A Biographical Dictionary of

Leading Living Men of the City of Detroit

Edited by Albert Nelson Marquis


A. N. Marquis & Company


Copyright, 1908 by Albert Nelson Marquis

Pages 92 - 95

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BUTZEL, Henry M., lawyer; born, Detroit, May 24, 1871; son of Magnus and Henrietta (Hess) Butzel; graduate Detroit High School, January, 1888; University of Michigan, Literary Department, Ph. B., 1891; Law Department, same university, LL. B.,1892; unmarried. In practice of law at Detroit since 1892; member of law firm of Butzel & Butzel. Director and general counsel Trussed Concrete Steel Co.; Director W.M. Finck & Co., clothing manufacturers. Member Masonic Order. Clubs: Phoenix, Detroit Golf. Recreation: Golf. Office: 716-718 Union Trust Bldg. Residence: 406 Woodward Av.

BUTZEL, Leo Martin, lawyer; born, Detroit, 1874; son of Martin Butzel; educated in public schools and University of Michigan, graduating, Literary Department, degree of Ph. B., 1894, Law Department, LL. B.,1896. Member of law firm of Stevenson & Butzel, 1894-1902, and since 1902 member of firm of Dickinson, Stevenson, Cullen, Warren & Butzel. Office: Union Trust Bldg. Residence: 658 John R. St.

BYRNE, Frank P.; born, Allegheny Co., Md., Mar. 18, 1847; son of John and Eleanor (Flynn) Byrne; educated in country schools and academies of early days, in Western Maryland, and in private school in Brooklyn, N.Y.; married at Cincinnati, O., Feb. 25, 1873, Clara Bartels Oakes. Served in Union Army at time of Civil War, as member Fifty-first New York Volunteer Infantry, 1864, until close of war; became identified with distribution of natural gas and built natural gas pipe line from Ohio to and within City of Detroit, 1889-90; as general manager, effected and supervised consolidation of several gas companies in Detroit, 1893, becoming vice president and general manager of consolidated company; built natural gas pipe line across Detroit River, 1895; assumed charge, as president of the Interior Construction and Improvement Co., of the opening and development of the Shawmut Coal Co. properties in Western Pennsylvania and the building of the Shawmut Railroad (the P.S. & N.R.R.) from the coal fields to Hornellsville and Wayland, N.Y., a distance of about 200 miles; retired from active business, 1904, on account of impaired health. Vice president and director Peninsular Savings Bank; director Detroit City Gas Co., Detroit Creamery Co., Leeds & Catlin Co. (N.Y.) and Olean Brewing Co., N.Y. Member Board Commerce. Jeffersoinian Democrat. Catholic. Member Knights of Columbus. Clubs: Detroit, Fellowcraft, Country, Detroit Golf (Detroit); Olean (Olean, N.Y.). Recreations: Outdoor sports. Office: 23-24 Peninsula Bank Bldg. Residence: Alfred Apts.

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CADIEUX, Henry William, physician and surgeon; born, Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich., June 29, 1871; son of David J. and Mary Frances (Lloyd) Cadieux; educated Grosse Pointe public schools, 1878-83; Detroit College (Jesuit), 1884-92; Detroit College of Medicine, M.D., Apr. 30, 1896; married, Detroit, Sept. 26, 1901, Emlitta Le Roy King. Began practice at Grosse Pointe, 1896; removed to Detroit, September,1901, where he has since continued. Physician-in-chief to the ladies of the Scared Heart Academy, Grosse Pointe Farms, since 1897; health officer Grosse Pointe Village and Township, 1897-1901. Member Wayne County Medical Society, Michigan State Medical Society, American Medical Association. Republican. Roman Catholic. Member C.O.F., K. and L. of H. Clubs: Country, Grosse Pointe Farms. Office: 919 Jefferson Av. Residence: 965 Jefferson Av.

CADY, David D., wholesale grocer; born, Plymouth, Mich., Jan. 20, 1847; son of David and Lomira Cady; educated in public schools of Ypsilanti and Detroit; married at Detroit, 1868, Elizabeth H. Brewster. Has been a resident of Detroit since 1862; began in grocery business in Detroit, 1871; member firm of W.J. Gould & Co., 1887-92; identified with present company since 1892, first as Lee & Cady and since March, 1907, as Lee, Cady & Smart, of which is vice president, the company, in addition to the parent organization, owning and operating; Lee & Cady. Detroit; Smart & Fox Company, Saginaw; Bay City Grocery Company, Bay City; Village City Coffee and Spice Mills, Saginaw. Member Masonic order (32), Knights Templar, Shrine. Clubs: Detroit, Country, Old Club. Recreations: Fishing, Automobiling. Office: Cor. Larned and Cass Av. Residence: 57 Watson St.

CADY, William B., lawyer; born Wayne Co., Mich., Feb. 10, 1861; son of James B. and Lucy Jane Blount, both of N.Y. state; educated in district school, Plymouth and Wayne village schools, Ann Arbor High School and University of Michigan, graduating, degree of Ph.B., 1882, and L.L, B., 1884; married, Detroit, June, 1904. Myra McPherson Post. Has practiced in Detroit since 1884; member of law firm of Shaw, Warren, Cady & Oakes since 1900. Director Cheboygan Paper Co.; director and secretary E.T. Kruce & Co. Gold Democrat; member Democratic State Central Committee, 1888 and 1896. Episcopalian. Member The Bibliophile Society, Boston. Mason, Knight Templar, Shriner. Clubs: Detroit, University, Country and Boat. Office: 904 Union Trust Bldg. Residence: 550 Jefferson Av.

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CAILLE, Auguste Arthur, inventor, manufacturer of coin-slot machines; born, Detroit, Apr. 1, 1867; son of Joseph M. and Catherine (Moret) Caille; educated in Public schools of Owosso, Mich., 1876-80, and Saginaw high school. Lived in Saginaw, 1880-93; invented and patented, 1888, in association with his brother, Adolph, new type of service for conveying cash in stores; later invented coin-slot devices which resulted in establishment of penny arcades in the leading cities of the world. President and treasurer The Caille Bros. Co., which has grown until it gives employment to more than 500 mechanics and plant occupies full frontage of a city block, branch offices being maintained in New York, Chicago, and Paris, France. President Casino Co., builders and operators of penny arcades and popular price theaters which the company has established in various cities. Society: Harmonic, Club: Fellowcraft, Detroit Yacht. Recreations: Automobiling and Yachting. Office: 1300-1340 2nd Av. Residence: 1717 Woodward Av.

CAILLE, Adolph, manufacturing coin operating machines; born, Detroit, Apr. 2, 1863; son of Joseph M. and Catherine (Moret) Caille; educated in Detroit public schools; married at Saginaw, 1892, Margaret Macksey. Begin active career as manufacturer of furniture, at Saginaw, Mich.; with his brother, Arthur, invented certain store service apparatus and entered manufacture of coin operating machines; vice president and secretary The Caille Brothers Co., the largest plant in the world for manufacture of coin controlled machines, with branch offices in New York, Chicago, and Paris, France. Office: 1300-1340 2nd Av. Residence: 74 Horton Av.

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CALLAMORE, Ralph, mechanical engineer; born, Toledo, O., Feb. 2, 1875; son George Anthony and Sarah Ann (Gates) Callamore (father born at North Pembroke, Mass., Nov. 9, 1833, and mother in New York state, Dec. 27, 1844): graduated from Toledo (O.) High School, 1892, as president of class; B. Sc. In Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan, 1897; married, Ann Arbor, Mich., Aug. 22, 1899, Gracia Beatrice Rhead. Began active career as draughtsman in employ of Field & Hinchman, consulting engineers, Detroit, Sept., 1897, and became head draughtsman; was made secretary of the company, Mar., 1903, when the firm was incorporated as Field, Hinchman & Smith, the company being reincorporated, Feb., 1907, as Smith, Hinchman & Grylls, of which is secretary. Republican. Baptist. Member American Society of Heating and Ventilating Engineers, Detroit Engineering Society, Theta Delta Chi. Club: Fellowcraft. Office: 710 Washington Arcade. Residence: 25 Hancock Av., W.

CALLENDER, Sherman D., lawyer; born, Hartsgrove, O., Mar. 18, 1869; son of Robert F. and Lois (Winslow) Callender; educated in public schools of Hartsgrove; New Lyme Institute, South New Lyme, O.; Oberlin College, graduating, degree of Ph. B.., 1895; Ohio State University, Law Department, degree of LL.B., 1898; married at Monroeville, O., Apr. 23, 1904, Sylvia May Cornell. Reared on farm; sold books to pay expenses at college; taught school three years before studying law; began in practice at Toledo, O., 1898; removed to Detroit, 1899. Secretary Kennedy Optical Co.; director and attorney Detroit Improved Realty Co.; attorney Vinton Co. Member Detroit and Michigan State Bar associations. Republican. Congregationalist. Member Corinthian Lodge No. 241, F. & A. M., Beta Theta Pi. Clubs: Detroit Boat, Fellowcraft. Recreations: Tennis and outdoor sports. Office: 412 Moffat Bldg. Residence: 50 W. Ferry Av.

CALVERT, Elmer C., merchant; born, Champaign, Ill., Aug. 17, 1869; Son of John and Mary (Threadgould) Calvert; educated in Detroit public schools and business college; married at Detroit, June 28, 1900, Miss Grace Major.Was Connected for 3 years as correspondent for H. Scherer & Co., carriage manufacturers; member firm of J. Calvert's Sons since 1893, dealers in coal and builders' supplies. Methodist. Member I.O.O.F. Office: 145 Griswold St. Residence: 548 Maybury Av.

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CALVERT, George Thomas, merchant; born, Champaign, Ill., Feb. 1, 1868; son of John and Mary (Threadgould) Calvert; educated in Detroit public schools and at Spencerian Business College; married at Detroit, Jan. 14, 1896, Adelaide C. Wilcox (died Oct. 1, 1906). Was bookkeeper and cashier Diamond Match Co's. Detroit plants, 1885; chief clerk and confidential man Hammond, Standish & Co., Detroit, 1886-93; resigned, Mar. 1, 1893, to assist in organizing firm of J. Calvert's Sons, forming partnership with Elmer C. Calvert, in which still continues, retail dealers and jobbers, coal, coke, etc. Member Detroit Board of Commerce. Mason. Clubs: Fellowcraft, Detroit Boat. Recreation: Outdoor Sports. Office: 145 Griswold St. Residence: 252 Lincoln Av.

CAMPAU, Daniel J., lawyer; born at Detroit, Aug. 20, 1852; educated at Fordham, N.Y.; studied law; collector of customs, Detroit, 1886-90; now Michigan member Democratic National Committee; controlling owner The Chicago Horseman, devoted to breeding and turf news; prominently connected with the trotting turf. Office: 22 Campus Building.

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CAMPAU, Thomas, surveyor and civil engineer; born, Detroit, Feb. 6, 1827; son of James and Rosette (Chene) Campau; educated by private tuition; married at Detroit, 1852, Mary A. Mellon (deceased, 1897), daughter of Major Charles Mellon, U.S.A. Began active career as apprentice in office of Judge John Almy, civil engineer, 1849, continuing for two years; city surveyor of Detroit, 1852-62; county surveyor of WayneCo. six years; then resumed individual practice, in which has since continued; member firm of Thomas Campau & Sons. Democrat. Catholic. Office: 705 Whitney Blk. Residence: 472 E. Fort St.

CAMPAU, Thomas M., surveyor and civil engineer; born, Detroit, Sept. 29, 1862; son of Thomas and Mary A. (Mellon) Campau; educated in public and private schools; married at Detroit, 1893, Anna Schmidt. Entered engineering profession with his father, 1883, and became a member of firm of Thomas Campau & Son, 1890, in which still continues; now village engineer Grosse Pointe Farms; formerly engineer of township of Grosse Pointe and village of Fairview. Member Detroit Engineering Society, Knights of Columbus. Office: 705 Whitney Bldg. Residence: 472 Fort St., E.


CAMPBELL, Allan, lawyer; born, Detroit, Oct. 12, 1876; son of Walter Scott and Annie (Fenton) Campbell; graduate Detroit High School, Jan., 1894; University of Michigan, degree of A.B., 1898; Detroit College of Law, degree of LL.B., 1901; unmarried. Taught 4 1/2 years in Detroit public schools after graduating from university; entered practice of law with Maybury, Lucking, Emmons & Heifman, Jan., 1904; has been in practice alone since Oct., 1905. Clubs: University, Detroit Athletic,University of Michigan Association. Recreation: Outdoor sports. Office: 610 Moffat Bldg. Residence: 58 Forest Av., E.

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