A Biographical Dictionary of

Leading Living Men of the City of Detroit

Edited by Albert Nelson Marquis


A. N. Marquis & Company


Copyright, 1908 by Albert Nelson Marquis

Pages 116 - 120

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COLE, Henry Tiffany, vice president United States Heater Co.; born, Cleveland, O., June 29, 1870; son of Delos O. and Isabella (Tiffany) Cole; educated in public schools of Detroit; married at Catskill, N.Y., 1900, Miss Alice Jerome Day. Came to Detroit, 1877; began business career with H. Scherer & Co., wholesale carriage hardware, 1887, continuing until 1893; became connected with the Capitol Heating Co., as treasurer, 1893, the name of which was changed to the United States Heater Co., 1895; was elected secretary, 1897, and vice president 1902, now also acting as general manager, the company manufacturing steam and hot water boilers and radiators (6 branch houses in principal cities). Member National Association of Manufacturers, Detroit Board of Commerce. Republican. Episcopalian. Clubs: Detroit, Country, Detroit Boat, Racquet and Curling. Recreations: Outdoor sports. Office: Cor. Campbell Av. and Wabash R. R. Residence: 114 Du Bois St.

COLLIER, George Xenophon M., lawyer; born, Claremont, N. H. Sept. 27, 1838; son of Charles S. and Eliza (Currier) Collier; educated in public schools of New Hampshire, New York and Michigan; University of Michigan, June, 1867. Married at Troy, N.Y., Nov. 28, 1873, Jennie M. Brown. Studied law with D. Darwin Hughes of Marshall, and ex-Governor Moses Wisner of Pontiac. Began practice at Pontiac, Mich., 1867; removed to Detroit, 1875. Was secretary Constitutional Convention of Michigan, 1867. Republican. York and Scottish Rite Mason (32),  Knight Templar, Shriner (all degree except 33). Recreations: Cricket and baseball. Office: 820-821 hammond Bldg. Residence: 891 Woodward Av.

COLLIER, William Wallace, secretary and treasurer American Harrow Co.; born, Battle Creek, Mich., Nov. 19, 1850; son of Victory P. and Minerva (Pew) Collier; educated in public schools of Battle Creek and at Highland Military Academy, Worcester, Mass.; married at Detroit, 1891, Miss Virginia Wright. Came to Detroit from Battle Creek, 1870; was in employ of DuCharme, Fletcher & Co., wholesale hardware, and later engaged in iron commission business; assisted in organizing the American Harrow Co., 1882, of which has been director, treasurer and secretary since time of organization. Also vice president Duplex Printing Press Co., of Battle Creek. Ex-president National Association of Agricultural Implement and Vehicle Manufacturers of the United States. Proprietor of Elmdale Farms, the aim of the farms being to raise horses and cattle of the very best breeding and highest individual excellence. Member executive committee Michigan State Agricultural Society, Detroit Board of Commerce, Republican. Unitarian. Club: Fellowcraft. Recreation: Breeding of trotting horses and Short Horn cattle. Office: 1482 Hastings St. Residence: 674 Cass Av.

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COLLINS, Alva Nicholas, physician; born, Lyme, N. Y., Jan 5, 1861; son of Lyman and Sally M. (Cotton) Collins; educated in district schools of New York; Dexter (N. Y.) High School, 1877-8; Elburn High School, Ill., 1878-81; Ann Arbor High School, 1881-2; Medical Department, University of Michigan, 1882-85, graduating M. D., 1885; New York Polyclinic, 1885, and in New York hospitals, 1885-88; married, Ann Arbor, Mich., Oct. 13, 1892, Emily Delavan Stebbins. Began practice in New York City, 1885; has practiced in Detroit since 1888. Republican. Protestant. Member Detroit Academy of Medicine; president Wayne County Medical Society; member Michigan State Medical Society, American Medical Association.  Recreations: Outdoor sports. Address 20 Martin Pl.

COLLINS, Charles F., banker; born, Detroit, Feb. 4, 1847; son of John and Ann (McWilliams) Collins; educated in Detroit public schools. Began active career as bookkeeper; became connected with Wayne County Savings Bank as clerk, 1875, has filled every office in the bank and has been president since 1898. Treasurer St. Joseph's Home for Boys; member executive committee St. Francis Home for Orphan Boys; member Detroit Board of Commerce. Independent in politics. Catholic. Club: Detroit. Recreations: Baseball; lover of violin. Office: Wayne County Savings Bank. Residence: 31 W. Willis Av.

COLLINS, Charles H.; born, Paterson, N. J., Nov. 5, 1872; son of Charles C. and Louise (Hartwell) Collins; educated in public schools of Paterson and at commercial college; married at Colorado Springs, Colo., Feb. 7, 1906, Beatrice Oatman. Began active career as office man Equitable Life Insurance Co., Des Moines, Ia., continuing for 4 years; then removed to New York City and was connected with various concerns for six years and later lived in Albany and Syracuse; became manager at Denver, Colo., for the B. F. Goodrich Co., manufacturers of rubber goods, where he continued for 3 1/2 years; has been manager for same company at Detroit since May, 1906. Republican. Club: Commercial. Office: 266 Jefferson Av. Residence: The Ventura Apts.

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COLLINS, Charles Parker, manufacturer of cigars; born, Detroit, Dec. 25, 1848; son of Thomas and Mary (Hosie) Collins; married at Detroit, Dec. 12, 1878, Ida L. Colton. Began active career working on a farm, later becoming a sailor on the Great Lakes for two seasons; the next five years was with Hoffner & Mayes, foot of Woodward Av., makers of sails and rigging; traveling salesman for Krueger & Hoffner, cigar manufacturers, for two years, when was admitted to partnership under firm name of Hoffner & Collins: shortly after death of Mr. Hoffner in 1875, firm became C. P. Collins & Co., of which he has since been the head. Also vice president Central Savings Bank. Republican; active worker in Republican party; secretary Republican County Committee, 1886; auditor Wayne County, 1888-90; sheriff Wayne County, 1893-96 (two terms), and while in office was elected chairman of the consolidated City and County Republican Committees; later was member State Central Committee; presidential elector for McKinley and Roosevelt. Retired from active politics in 1898 and has since devoted his time to his business interests; interested in the A. E. Steward Transportation Co., the steamer Chas. W. Kotcher of Detroit Steamship Co., and Lavigne Manufacturing Co. Scottish Rite Mason (32), Knight Templar, Shriner; member Knights of Pythias, Odd Fellows, Royal Arcanum, Detroit Lodge of Elks. Clubs: Detroit, Yachting and fishing, Citizens' Yacht Club. Recreations: Yachting, boating and fishing. Office: Central Savings Bank. Residence: 62 Bagg St., Detroit; summer residence: St. Clair Flats, Mich.

COMMERFORD John J., lumber; born, Virginia City, Nev., Jan. 30, 1865; son of Milton J. and Elizabeth Comerford; educated in public schools; married at Detroit, 1893, Miss Laura Warren. Came to Detroit from Virginia City, 1879; began business career as office boy for the W. A. C. Miller Lumber Co., 1879, advanced to position of general office manager and salesman for the company; became local manager of the Delta Lumber Co., the company being merged with the Detroit Lumber Co., manufacturers, wholesale and retail dealers, 1899, of which has been vice president and manager since time of organization. Member Detroit and Michigan Retail Lumber Dealers' Association. Republican. Club: Fellowcraft. Recreations: Baseball and fishing.  Office: 1311 Gratiot Av. Residence: 1166 Mt. Elliot Av.

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COMMONS, Samuel A., secretary and treasurer Du Brie Motor Co.; born, Union City, Ind., Oct. 21, 1865; son of John and Clarissa (Rogers) Commons; married at Oberlin, O., Nov. 5, 1890, Florence Millen. In newspaper work at Ishpeming, Mich., until 1893, in office of secretary of state, Lansing, 1893-6; clerk of Board of State Auditors, 1896-1904. Came to Detroit from Lansing, Mich., Feb., 1904, and since 1905 has been secretary and treasurer of The Du Brie Motor Co., manufacturers of marine engines. Member Masonic order. Office: 436 Guoin St. Residence: 139 Josephine St.

COMSTOCK, Andrew W., railway official; born, Port Huron, Mich., Oct. 5, 1838; son of Alfred and Harriet Jane (Westbrook) Comstock; educated in public schools of Port Huron and one year (1860) at Ypsilanti State Normal School; married at Detroit, 1867, Lillian Little. Taught school, 1861-62; left home, Grand Township, St. Clair Co., 1862, to take charge of large mercantile establishment of L. W. Mason & Co., in which was successful and the business was sold out, 1866; started in general store business as A. W. Comstock & Co., 1866; entered lumber business, 1868, and organized the Alpena Banking Co., 1871, of which was the head; sold out banking business, 1905, and is devoting entire time to railroad interests with which he became identified in 1901. President Cincinnati, Georgetown & Portsmouth R. R. and Felicity & Bethel R. R., headquarters in Cincinnati, O. Former president Board of Education, mayor and supervisor of the Poor, all of Alpena. Democrat. Episcopalian. Scottish Rite Mason (32), Knight Templar, Shriner. Office 45 Campau Bldg. Residence: 712 Jefferson Av.

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CONANT, William S., consulting engineer; born, Detroit, Jan. 1868; son of John S. and Mary B. (MacLaren) Conant; educated at St. Paul's School, Concord, N. H., 1881-83; Lawrenceville School, Lawrenceville, N. J., 1883-86; Princeton University, 1886-92, degres, A. B., 1890, E. E., 1892; married, Washington, Dec. 11, 1901, Frances E. Wendling. Began active career, 1892, with the Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Co., Pittsburg and Chicago, continuing until 1895; in partnership with Jesse M. Smith, in general practice of consulting engineer, 1895-01; practicing profession independently since 1901, also actively engaged in manufacture of automobile sheet metal parts with the Briscoe Manufacturing Co., Detroit and Newark, of which he is vice president and director. Director Northern Engineering Works. Member American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Episcopalian. Member Chamber of Commerce. Clubs: Detroit, Country, Detroit Boat. Office: 925 Hammond Bldg. Residence: 186 Seminole Av.

CONDON, George Melvin, lawyer; born, Fort Covington, N. Y., Dec. 27, 1867; son of John and Marguerite (Kavanaugh) Condon; graduate Fort Covington High School and Academy; Detroit College of Law, 1899-1902, degree, LL.B.; married at Fort Covington, Sept 3, 1884, Nellie L. W. Mears. Reared on farm in Bombay, Franklin Co., N. Y., taught school for 4 years and worked in general store for 4 years; started in grocery business at Atlanta, Ga., but sold out at end of a year and came north to Charlotte, Mich., and entered business with the late A. T. Mears; sold out at end of a year and took position on Detroit Tribune; resigned after about a year and entered employ of Moran, Fitzsimons & Co., wholesale grocers; resigned after 4 years and became connected with confidential service of the Standard Oil Co., acting as credit man, etc., in which continued for 15 years. Has engaged in practice of law in Detroit since June, 1902. Member Detroit Bar Association. Republican; twice a candidate State Legislature. Presbyterian. Clubs: Condon Senior and Junior Literary Clubs (Director). Recreation: Literature. Office: 74 Home Bank Bldg. Residence: 597 W. Grand Blvd.

CONELY, Clarence, wholesale lumber; born, Jackson, Mich., Aug. 6, 1860; son of John D. and Ruth (Fell) Conely; educated in Jackson High School; University of Michigan, graduating degree of A. B., 1884; married at Chicago, 1895, Miss Charlotte Brooks. Came to Detroit 1880; engaged in civil engineering, 1882-84; entered lumber business with the Parsons Lumber Co., 1884, later with Morley & Co. and Smalleys & Woodworth; was manager of the Vinton Co. for several years; assisted in organizing firm of Conely & Bailey, wholesale, dealers in white pine and Norway pine, Apr., 1907, in which still continues. Independent Democrat in politics. Episcopalian in church affiliation. Member Psi Upsilon. Recreations: Hunting and fishing. Office: 58 Newberry Bldg. Residence: 58 Medbury Av.

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CONGER, Norman B.; born, Troy Township, Richland Co., O., Sept. 7, 1859; son of Seymour Beach and Mary A. (Barker) Conger; educated at Lexington Academy, Lexington, O., Port Huron (Mich.) public schools and Romeo (Mich.) High School; married at Columbus, O., Apr. 15, 1885, Miss Eliza R. Lotspeich. Began active career at Detroit in service of U. S. weather bureau, 1879; has held office of inspector in the bureau since 1891. Recreation; Fishing. Office: 1314-1319 Majestic Bldg. Residence: 75 Trowbridge St.

CONKLING, Samuel Powers; born, Detroit, Dec. 26, 1857; son of James S. and Helen (Hawes) Conkling; educated in private schools; unmarried. Began active career as bookkeeper for Gray & Baffy, continuing 1879-86; has been dealing in asbestos goods since 1886. Republican. Episcopalian. Member Board of Commerce. Clubs: Detroit, Country Club, Detroit Boat.  Office: 20 Atwater St., E. Residence: 720 Jefferson Av.

CONN, Herbert James, president Peninsular Milled Screw Co.: born, Elgin Co., Ont., Can., June 12, 1869; son of Meredith and Mary (Morden) Conn; educated in public schools and Chatham (Ont.) Business College; married in Canada, 1891, Miss Elizabeth Lamb. Began active career as clerk in private bank, Alvinson, Can.; removed to Detroit, 1889, and engaged as contractor and in cedar supply business, 1889-1903; assisted in organizing the Peninsular Milled Screw Co., 1902 (Inc.), manufacturers of set and cap screws, studs, coupling bolts, nuts, etc., and experts in turned specialties; has been president of the company from time of organization. Member Detroit Board of Commerce, Employers' Association. Republican. Member of the Church of Christ. Mason; member Canadian Order of Foresters. Recreation: Automobiling. Office: 751 Bellevue Av. Residence: 345 Pennsylvania Av.

CONNER, Leartus, physician (eye and ear): born, Coldenham, N. Y., Jan. 29, 1843; son of Hezekiah and Caroline (Corwin) Connor; graduate Wallkill Academy, 1865; Williams College, Mass., A. B., 1865, A. M., 1868; Medical Department, University of Michigan, M. D., 1868; College of Physicians and Surgeons (Medical Department, Columbia University), M. D., 1870; married at Exeter, N. H., Aug. 10, 1870, Anna A. Dame; two sons, Dr. Guy L. and Roy Connor. In practice in Detroit since Mar., 1871. Member American Academy of Ophthalmology and Otology, American Association (vice president, 1881, chairman section on ophthalmology, 1891, member Board of Journal Trustees for 7 years), Michigan State Medical Society (president, 1902, chairman of Council, 1903, 1904, 1905), American Academy of Medicine (president, 1889), Detroit Academy of Medicine (president, 1877-78, 1888-89), American Association for Advancement of Science, Wayne County Medical Society, Michigan Academy of Science, Wayne County Medical Society, Michigan Academy of Science. President American Medical Editors' Association, 1883; editor Detroit Review of Medicine and Pharmacy and its successors, for about 25 years; professor Detroit Medical College, 1871-80, chemistry, physiology and clinical medicine, 7 years, eye and ear, 2 years; eye and ear surgeon to Children's Free Hospital since its foundation. Now director The House Savings Bank. Independent Republican. Presbyterian. Member New England Society, Sons of American Revolution. Clubs: Detroit, Detroit Bankers', Old Club. Office: 91 Lafayette Blvd. Residence: 103 Cass Street.

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