A Biographical Dictionary of

Leading Living Men of the City of Detroit

Edited by Albert Nelson Marquis


A. N. Marquis & Company


Copyright, 1908 by Albert Nelson Marquis

Pages 112 - 116

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CLARK, Rufus Wheelwright, P. E. clergyman; born, Portsmouth, N.H., May 29, 1844; son of Rev. Rufus Wheelwright (D.D.) and Eliza Walton Clark; graduate Williams College, 1865 (A. M., 1868; D. D., 1890); General Theological Seminary, New York, 1868; married at Columbus, O., Apr. 9, 1874, Lucy G., daughter of Gov. William Dennison of Ohio. Deacon, 1867; priest, 1868; rector St. John's Church, Portsmouth, N. H., 1868-71; Trinity Church, Columbur, O., 1871-77; St. Paul's Church, Detroit, 1877-1905. Department secretary Board of Missions, 1906. Member England Society of Michigan; chaplain Society of Colonial Wars. President Michigan State Society Sons of American Revolution, Author "The Church in Thy House"; "Addresses, Religious and Patriotic." Address: 720 Jefferson Av.

CLARK, William C.; born, New York City, Jan. 8, 1869; son of Rev. William H. and Lucy W. (Hoisington) Clark; educated in private and academic studies at Nyack, N. Y., and New Brunswick, N. J.; married at Detroit, 1900, Miss Mabel E. Harrington. Began active career in employ of George W. Smith & Co., furniture manufacturers, Philadelphia, continuing until 1891; removed to Bay City, Mich., and acted as sales agent for C. B. Chatfield & Co., merchant millers, 1891-96; located in Detroit and was bookkeeper for Farrand, Williams & Clark, wholesale druggists, 1896-97; entered coal business, 1897, under title of W. C. Clark Coal Co., and continued until Oct. 1, 1906, when disposed of jobbing feature of the business and took up sales agency for Michigan and Canada of the Ohio & Pennsylvania Coal Co. Member Detroit Board of Commerce. Independent Republican. Presbyterian (elder Immanuel Presbyterian Church). Recreation: Sailing. Office: 910 Majestic Bldg. Residence: 461 W. Grand Boulevard.

CLARKE, Charles, railway official; born, Clarkston, Mich., Apr. 17, 1850; son of Ebenezer and Sarah A. (Wood) Clarke; educated in country and high schools at Fenton, and Ann Arbor University, Mich; married at Fenton, Nov. 8, 1870, Alice E. Pritchard. Engaged in U. S. government service as clerk in general transfer department of the army of the Cumberland, at Nashville, Tenn., and vicinity, 1863-65; after the war taught school in Lincoln Co., Mo.; began in railway service with the Detroit & Milwaukee R. R., at Fenton, Mich., Apr. 1, 1872, the road being later absorbed by the Grand Trunk Ry. of Canada; has been continuously identified with Grand Trunk and affiliated lines in various capacities, and has been in charge of freight traffic Grand Trunk Ry. System lines in Michigan since 1899. Member Detroit Board of Commerce, Detroit Board of Trade. Member National Geographic Society. Mason. Recreations: Studying and often speaking on the economic principles and conditions of the country. Office: Grand Trunk Railway System, Detroit. Residence: 685 12th St., Detroit.

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CLARKE, William George; born, Huron Co., Mich., Oct. 21, 1874; son of Robert and Harriett (Gibbons) Clarke; educated in public schools of Detroit; married at Detroit, Apr. 28, 1896, Minnie Motl. Began active career as delivery boy in grocery store at 14; entered employ of A. T. Knowlson, 1890, at 16; became member of firm, 1904; elected secretary and treasurer upon incorporation as A. T. Knowlson Co., 1906 and still continues. Club: Commercial. Office: 58-60 Congress St., E. Residence: 1195 Merrick Av.

CLARKSON, Eugene Stephen, lawyer; born, Macon, Mich., Feb. 5, 1860; son of John J. and Mary Ann (Miller) Clarkston; educated in district school at Macon up to 15; graduate High School, Manchester, Mich., June, 1879; entered University of Michigan, Oct., 1880, and managing editor of Chronicle, University paper, in 1883, graduating, degree of A. B., June, 1884; married at Detroit, June 24, 1896, Mary Wright Stoup (now deceased). Has practiced in Detroit since Jan. 18, 1886, making a specialty of corporation and real estate law. Member Detroit Bar Association. Cleveland Gold Democrat. Presbyterian in church affiliation. Member Masonic order, I.O.O.F.,, Knights of Pythias. Clubs: Municipal League, Democratic, Westminster Men's Club. Recreations: Outdoor Sports. Office: 11 Buhl Blk. Residence: 36 Palmer Av.,W.

CLELAND, Henry Alexander, physician, retired; born Stirling, Scotland, Mar. 14, 1839; son of Henry and Mary (Young) Cleland; came to America in 1858 in public schools of Scotland; Andersonian University, Glasgow; M.D. University of Michigan, 1861; married at Detroit, Apr. 18, 1865, Agnes M. Cowie. Served as assistant surgeon 2d Infantry Michigan Volunteers, 1861-64; was prisoner of war in Libby Prison 3 months, 1862; began practice in Detroit, 1865, retiring, 1907; formerly on staff of Harper and Children's Free hospitals and St. Mary's Hospital. President Detroit Publishing Co. Member American Medical Association, Michigan State and Wayne County Medical societies. Clubs: Wayne, Harbor Point Association. Recreation: Reading. Address: 186 Canfield Av.,W.

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CLEVELAND, Frank Peris, cement construction; born, Flint, Mich., Jan. 3, 1860; son of Peris Franklin and Patience (Darling) Cleveland; educated in Flint High School and at Long Island College Hospital, Brooklyn; married at Flint, Mich., Dec. 9, 1885, Grace Cleveland (died Feb. 2, 1905). Studied medicine for about 3 years at beginning of his active career; began in concrete construction at Flint, 1882; removed to Detroit, 1889, where he has continued in same line of business; proprietor and manager The Cleveland Silex Stone Co. Member Detroit Board of Commerce. Republican. Recreation: Reading. Office: 923 Hammond Bldg.  Residence: 1376 John R St.

CLIFF, Vincent D., president Federal Casualty Co.; born, Zumbro Falls, Minn., Dec. 21, 1866; son of James J. and Mary (Roach) Cliff; educated in public schools of Minnesota; married at Albany, N.Y., Aug., 1895, Mary M. McCabe. Lived on farm until 16; was clerk in mercantile line until 23; was one of the organizers and, one year later, secretary and manager Northwestern Benevolent Association, at Duluth, Minn., and subsequently at Chicago; in 1890 the company with one other was merged with the Continental Casualty Co., of which latter he was manager one year; sold out his interest, went to Saginaw, Mich., 1901, and purchased interest of W. F. Pearson in U. S. Health and Accident Insurance Co., and became its secretary and so continued until 1907; has been president Federal Casualty Co. (health and accident insurance) since Jan. 1, 1907. President Detroit Conference. Catholic. Member B. P. O. E., Knights of Columbus, Knights of Equity. Clubs: Detroit Golf, Country. Recreation: Golf. Office: 533 Majestic Bldg. Residence: 32 Palmer, E.

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CLINTON, Lucius A., manager The Diamond Match Co.; born, Menasha, Wis., Aug. 25, 1850; son of Orson P. and Caroline C. (Finch) Clinton; educated in district school at Menasha. Began active career in logging camps of Wisconsin; then became lumber manufacturer and engaged in lumbering; entered manufacture of matches at Chicago, 1895, and later associated in business with Diamond Match Co., of which he has been manager since Jan., 1898. Member Detroit Board of Commerce. Republican as to politics. Congregationalist in church affiliation. Recreations: Trout fishing, grouse and duck shooting. Office: Cor. 8th and Jefferson Av., W.  Residence: Charlevoix Apts.

CLIPPERT, Frederick J., physician; born, Detroit, Aug. 20, 1866; son of Conrad C. and Christina (Pfeifle) Clippert; attended public schools; graduate Goldsmith's Business University, 1882; was student at University of Minnesota for 2 years; M.D., Chicago Medical College, 1890; married at Delray, 1900, Miss Allie E. Brevoort. Began active career in employ of his father, who was a brick manufacturer, continuing until 1886; removed to Jamestown, Dak. Ty., where he became connected with Asylum for the Insane and began study of medicine and pharmacy under Dr. O.W. Archibald; served as house physician Alexian Brother's Hospital, Detroit, 1890--91; has been located in Delray since 1891, practicing medicine, and was the first president of the village, which was incorporated, 1897. Member Wayne County and Michigan State Medical societies, American Medical Association; Health Officer of Springwells, 1894-1900. Member Wayne Co. Board of Pension Examiners, Detroit Board of Water Commissioners, Board of Commerce. Mason (32), Knight Templar, Shriner. Club: Harmonie. Office and residence: 5 Dearborn Av., Detroit.

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CLIPPERT, George H., brick manufacturer; born, Springwells, Mich., Mar. 24, 1860; son of Conrad and Christine F. (Pfeifle) Clippert; educated in public schools and at Goldsmith & Bryant's Business College; married at Detroit, Sept. 28, 1886, Flora A. Lyon. Began in brick business at Springwells, Mich., 1880; was member of firm of Conrad Clippert & Sons, 1884-94, George H. Clippert & Bro., 1894-99, and has been president of the George H. Clippert & Bro. Brick Co. since 1899. Also director Home Savings Bank. Member Board of Commerce. Chairman Board of Control of State Industrial Home for Girls. Recreation: Automobiling.  Office and residence: 1920 Michigan Av.

CODD, George P., lawyer; born, Detroit, Dec. 7, 1869; son of George C. Codd; educated in public and high schools of Detroit and University of Michigan, graduating, degree of A. B., 1891; married at Detroit, Oct. 2, 1894, Kathleen Warner. Has engaged in practice in Detroit since 1892; member law firm of Codd & Hall. Assistant city attorney, 1893-96; alderman, 1902, 1903 and 1904; mayor City of Detroit, 1904-6. Member of Detroit and Michigan State Bar associations. Republican. Presbyterian. Member Masonic order, Knights Templar; Knights of Pythias, Delta Kappa Epsilon. Clubs: University, Country, North Channel, Harmonie, Detroit Athletic. Recreations: Outdoor sports. Office: 716-717 Hammond Bldg. Residence: 47 Warren Av., E.

CODY, Frederick; born, Belleville, Mich., Apr. 7, 1874; son of Thomas and Clarissa (Kipp) Cody; educated at Belleville High School; married at Champaign, Ill., Dec. 27, 1899, Lucille Stedman. Began active career as school teacher and was principal Webster School, Detroit, 4 years; entered life insurance business and was manager New York Life Insurance Co. at Detroit 5 years; supervisor of Michigan and Ohio for Fidelity Mutual Life Insurance Co., 1906. Mason. Recreation: Outdoor sports. Office: 1129 Majestic Bldg. Residence: Woodward Apts.

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COFFIN, Howard E., engineering and vice president E. R. Thomas Detroit Co.; born at West Milton, O., Sept. 6, 1873; son of Julius V. and Sarah E. (Jones) Coffin; educated at University of Michigan, 1893-96 and 1900-02; married, Battle Creek, Oct. 30, 1907, Matilda V. Allen. Began active career in United States civil service, continuing, 1896-1900; was chief of experimental department Olds Motor Works, Detroit, 1902-05, and chief engineer same, 1905-06; vice president and engineer E. R. Thomas Detroit Co., manufacturers of motor cars, since 1906. Also consulting engineer E. R. Thomas Motor Co., Buffalo, N.Y. Member Society of Automobile Engineers, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Detroit Engineering Society. Clubs: Detroit Boat, Detroit Automobile. Recreations: Motor boating and automobiling. Office: E. R. Thomas Detroit Co. Residence: 434 Cadillac Av.

COGSWELL, Arthur Cleveland; born, Salem, Mass., Apr. 4, 1858; son of Epes and Martha Ray (Hammond) Cogswell; educated in Salem common and high schools and at Boston School of Technology; married at New York, July 3, 1902, Emma Barbara Kuerner. Was in business in Hutchinson, Kan., 1879-82; member clothing firm of Sinclair & Cogswell, Salem, Mass., 1884-86; interested in contracting and railroad construction with John and Lester Mundy, headquarters, El Paso, Tex., and built part of the northern section of the Mexican Central Ry. Between El Paso del Norte (now Jaurez) and Chihuahua, Mex.; now identified with the Detroit Sanitary Supply Co. Office: Detroit Sanitary Supply Co. Residence: 368 2nd Av.

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