; married at Pittsfield, Mass, Feb. 3, 1904, Caroline Williams. Began business career in employ of Kingan & Co., Ltd., Indianapolis; then with J.K.Graham and Singer Manufacturing Co., Indianapolis; removed to Detroit, January 1887, and established firm of Baird & West, merchandise brokers, which still continues and of which is partner; organized and established the Detroit Iron and Steel Co., 1902, of which is secretary and treasurer. Also president Independence Lumber Co.; treasurer Detroit Crushed Slag Co.; vice president Saginaw, Owosso & Lansing R. R. Co.; director American Exchange National Bank. Member Detroit Board of Commerce. Republican. Clubs: Detroit, Country, Old Club, Detroit Boat. Recreation: Outdoor sports. Office: 149 Jefferson Av. Residence: 173 Parker Av.

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BAKER, Frederick Abbott, lawyer; born Oakland Co., Mich June 14, 1846; son of Francis and Abigail (Goodrich) Baker; educated in public schools and at Michigan State Argricultural College, Lansing; married, Aug. 8, 1867 Josephine Mary Bissell. Studied law in office of Sylvester Larnard, Detroit, and was admitted to the bar, June 14, 1867; has since practiced at Detroit. Member state legislature, 1877; corporation counsel City of Detroit three and one-half years. Member Detroit Bar Association, Detroit Board of Commerce. Democrat. Recreations: Dairy farming and studying constitutional history. Office: 501 Whitney Bldg. Detroit. Residence: Black Meadow Farm, Royal Oak, Mich.

BAKER, Patrick Charles, general manager Evening News Association; born, Portage-du-Fort, Quebec, Dec. 16, 1857; son of Elias and Julia (Hartnett) Baker; public schools education to age of 12; married, Detroit, May 27, 1879, Mary E. Doherty. Began in printing trade as a boy on the Mining Journal, Marquette, Mich., continuing until 1870, when he removed to Flint, Mich., and completed apprenticeship in office of the Flint Citizen; came to Detroit, 1874, and entered composing room of the News; became foreman, 1881, managing editor, 1888; editor-in-chief, 1892, and has been general manager since June, 1905. Independent in politics. Club: Detroit Yacht (ex-commodore). Recreations: Yachting and other aquatic sports. Office: 65 Shelby St. Residence: 332 E. Grand Blvd.

BAKER, William S., manufacturing pharmacist; born New York City, July 6, 1860; son of Gookin and Elizabeth E. (Thompson) Baker; educated in public schools of New York City; unmarried. Came to Detroit, 1877; was connected with Stearns & Co., manufacturing chemists, 1882-89; assisted in organizing Nelson, Bkaer & Co., manufacturing pharmacists, 1889, incorporated same year, of which is treasurer and director. Republican. Episcopalian. Mason, Knight Templar, Shriner. Club: Detroit Boat. Recreation: Water diversions. Office: Cor. Lafayette and Brooklyn. Residence: 23 Parsons St.

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