A Biographical Dictionary of

Leading Living Men of the City of Detroit

Edited by Albert Nelson Marquis


A. N. Marquis & Company


Copyright, 1908 by Albert Nelson Marquis

Pages 139 - 142

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DETCHON, Paul C., real estate, insurance and loans; born, Boardman, O., Oct. 20, 1872; son of Oswald and Sarah (Squire) Detchon; educated in public schools of Boardman and Union Seminary, Poland, O., 1886-90; married at Lowellville, O., Mar. 13, 1902, Frances Arrell. Began active career as apprentice to Westinghouse Electrical Co., Pittsburgh, Pa., 1892; lost the sight of one eye, 1893, and traveled for two years; was bookkeeper Youngstown Bedding Co., 1896-99; entered life insurance business and continued until spring of 1906, since which time he has been engaged in general real estate business. Republican. Methodist. Clubs: Harmonie, New Mervue. Recreations: Hunting and fishing. Office: 204 Breitmeyer Bldg. Residence: 103 Pingree AV.

DEVLIN, George Albert, born, Toronto, Can., Dec. 21, 1855; son of William and Eleanor (James) Devlin; high school education and course in pharmacy, Toronto University; married at Toronto, Oct. 1, 1884, Caroline Munson. In retail drug trade, Toronto, 1874-84; began manufacture Dent's Toothache Gum, 1884; removed to Detroit, 1888, and has since continued in the business as manufacturer and wholesaler. Republican. Presbyterian. Member Board of Commerce. Clubs: Detroit, Country. Recreation: Hunting. Office: 47 W. Larned St. Residence: 447 Jefferson Av.

DEXTER, John Lloyd, wholesale flour dealer; born, Mattapoisett, Mass., Apr. 4, 1859; son of Moores R. and Mary A. (Purington) Dexter; educated in public schools of Massachusetts; married, Boston, July 20, 1887, Emma Scroggs. Began active career with whaling merchant, at New Bedford, Mass., 1875; came to Detroit, 1882 and was bookkeeper and salesman for the Union Flour Mills Co., of Detroit, until 1886; has been operating in his own name as wholesale dealer in flour, salt, etc., since April, 1886. Member Detroit Board of Commerce, Detroit Flour Men's Association (ex-president). Republican. Episcopalian. President Detroit Newsboys' Association; vice president National Newsboys' Association. Mason. Club: Detroit Boat (commodore, 1904-06). Recreation: Yachting. Office: 27-29 Atwater St.  Residence: 31 Edmund Place.

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DEY, Hamilton, cashier American Exchange National Bank; born, Detroit, Apr. 11, 1849; son of Alexander Hamilton and Augusta (Stewart) Dey; preparatory education in private schools; A. B., University of Michigan, 1872; married, Philadelphia, Nov. 18, 1891, Elizabeth G. Gray. Began active career, 1872, in employ of American National Bank and since its reorganization, 1885, has been identified with the American Exchange National Bank, of which he became cashier, 1889. Republican. Episcopalian. Member Michigan and American Bankers' Association, Michigan Bankers' Club. Social Clubs: Detroit, University, Old Club, Country. Recreation: Golf. Office: Union Trust Bldg.

DEY, Herman, assistant cashier American Exchange National Bank; born, Detroit; son of Alexander Hamilton and Augusta (Stewart) Dey; educated in private schools, Canandaigua, N.Y.; married, at Detroit, Miss Charlotte O'Flynn. Began active career in employ of American National Bank and since merger in 1885, has been identified with the American Exchange National Bank, of which he is assistant cashier. Republican. Episcopalian. Member Michigan and American Bankers' association. Clubs: Detroit, Old Club, Country, Yondotega. Recreation: Outdoor sports. Office: American Exchange National Bank. Residence: 425 Jefferson Av.

DICKERSON, Freeman Benjamin, publisher; born, Mecca, O., July 14, 1850; educated in country schools; Michigan State Agricultural College; Valparaiso (Ind.) Normal University. Married at Valparaiso, Ind., 1877, Mary M. Marshall. Began active career working at carpenter trade and teaching school; became solicitor for the Western Publishing House, Chicago, later general agent for the house and manager for Michigan; entered business for himself as book publisher, 1888, and has continued as F. B. Dickerson Co., of which he is president. Republican. Active worker in politics; appointed by Governor Rich member State Board of Fish Commissioners, 1894 and served under four governors; appointed postmaster of Detroit by President McKinley, reappointed by President Roosevelt, and was originator of the Society of First Class Postmasters; has been chairman 1st District Republican Congressional Committee four terms and gained for it a national reputation. Member Board of Commerce. Mason (32), Knight Templar, Shriner. Clubs: Detroit, Rainbow Fishing, Duck Lake Hunting. Recreation: Fishing. Office: 62 Lafayette Av. Residence: 2050 Woodward Av.

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DICKINSON, Julian G., lawyer; born, Hamburgh, N.Y., Nov. 20, 1843; son of William and Lois (Sturtevant) Dickinson; educated at Collins Center, Erie Co., N. Y., and union schools of Jonesville and Jackson, Mich., up to 1862; University of Michigan, 1865-66; married at Detroit, June 25, 1878, Clara Matilda Johnson. Enlisted as private, Co.I, 4th Michigan Volunteer Cavalry, July 10, 1862; sergeant, Sept. 25, 1863; sergeant major, Mar. 31, 1864; 1st lieutenant and adjutant of the regiment, July 15, 1864; brevet captain U. S. Volunteers, May 10, 1865; commissioned captain, Co.I, 2nd Michigan Cavalry, July 10, 1865; served three years in cavalry corps. Army of the Cumberland, under Buel, Rosecrans, Thomas, Grant, Sherman and James H. Wilson's Cavalry Corps, Military Division of Mississippi. Studied law and was admitted to the bar, 1866; member of law firm of Dickinson & Burt, Detroit, 1868-69, and firm of Dickinson & Dickinson, 1869-74; has practiced alone since 1874. President and director Detroit Vapor Stove Co., Fisher-Hughes Gelatine Co. Republican. Methodist. Member Masonic order, Blue Lodge, Chapter and Commandery. Clubs: Detroit Boat. Office: 46-48 Newberry Bldg. Residence: 40 Canfield Av.

DIEDERICH, Charles J., refrigerating machinery; born, Detroit, July 31, 1858; son of John and Catherine (Fellrath) Diederich; educated in Detroit public and parochial schools, Prof. Patterson's Classical and Mathematical School, and Bryant & Stratton Business College; married at Detroit, 1888, Miss Elizabeth Krantz. Entered shops of The Huetteman & Cramer Co., 1874, and learned trade of machinist; then traveled throughout the United States as machinist and mechanical engineer; spent twelve years in Chicago, ten of which were as superintendent Fred W. Wolf & Co.; returned to Detroit, 1902, and became superintendent of The Huetteman & Cramer Co's plant, and has been vice president and general manager of the company since 1906. Member American Society of Mechanical Engineers, National Association of Engineers. Member B. P. O. E. Recreation: Fishing. Office: Mack Av. and Belt Line. Residence: 915 E. Grand Blvd.

DIETRICH, Gustav, bonds; born, Muskegon, Mich., Aug. 6, 1865; son of Ferdinand and Elizabeth (Zearman) Dietrich; educated in public schools of Muskegon; married at Agnew, Mich., Dec. 26, 1891, Ella L. Adams. Member of firm of Lambrecht, Kelly & Co., real estate, loans and insurance; also treasurer German American Loan and Trust Co.; director Union Casualty Co. Member Masonic order, Knights of Pythias. Recreation: Outdoor sports. Office: 90 Griswold St. Residence: 191 Lysander St.

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DIETZ, Henry C., secretary C. Pfeiffer Brewing Co.; born, Detroit, May 16, 1861; son of John and Catherina (Ebert) Dietz; educated in public schools of Detroit and at business college. Began active career in employ of Stephen F. Smith & Co., wholesale shoes; was next connected with Pingree & Smith, shoe manufacturers; was senior member of Dietz & Starke, grain commission;  has been secretary of the C. Pfeiffer Brewing Co. since 1902. Recreation: Traveling. Office: 930 Beaufait Av. Residence: 1126 Forest Av., E.

DIETZ, John G., manufacturer of brass goods; born, Detroit, Feb. 2, 1868; son of John C. and Theresa (Katus) Dietz; educated in public schools of Detroit and at Goldsmith's Business University; unmarried. Began active career in office of old Frontier Iron Works, 1882, and continued for sixteen years; assisted in organizing the Capitol Brass Works, brass founders and finishers, 1898, in which he has since continued. Former member Detroit City Greys and Detroit Light Guard. Office: Cor. Chene and Franklin Sts. Residence: 702 Macomb St.

DINGEMAN, Harry J., lawyer; born, Detroit, July 27, 1881; son of John F. and Gertrude (Jeup) Dingeman; educated at St. Joseph's Catholic School, Detroit, 1887-93; St. Joseph's Commercial College, 1893-96, graduating with first prize for highest percentage in studies; Detroit College of Law, 1900-03, graduating, degree of LL.B., June 13, 1903; married at Detroit, June 25, 1907, Miss Bessie A. Schafer. Began active career as errand boy for Arthur & Philbric, photographers, summer, 1895; errand boy and stenographer, James A. May (present partner), summer, 1896, when firm of Flowers, May & Maloney was formed, Mr. May withdrawing, Oct. 1, 1898; continued with Flowers & Maloney as stenographer until 1903, when he took a temporary position as expert stenographer with railway mail service; member of law firm of May & Dingeman since June 8, 1903. Also partner E. T. Muir & Co., manufacturers' agents. Member Detroit Bar Association. Republican. Member Theta Lamda Phi, Modern Woodmen of America, Detroit College of Law Alumni Association. Club: German Salesman's Association. Recreation: Outdoor sports. Office: 623-625 Majestic Bldg. Residence: Grummond Apts.

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DINGWALL, George, real estate; born, July 22, 1844; son of Alexander and Jeanette (Jack) Dingwall; educated in public schools of Detroit; married at Detroit, 1865, Phoebe Renz. Was obliged at an early age to learn to support himself; at 18 (1862) gave up business interests and enlisted as private in Co. A. 24th Michigan Volunteer Infantry, serving through entire Civil War; promoted successively to corporal, sergeant and lieutenant; engaged in many battles and was severely wounded in Battle of the Wilderness, May 5, 1864; mustered out of service at Springfield, Ill., June, 1865. Returned to Detroit and became member of Detroit police force; then appointed letter carrier; was in grocery business for self; served as U. S. Gauger and U. S. collector of internal revenue; entered into partnership with Collins B. Hubbard, in real estate business, as Hubbard & Dingwall, 1884, in which has since continued. Republican. Alderman 1st ward, 1889, 2nd ward, 1897. Recreation: Outdoor sports. Office: 301 Wayne County Savings Bk. Bldg. Residence: 79 Elizabeth St., E.

DITZLER, Peter M., president Ditzler Color Co.; born, Milton, Pa., Oct. 25, 1853; son of John Frederick and Mary Ann (Smith) Ditzler; educated in district schools of Pennsylvania; married at Milton, Sept. 24, 1882, Malinda Belle Dildine. Began at 17 as apprentice to learn coach painting and continued for eighteen years; commenced color grinding with Cary, Ogden & Co., Chicago, 1887, and remained with the firm four years; was connected with the Detroit White Lead Works in same capacity, 1891-95, and with the Murphy Varnish Co., Newark, N. J., starting color plant, and superintending same, 1895-99; returned to Detroit and was again with the Detroit White Lead Works, 1899-02; organized the Ditzler Color Co., manufacturers and jobbers of coach, car and automobile colors, Apr. 17, 1902, and has been president and general manager of the company from its organization. Member Masonic order. Member Paint, Oil and Varnish Club. Protestant. Recreation: Outdoor sports. Office: 18 W. Baltimore Av. Residence: 43 N. Boulevard, E.

DIXON, Sidney B., vice president Hammond, Standish & Co., packers and provision dealers; born, Utica, N. Y., May 19, 1841; son of Richard and Cornelia (Burns) Dixon; educated in public schools of Detroit; married at Detroit, Dec. 25, 1860, Catherine C. Langley. Served in Union Army, Michigan Volunteers, War of the Rebellion, 1862-65. Began in packing and provision business with George H. Hammond, 1868, the firm becoming Hammond, Standish & Co., 1880, of which he was elected vice president; retired from active management, June, 1903. Republican.Member Masonic order, Knights Templar; G. A. R. Recreations: Fishing and motoring. Residence: 56 Warren Av., E.

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