A Biographical Dictionary of

Leading Living Men of the City of Detroit

Edited by Albert Nelson Marquis


A. N. Marquis & Company


Copyright, 1908 by Albert Nelson Marquis

Pages 150 - 154

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DuCHARME, George A., capitalist; born, Detroit, Mich., June 10, 1860; son of Charles and Elizabeth (Bartholomew) DuCharme; unmarried. Has been identified with real estate business since 1890. Also president and treasurer of the United States Heater Co. Member Detroit Board of Commerce. Independent in politics. Office: 22 Buhl Blk. Residence: 834 Jefferson Av.

DuCHARME, William H., wholesale hardware; born, Detroit, Dec. 18, 1886; son of Charles and E. E. (Bartholomew) DuCharme; educated in public schools; unmarried. Began active career as order clerk in employ of Freeman, Delamater & Co., wholesale heavy hardware, 1892, and has been vice president of the company since 1902. Republican. Presbyterian. Member Masonic order, Knights Templar, Shrine. Clubs: Detroit Boat, Detroit Athletic. Recreations: Athletics and outdoor diversions. Office: 10 Woodward Av. Residence: 834 Jefferson Av.

DUFFIELD, Bethune, lawyer; born, Detroit, Nov. 28, 1861; son of Divie Bethune and Mary Strong (Buell) Duffield; graduate Michigan Military Academy, 1879; University of Michigan,  B. A., 1883; married, Detroit, Oct. 28, 1885, Eliza Steele Muir. Admitted to the bar and began practice in Detroit July 1, 1885; was member of law firm of Duffield & Duffield until death of senior member of the firm (D. B. Duffield), 1891, and has since practiced alone. Member of Detroit and Michigan State Bar associations. Secretary-treasurer and director Superior Pin Co.; secretary and director Wabash-Portland Cement Co.; secretary and member board of managers Lothrop & Duffield Land Co., Ltd., and Woodward Av. Land Co., Ltd.; director Dime Savings Bank. Member Michigan State Naval Brigade, 1894-98. Republican in politics. Presbyterian in religious affiliation. Member Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity. Clubs: Detroit, Country, Old, Witenagemote, Detroit Racquet and Curling. Recreations: Outdoor sports. Office: 912 Union Trust Bldg. Residence: 480 Woodward Av.

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DUFFIELD, Divie B., lawyer; born, Detroit, Mar. 3, 1870; son of Gen. Henry M. and Frances (Pitts) Duffield; educated in Detroit public schools, Phillips Exeter Academy, Exeter Academy,  N. H., Harvard College, Harvard Law School, Detroit College of Law; unmarried. Has been associated with his father in the practice of law since June, 1895, under title of H. M. & D. B. Duffield. Member Michigan Bar Association. Secretary Detroit Library Commission. Boatswain's mate 1st class, U. S. Navy, 1898, serving on U. S. S. Yosemite; now lieutenant commander Michigan Naval Brigade, executive officer U. S. S. Don Juan de Austria (brought the ship from Portsmouth, N. H., to Detroit, in July and Aug., 1907). Member United Spanish War Veterans. Republican. Clubs: Detroit, Detroit Boat, Detroit Curling and Racquet. Recreation: Rowing. Office: 714 Union Trust Bldg. Residence: 707 Jefferson.

DUFFIELD, George, physician; born, Detroit, Apr. 28, 1859; son of D. Bethune and Mary Strong (Buell) Duffield; educated in public schools and Patterson's Private School; Michigan Military Academy; Detroit Medical College, M. D., 1882; post-graduate course in Berlin and Heidelberg, Germany, and Vienna, Austria; married at Detroit, Oct. 2, 1888, Clara W. Cowie. Has been engaged in practice in Detroit since 1884; professor clinical medicine, Detroit College of Medicine. Member Wayne County Medical Society, Detroit Academy of Medicine, Michigan State Medical Society, American Medical Association. Republican. Presbyterian. Clubs: Detroit Golf, Detroit Boat, Detroit Athletic Club. Recreations: Golf, fishing, books. Office: Cleland Bldg., 31 State St. Residence: 584 2nd Av.

DUFFIELD, Henry, secretary Detroit White Lead Works; born, Detroit, Aug. 9, 1865; son of Henry M. and Frances (Pitts) Duffield; educated Barstow School, Detroit High School, Harvard College, graduating, A. B., 1890; unmarried. Began active career as clerk in water office, Seattle, Wash., Nov., 1890, continuing until May, 1891; in pine lands Upper Peninsula of Michigan, fall of 1891; cashier U. S. customs, Detroit, calendar year, 1892; member firm of Pitts & Co., manufacturers of lumber and salt, Bay City, Mich., Jan., 1893- Feb., 1897, inclusive; salesman Detroit White Lead Works, Jan., 1898-Dec., 1901; manager promotion department same company, 1902, assistant secretary, 1903, secretary since 1904; also secretary Detroit Varnish Co., under same ownership and management. Republican. Member of Loyal Legion (by inheritance). Clubs: University, Detroit Boat, Harvard Club of Michigan, Hasty Pudding Club of Harvard College. Office: Detroit White Lead Works. Residence: 707 Jefferson Av.

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DUFFIELD, Gen'l Henry Martyn, lawyer and soldier; born, Detroit, May 15, 1842; son of Rev. George and Isabella Graham (Bethune) Duffield; educated in public schools of Detroit, University of Michigan and Williams College, graduating, 1861, degree, A. B.; married at Detroit, 1863, Frances Pitts, who died Dec., 1906. Enlisted in Civil War as private in 9th Regiment, Michigan Volunteer Infantry, Aug., 1861, and was advanced to lieutenant and adjutant of regiment, Oct. 12, 1861; was made assistant adjutant general 23d brigade, Army of the Cumberland, 1862, and post adjutant general, at Chattanooga, Tenn., 1863; was assistant provost marshal general, Army of the Cumberland, during Atlanta Campaign, and acting provost marshal general from Chattanooga to Atlanta, Ga.; participated in all the important battles of Army of the Cumberland until mustered out on account of expiration of service, Oct. 14, 1864. President Detroit Light Guard. Returned to Detroit, began study of law and was admitted to the bar Apr., 1865; in partnership with his brother, D. Bethune Duffield, until 1876, then practiced alone until 1902, when he admitted his son, Divie B., as partner under existing firm style, H. M. & D. B. Duffield. Attorney for Detroit Board of Education, 1867-71; city counsellor, 1881-87; brigadier general during Spanish-American War; one of the speakers at Peace Jubilee, Chicago, Oct, 18, 1898. Appointed by President Roosevelt umpire German Venezuelan Arbitration, 1903. Republican; has attended every Republican National Convention since 1876. Member Society of the Army of the Cumberland, Society of the Army of Santiago de Cuba, Society of the Spanish-American War, Loyal Legion, Detroit Post, G. A. R., Sons of American Revolution, Chi Psi. Clubs: Yondotega, Detroit, Country (Detroit); Union League, University (New York); Army and Navy (Washington, D. C.). Recreation: Yachting. Office: 714 Union Trust Bldg. Residence: 707 Jefferson Av.

DUMONT, Arthur Steene, grain merchant; born, Albany, N. Y., Apr. 13, 1873; son of William L. and Rosina (Castle) Dumont; educated in public schools of Decatur, Ill., and at University of Michigan; married at Decatur, 1899, Miss Margaret Roberts. Began in grain business with his father at Decatur, 1892; came to Detroit, 1903, as manager of cash grain house of Dumont, Roberts, & Co., Detroit and Decatur, of which he is president. Member Detroit Board of Trade, Detroit Board of Commerce. Republican. Presbyterian. Clubs: Country, Detroit Golf, North Channel. Recreations: Automobiling, golf, hunting and fishing. Office: 301-302 Chamber of Commerce. Residence: 1803 Woodward Av.

DUNN, Theodore W., superintendent Detroit Sulphite Pulp and Paper co.; born, Osborn, O., Oct. 9, 1872; son of George F. and Virginia A. (Hogue) Dunn; educated in public schools of Ohio and Michigan; married at Detroit, 1896, Miss Isabel A. Curtis. Came to Detroit, 1889, and began working in plant of the Detroit Sulphite Pulp and Paper Co.; passed through various positions and succeeded his father (one of the founders of the company) as superintendent, in 1901, which position he still occupies. Republican. Methodist. Mason, Knight Templar, Shriner. Recreations: Hunting and boating. Office: 2605 Jefferson Av., W. Residence: 279 Clark Av.

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DURAND, Harvey Stowe, lawyer; born, Detroit, July 23, 1876; son of William Miles and Marian Amelia (Stowe) Durand; educated in Detroit High School; University of Michigan Literary Department, 1895-99; University of Michigan Law Department, degree of LL. B., June, 1902; unmarried. Has been engaged in practice in Detroit since 1902; makes specialty of commercial and bankruptcy law. Republican. Member Delta Chi, University of Michigan Chapter. Recreations: Outdoor sports. Office: 802 Hammond Bldg.  Residence: 196 Theodore St.

DURFEE, Edgar O., jurist; born, Wayne Co., Mich., Oct. 28, 1842; son of Reuben S. and Betsy K. (Noble) Durfee; educated at Michigan State Normal School; married at Novi, Mich., 1870, Mary Bassett. Enlisted as a private in 24th Michigan Volunteer Infantry, 1862; was wounded at battle of Gettysburg and lost an arm; taught in public schools one year after the war; located in Detroit, studied law and was admitted to the bar, 1876; has served as judge of probate, Wayne County, since 1876. Republican. Office: Court House. Residence: 75 Warren Av., E.

DURFEE, Irving William, lawyer; born, Plymouth, Mich., Nov. 20, 1868; son of Charles D. and Josephine (Wyckoff) Durfee; graduate Plymouth High School, 1886, and from University of Michigan, Law Department, degree of LL.B., 1894; married at Flint, Mich., Sept. 1, 1897, Jane S. Walker. Has engaged in practice at Detroit since June, 1895. Member Detroit and Michigan State Bar associations, Delta Upsilon. Club: University. Recreations: Outdoor sports. Office: 514 Moffat Bldg. Residence: 39 E. Canfield Av.

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DURLING, Frank J., general manager Cadillac Grain Co.; born, Milford, Mich., Apr. 2, 1867; son of James T. and Miriam S. (Myers) Durling; graduate of Milford High School, Milford Business College and State Normal School, Ypsilanti, Mich.; married at Detroit, Jan. 23, 1889, Lula Kellam. Engaged for 10 years in manufacture of harness and turf supplies in Melford, Mich.; came to Detroit about 1895, and traveled for Leopold Miller & Son, N. Y., leaf tobacco, until 1903; has been general manager of the Cadillac Grain Co., wholesale dealers in cereals, grains and flour, since Jan. 1, 1903. Also president International Brokerage Co., of New York; one of the organizers and general manager of American Registration Co., employment brokers. Member Detroit Light Guard 6 years, now member Veteran Corps. Member Masonic order, Blue Lodge, Chapter and Knights Templar; B. P. O. E. Clubs: Mervue (St. Clair Flats), Detroit Motor. Recreations: Launching, baseball. Office: 45-55 Woodbridge St., E. Residence: 66 Langley Av.

DUST, William T., jobber stove repairs and hot air furnace contractor; born, Wolde, Mecklenburg, Schwerien, Germany, July 25, 1853; son of Frederick C. and Johanna (Mass) Dust; came to America, 1857; educated in public schools of Detroit; married at Detroit, 1875, Mary W. Weible. Began as office boy for Calvert Lithographing Co., 1868, and advanced to position of foreman in press rooms, continuing until 1886; entered hardware business, 1887, and in 1893 became a manufacturer of stove repairs and jobber, contractor for hot air furnaces, also jobber for mica stove pastes and cements; president Mariposa Mining Co., of Sault St. Marie, Can.; president and director Wolverine Foundry Co., Detroit; member City Council, Detroit, 1884-85; city clerk, 1886-88; appointed by Mayor Pingree member Board of City Assessors, 1890, and served for six years; president and member Board of Estimates, City of Detroit, 2 years; appointed by Mayor Maybury on Board of City assessors, serving 1 1/2 years; appointed by Gov. Bliss member State Tax Commission, serving from 1900-1904; elected member state legislature, 1906, term expiring, Jan. 1, 1909. Mason. Clubs: Harmonie, German Salesman. Recreations: Bowling, fishing and other outdoor diversions. Office: 30-32 Macomb St. Residence: 311 Meldrum Av.

DUSTIN, Edward A., steamboat vesselman; born, Detroit, Sept. 28, 1859; son of Selah and Frances R. (Ashley) Dustin; educated in Detroit public schools and Mayhew's Business College; unmarried. Began active career spring of 1877 with Ashley & Mitchell, steamboat agents; succeeded Mr. Mitchell as member of the firm, 1894, and brother, O. S. Dustin, succeeded Mr. Ashley upon death of the latter, 1897, the title of Ashley & Dustin being retained. Member firm of Ashley & Dustin, proprietors of the steamer Frank B. Kirby, operating between Detroit and Sandusky via Put-In-Bay; also agents Wyandotte Line, steamer Henry W. Johnson and Algomah Central Steamship Line (steamer King Edward). Member Board of Commerce.  Recreation: Travel. Office: Foot 1st St. Residence: 113 Charlotte Av.

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DWIGHT, Percy D., manufacturer; born, Detroit, Oct. 26, 1862; son of David F. and Lucretia (Howe) Dwight; graduate Harvard, degree of A. B., 1885; married at Troy, N. Y., 1898, Grace A. Buel. Read law and was admitted to practice at Detroit, 1887; became interested in manufacturing and entered manufacturing business, 1892, and upon incorporation of the C. R. Wilson Body Co., 1897, manufacturers of carriages and automobile bodies, became its secretary and treasurer, in which still continues. Also vice president Lavigne Manufacturing Co. Member Detroit Board of Commerce. Trustee Howe Grammar School, Lima, Ind.; formerly member Boston (Mass.) Cadets, Michigan Naval Reserves. Republican. Episcopalian. Clubs: Detroit, Detroit Boat, Country, Harvard Club of Michigan. Recreation: Outdoor sports. Office: Milwaukee Junction. Residence: 220 Burns Av.

DWIGHT, William Morse; born, Detroit, July 8, 1846; son of Alfred A. and Laura A. (Morse) Dwight; educated in Barstow School, Detroit High School and partial course in University of Michigan, class of 1867; married at Clinton, N. Y., Sept. 7, 1873, Mary L. Harding. Entered lumber business, 1867, under title of William M. Dwight & Co.; incorporated as Dwight Lumber Co., 1890, and has continued as treasurer and manager. Member Detroit Board of Commerce. Republican. Presbyterian. Member Omicron Chapter Delta Kappa Epsilon, University of Michigan. Club: Old Club of St. Clair Flats. Recreation: Fishing. Office: Rouge River and M. C. R. R. Residence: 781 Jefferson Av.

DWYER, Francis Thomas, president the Standard Foundry Co.; born, Detroit, Sept. 7, 1869; son of Jeremiah and Mary (Long) Dwyer; educated in private schools and at Detroit College, graduating, degree of B. A.; married at Detroit, Feb. 21, 1900, Marie Louise Fleitz. Began active career in employ of the Peninsular Stove Co. and continued through various positions, becoming director of the company; bought interests of Horace Turner in the Standard Foundry Co., 1904. Director Peninsular Stove Co., National Bank of Commerce. Democrat. Roman Catholic. Clubs: Detroit, Country Club of Detroit, Detroit Boat Club. Recreation: Traveling. Office: 22 Chene St. Residence: 646 Jefferson Avenue.

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