A Biographical Dictionary of

Leading Living Men of the City of Detroit

Edited by Albert Nelson Marquis


A. N. Marquis & Company


Copyright, 1908 by Albert Nelson Marquis

Pages 171 - 174

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Special Thanks to Marge Hall of China, Michigan, for transcribing these pages .

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Page 171

FLINN, James Harmon, lawyer; born, Detroit, Mar. 25, 1874; son of Elisha Herbert and Samantha (Whitwood) Flinn; educated at University of Michigan and Detroit Law School; married, New York City, Nov. 10, 1906, Miss Ethel Garrettson. Admitted to bar, 1899, at Detroit; director Citizens’ Savings Bank, Hayes Manufacturing Co.; director and secretary National Toothpick Co. Member Board of Commerce. Republican. Member Psi Upsilon. Clubs: Detroit, Country, Automobile, Detroit Boat, University. Recreation: Boating. Office: 1220 Penobscot Bldg. Residence: 216 Seminole Av.

FLINTERMANN, Johann, physician; born, Amsterdam, Holland, Sept. 26, 1840; son of Rudolph and Margaretha (Regenbogen) Flintermann; educated in public and Latin schools of Schuettorf, Hanover, Germany, Gymnasium at Lingen, and Gottingen University, graduating, M.D., Mar. 1, 1864; passed examination for license to practice, 1864, City of Hanover; married at Gottingen, Germany, May 21, 1867, Doretta Schaefer. Came to America, June 23,1867, and has practiced in Detroit since June 28, 1867. President Board of Health, City of Detroit, 1881; president Medical and Library Association, 1893-94. Member Wayne County Medical Society, Detroit Academy of Medicine, American Medical Association, honorary member Michigan State Medical Society. Mason, member Schiller Lodge, F.&A.M. Recreations: Literature and philosophy. Office and residence: 368 Woodward Av.

FLOWERS, Charles, lawyer; born, Bucks Co., Pa., Dec. 14, 1845; son of Joseph and Sarah (Pickering) Flowers; educated in public schools, Concord Seminary, Delaware Co., Pa., 1861; Fort Edward Collegiate Institute, Fort Edward, N.Y., 1864-65. Married at Chester, Pa., June 30, 1868, Mary E. de Normandie. Was stenographer and official reporter circuit court, Detroit, 1868-81; circuit court commissioner, 1881-84; corporation counsel, Detroit, 1896-1900; fire commissioner, 1894-98. In practice of law since 1879. Republican as to politics. Quaker in religious belief. Member B.P.O.E. Clubs: Fellowcraft, Harmonie. Office: 300 Moffat Bldg. Residence: 43 Chandler Av.

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FLYNN, William Henry, lawyer; born in Huron Co., Mich., Oct. 21, 1866; son of Edward and Matilda (Barnum) Flynn; educated in public schools of Saginaw, Mich., Detroit Business University and Detroit College of Law, LL.B., 1896; married at Bad Axe, Mich., Nov. 4, 1889, Catherine A. Miller. Learned blacksmith’s trade in his father’s shop in Huron Co. and became proprietor of a shop at Ubly, Mich.; began practice of law in Detroit in offices of Thomas S. Jerome and Gen. Henry M. Duffield; has been member firm of Flynn & Sevald since April, 1900. Republican. Member Wayne County Bar Association. Deputy Grand Master, I.O.O.F. Office: 614 Union Trust Bldg. Residence: 30 Cameron Av.

FOLEY, Right Reverend John Samuel, R.C. Bishop of Detroit; born, Baltimore, Nov. 5, 1833; son of Matthew and Elizabeth (Murphy) Foley; graduate St. Mary’s College, 1850; studied in St. Mary’s Ecclesiastical Seminary, Baltimore, and at the Roman Seminary; ordained priest, by Cardinal Patrizzi, 1856. Rector St. Bridget’s, Baltimore; six years at Ellicott City, Md.; then in Baltimore as assistant pastor St. Peter’s; founder and pastor St. Martin’s, Baltimore; was active in establishing new schools, in developing St. Joseph’s House of Industry, Sisters of the Good Shepherd, etc. Has been Bishop of the Diocese of Detroit since 1888. Address: 31-33 Washington Blvd.

FOLSOM, Robert M.; born, Worcester, Mass., Dec. 26, 1871; son of William H. and Mary J. (Boswell) Folsom; educated in grammar school, Worcester; married at Detroit, June 25, 1897, Nettie Metcalf. Began active career as office man and bookkeeper, Worcester Corset Co., September, 1887; became weighmaster Lake Superior Smelting Co., Dollar Bay, Mich., August, 1894; has been secretary and treasurer American Vapor Stove Co., manufacturers of gasoline burners and stoves, Detroit, since January, 1902. Also secretary and treasurer American Hydrogen-Burner Co. Member Detroit Commercial Club. Republican. Universalist. Recreation: Collecting postage stamps. Office: 18 E. Atwater St. Residence: 1020 Brush St.

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FORBES, Edwin Bannister, physician; born, Lowell, Mass., May 20, 1874; son of William and Irene (Pierce) Forbes; educated in public schools of Lawrence, Mass.; student Phillips Academy, Andover, Mass., three years; M.D., Harvard University Medical School, 1897; post-graduate work, Vienna, Austria, 1898-99, and at Woman’s Hospital, Buda Pest, 1899; married at Detroit, Nov. 22, 1899, Janette Fisher. Has practiced in Detroit since 1900; county physician Wayne Co., 1904-1908. Republican. Episcopalian. Member American Medical Association, Michigan State and Wayne County Medical societies. Mason. Member New England Society. Clubs: Detroit Boat, Fellowcraft (treasurer), Harvard Club of Michigan (director). Recreation: Automobiling. Office: 17 Grand Circus Bldg. Residence: 94 Palister Av.

FORBUSH, William Byron, clergyman; born, Springfield, Vt., Feb. 20, 1868; son of Rufus Orestes and Eliza Ann (Spencer) Forbush; graduate Springfield High School; A.B., Dartmouth College, 1888; graduate Union Theological Seminary, New York, 1892; Ph.D., New York University, 1892; Litt. D., Hanover College, 1895; married at New York City, Nov. 29, 1890, Maud Muller Barden. Pastor Woodward Av. Congregational Church since 1906. Republican. President General Alliance of Workers with Boys; director Detroit Recreation League, D’Arcambal Farm School; trustee Franklin Street Settlement; member Detroit Board of Commerce. Author: The Boy Problem (6th edition), Boston, 1901; Travel Lessons in the life of Jesus, New York, 1904; the Boys’ Life of Christ (2d edition), New York, 1905; Ecclesiastes in the Metre of Omar, Boston, 1906. Office: Woodward Av. Cong’l Church. Residence: 706 2d Av.

Page 173

FORD, Emory Leyden; born, New Albany, Ind., Jan. 3, 1876; son of Emory Low and Ella I. (Neat) Ford; graduate Princeton University, degree of B.S., 1896; widower. Began business career as chemist Michigan Alkali Co., manufacturers of heavy chemicals, 1896, became purchasing agent and since 1900 has been secretary and treasurer of the company. Also vice president J. B. Ford Co., Anderson Forge and Machine Co.; director Franklin Steamship Co., Fremont Steamship Co., Old Detroit National Bank. Republican. Presbyterian. Member Masonic order (32), Knight Templar. Clubs: Detroit, University, Country, Detroit Boat, Old Club, Detroit Racquet and Curling, Automobile. Recreations: Yachting and Automobiling. Office: 814 Majestic Bldg. Residence: 33 E. Kirby Av.

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FORD, Henry; born, Greenfield, Mich., July 30, 1863; son of William and Mary (Litegott) Ford; educated in district school, Greenfield; married at Greenfield, Apr. 11, 1888, Clara J. Bryant. Came to Detroit, 1887; formerly chief engineer Edison Illuminating Co.; has been engaged in manufacture and sale of automobiles as the Ford Motor Co. since Mar. 16, 1903. Member Detroit Board of Commerce. Mason. Clubs: Fellowcraft, Automobile Club of America, New York Automobile Club. Recreations: Automobiling and hunting. Office: Cor. Piquette and Beaubien Sts. Residence: 145 Harper Av.

FORD, John Battice, vice president and general manager Michigan Alkali Co.; born, New Albany, Ind., Oct. 25, 1866; son of Edward and Mittie (Penn) Ford; educated at Western University of Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, and Harvard University, special course and Law School, 1888; married at Sandusky, O., 1895, Miss Helen Sloane. Began business career as treasurer of the Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co., Pittsburgh, Pa., 1888, continuing until 1893; came to Wyandotte, Mich., with his grandfather, 1893, and founded the Michigan Alkali Co., manufacturers of heavy chemicals, with which he has since been identified; located in Detroit, 1893. President J. B. Ford Co., Huron Portland Cement Co.; vice president Edward Ford Plate Glass Co., Toledo, O.; director Old Detroit National Bank, Security Trust Co., Michigan Savings Bank, etc. Member Board of Commerce. Republican. Episcopalian. Clubs: Detroit, Country, Automobile, Detroit Curling and Racquet. Recreations: Automobiling and golf. Office: 814 Majestic Bldg. Residence: 1730 Jefferson Av.

FORD, Walter Buhl, secretary and treasurer Menzies Shoe Co.; born, Detroit, Sept. 22, 1873; son of James H. and Frederica (Buhl) Ford; educated in public schools of Detroit, Yale University, graduating, B. A., 1896, and Yale Law School, degree of LL. B., 1898; unmarried. Has been secretary and treasurer of the Menzies Shoe Co., manufacturers of shoes, since 1902. Clubs: Detroit, University, Yondotega, Country. Recreation: Outdoor sports. Office: Menzies Shoe Co. Residence: 1017 W. Fort St.

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Page 174

FORD, Walter D., physician; born, Peru, Ind., Dec. 10, 1877; son of Lafayette and Lou (Johnson) Ford; educated in Detroit public schools to 1895 and Detroit College of Medicine, degree of M.D., 1899; married at Detroit, June 17, 1902, Clara Madeline Deane. Has practiced in Detroit since May, 1899. Member Wayne County and Michigan State Medical societies, American Medical Association. Recreation: Aquatic sports. Office: 1022 3d Av. Residence: 274 Kirby Av., W.

FORLER, Henry C. L., lawyer; born, Niles, Mich., Oct. 19, 1874; son of George K. and Catherine (Smith) Forler; educated in public schools of Niles and Detroit College of Law, graduating, LL.B., 1901; married at Detroit, June 24, 1903, Isabel Nesbitt. Was in office of Judge Alfred J. Murphy previous to graduating in law; has since been in general practice. Democrat. Member Detroit Bar Association. Office: 37 Buhl Blk. Residence: 96 Pitcher St.

FORMAN, Thomas; born, Lafayette, Ind., Aug. 7, 1853; son of George S. and Emma (Leaming) Forman; educated in public and high schools of Lafayette, Ind.; married at Petoskey, Mich., 1893, Miss Minnie Hankey. Came to Detroit, 1879, and entered into partnership with Charles Dickerson, firm Dickerson & Co., hatters; removed to Petoskey in 1882 and became manager of the Pine Lake Lumber Co.; entered lumber business on own account 1893, and incorporated as the Thomas Forman Co., lumber and hardwood flooring, of which is president and manager. Republican. Presbyterian. Member Detroit Board of Commerce. Office: Gregory and Fort Sts. Residence: 30 W. Forest Av.

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FOSTER, Edward D., president Standard Savings and Loan Association; born, Scio, Mich., May 12, 1838; son of Dwight C. and Alma J. (Seymour) Foster; married at Detroit, 1871, Miss Marian Langley. Has been a resident of Detroit since June 23, 1854; began active career as clerk in hardware store, Detroit; at close of five years engaged in sale of leather and findings under title of Mumford, Foster & Co., continuing, 1863-88, and as E. D. Foster & Co., 1888-97; retired from active participation in mercantile business, 1897, and has since devoted his attention to the Standard Savings and Loan Association. Republican. Congregationalist. Member A.O.U.W., National Fraternal Union. Office: 45 McGraw Bldg. Residence: 124 Charlotte Av.

FOWLER, George Barber, lawyer; born, Enfield, Conn., June 25, 1867; son of Royal A. and Ellen H. (Barber) Fowler; graduate Hartford (Conn.) High School, 1884; B.A., Yale University, 1888, LL.B., 1890; married at Detroit, May 18, 1899, Grace M. Filer. Practiced in Hartford, 1890-99, associating with Judge Charles H. Briscoe and James P. Andrews; removed to Detroit, 1899, and has since been junior member of the firm of McDonald & Fowler; president McCreery Engineering Co. Republican. Episcopalian. Member Detroit Bar Association, Hartford (Conn.) County Bar. Mason, Knight Templar (Washington Commandery No. 1, Hartford, Conn.). Clubs: Detroit, University, Country (Detroit); Yale (New York). Recreation: Outdoor sports. Office: 715 Hammond Bldg. Residence: 36 Canfield Av., W.

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