A Biographical Dictionary of Leading Living Men of the City of Detroit

Edited by Albert Nelson Marquis


A. N. Marquis & Company


Copyright, 1908 by Albert Nelson Marquis

Pages 262 - 265

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Page 262

KEELER, Hiram Morse; born Grass Lake, Mich., Jan. 12, 1853; son of Peter Althouse and Selina (Osborn) Keeler; educated in public schools and at University of Michigan, graduating, B.A., 1872, M.A. (in chemistry), 1874; married at St. John’s, Mich., Mar. 28, 1882, Sara A. Barker. Studied law in office of D. Bethune Duffield, and was admitted to practice before Supreme Court, 1879; engaged in practice for ten years in association with firm of Maybury & Conely; retired from law practice to engage in commercial pursuits; secretary and treasurer American Injector Co. since its incorporation, October, 1886. Mason. Club: Automobile. Recreation: Automobiling. Office: 14th Av., bet. Baker and Porter. Residence: 129 Seldon Av.

KEENA, James Trafton, lawyer; born, Ogdensburg, N.Y., Feb. 19, 1851; son of John C. and Margaret (Trafton) Keena; educated in public schools, Christian Brothers College, Buffalo, and Law Department. University of Michigan, graduating, LL.B., 1873. Began active career as ticket agent Detroit and Cleveland boats, with offices in Detroit; entered practice of law at Detroit, 1874, as member of firm of Atkinson & Atkinson, later being member Trowbridge & Kenna, Kenna & Lightner, and Kenna, Lightner & Oxtoby, which still continues. Attorney Peoples’ State Bank; director and chief counsel Standard Life and Accident Insurance Co.; chief counsel Catholic Mutual Benefit Association. Democrat. Roman Catholic. Served in U.S. navy when a young man. Member Art Commission., Clubs: Yondotega, Detroit, Country, Witenagemote. Recreations: Fishing and farming. Office: 901 Penobscot Bldg. Residence: 673 Jefferson Av.

KEENAN, James Joseph; born, York, Ont., Can., may 4, 1840; son of Michael and Jane (Patterson) Keenan; educated in public schools of Canada; came to Detroit, 1864; married at Detroit, June 4, 1867, Mrs. S.E. Smith. Engaged in farming in Canada until he was 22 years of age; learned furniture business under Henry Webber & Co., Detroit; entered house, with which he has since been connected, 1869, became partner, 1873, and has been chairman of the board of directors since incorporation of the business, 1902, as Keenan & Jahn, Ltd. Also president and director Detroit Cabinet Co. Member Detroit Chamber of Commerce. Democrat. Catholic. Member Knights of Columbus. Recreation: Boating. Office: 261-263 Woodward Av., Detroit. Residence: 50 Alfred St., Detroit, and Grosse Pointe, Mich.

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KEEP, William John, manufacturer; born at Oberlin, O., June 3, 1842; son of Rev. Theodore John and Mary A. (Thompson) Keep; preparatory education Oberlin College; graduated union College, 1865, C.E.; married at Oberlin, O., May 22, 1866, Frances Sarah, daughter of Dr. William Gates and Hannah (Stewart) Henderson. Stove manufacturer since 1865; now of Michigan Stove Co.; also manufacturer of testing machines. In 1885, discovered the relation between the shrinkage and the chemical composition of cast iron and devised the system of "Keep’s Test;" in 1894 named this test "Mechanical Analysis." Member American Institute of Mining Engineers, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (v-p., 1904-1906), Iron and Steel Institute of Great Britain, International Association for Testing Materials, American Foundrymen’s Association, Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, Detroit Engineering Society; fellow American Association for the Advancement of Science; honorary member Renssalaer Society of Engineers, Foundrymen’s Association, Philadelphia. Member New England Society, Sons American Revolution. Contributor to various technical journals on the chemistry, composition, shrinkage, etc., of cast iron. Author: Cast iron, 1902. Republican. Presbyterian (elder Jefferson Av. Presby’n Church). Office: Michigan Stove Co. Residence: 753 Jefferson Av.

Page 263

KELLER, Herman D., president and general manager northwestern Foundry and Supply Co., born, Bavaria, Germany, Nov. 1, 1855; son of Nicholas and Elizabeth (Herman) Keller; came to Buffalo, N.Y., 1864; educated in Germany and at St. Joseph’s parochial school, Buffalo; married at Detroit, 1879, Miss Mary J. Miller. Removed from Buffalo to Toledo, 1872; took up residence in Detroit, 1874, and learned foundry business in the old Novelty iron Works, later filling position of journeyman in Detroit Stove Works; was foreman in shops of Rathbone, Sard & Co., stove manufacturers, Albany, N.Y.; was with Fuller & Warren Co., Troy, N.Y., and was superintendent for Cribben & Sexton Co., Chicago, for four years; returned to Detroit, 1897, and organized the Michigan Heater Co., which was succeeded in 1901 by the Northwestern Foundry and Supply Co., manufacturers of soil pipe and fittings, grey iron castings, of which he has been president and general manager. Also president Bellevue pipe and Foudnry Co., of Bellevue, O. Member Detroit Board of Commerce. Republican. Catholic. Recreations: Automobiling. Office: Grand Blvd. and Orleans St. Residence: 78 Hendric Av.

KELLER, Robert; born, Switzerland, July 29, 1860; son of John and Bertha (Koch) Keller; educated in Switzerland; came to America, 1881; married, Detroit, 1886, miss Sarah McConville. Learned drug business in Switzerland and continued in the business after coming to America until 1896; started manufacture of ink, 1889, incorporated, 1899, as the Robert Keller Ink Co., of which has since been president and manager. Recreations: All water sports. Office: 523-527 Fort St., W. Residence: 1033 3d Av.

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KELLOGG, Douglas E., wholesale millinery; born, Plymouth, Mich., Oct. 11, 1849; son of Joel R. and Delia B. (Northrop) Kellogg; educated in public schools of Plymouth; unmarried. Followed farming in Wayne Co., Mich., until 1882, when he entered into partnership with the wholesale millinery firm of W.H. Mitchell & Co.; organized wholesale millinery firm of Kellogg, Summer & Co., Detroit, 1894, continuing until 1899, when he withdrew and assisted in organizing firm of D.E. Kellogg & Co., 1900, of which he is senior partner. Republican. Presbyterian. Member Detroit Wholesalers’ Association. Member A.F. & A.M., Palestine Lodge, Peninsula Chapter and Detroit Commandery, Knights Templar. Club: German Salesmen. Recreation: Rusticating on farm. Office: 170 Jefferson Av. Residence: 187 Putnam Av.

Page 264

KELLOGG, William Lester, railway official; born, Alliance, O., Feb. 3, 1869; son of Franklin James and Catherine M. (Mather) Kellogg; graduate of Eldorado (Kas) High School; unmarried. Began railway service in employ of the Missouri Pacific Ry., as apprentice in machine shop, at Fort Scott, Kas., September, 1887, and was fireman of same road; engineer and road foreman of engines Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha Ry; road foreman of engines St. Louis, Iron Mountain & Southern Ry; master mechanic Missouri Pacific; has been general master mechanic Pere Marquette Rd since December, 1904. Republican. Recreations: Hunting, fishing, horseback riding, travel. Office: General Offices Pere Marquette R.R. Residence: 720 The Tuller

KELLY, Daniel, real estate; born, Muskegon, Mich., Jan. 3, 1870; son of Daiel and Mary (Clancy) Kelly; educated in public schools of Muskegon; married at Detroit, Oct. 27,1904, Byrdella Brewer. Was connected with Hackley National Bank, Muskegon, for seventeen and a half years; member of firm of Lambrecht, Kelly & Co., real estate, loans and insurance, since August, 1905; secretary German-American Loan and Trust Company, Ltd. member Detroit Real Estate Board. Republican. Catholic. Club: Bankers’. Recreations: Outdoor sports. Office: 90 Griswold St. Residence: 25 Brady St.

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KELSEY, John, manufacturer; born, Detroit, Mar. 15, 1866; son of Frank and Jessie (Brabyn) Kelsey; educated in Detroit public schools; married at Detroit Apr. 23, 1893, Miss Margaret M. Dallas. Began business career in employ of Cornwall, Price & Co., paper, etc., Detroit, and later was connected with Barnes Bros. and McClure, Kelsey & Co., lumber; was one of the organizers, in 1898, of the Kelsey, Herbert Co., of which is secretary and treasurer. Also president Detroit Bent Wood Co., Kelsey Hickory Co.; vice president Fox Bros. & Co. Veteran member Detroit Light Guard. Member Detroit Board of Commerce, A.F.& A.M. Republican. Congregationalist. Clubs: Detroit Athletic (president, since 1899), and Detroit. Recreations: All kinds of athletic sports. Office: 277-285 Monroe St. Residence: 54 E. Hancock Avenue.

KENNEDY, Johnston B., physician; born near Brampton, Peel Co., Ont., Can., May 8, 1858; son of Johnston and Annie (Little) Kennedy; educated in schools of Brampton; Ontario College of Pharmacy, 1876-1879; Trinity College, Toronto, 1881-84; Detroit College of Medicine, degree of M.D., 1885; married at Victoria, Ont., June, 1885, Miss Jessie Young. Became member of firm of Bannister & Kennedy, druggists, Brampton, 1879, continuing two years; has been practicing in Detroit since 1885. Health commissioner of Detroit. Member Wayne County Board U.S. pension examining surgeons; county physician Wayne Co., 1894-96. member American Medical Association, Michigan State Medical Society, Wayne County Medical Society. Mason, Knight Templar. Recreation: Reading. Office: 410 Washington Arcade.

Page 265

KENT, Bamlet, civil engineer; born, Forest, Ont., Aug. 20, 1869; son of Francis Bamlet and Jane (Duncan) Kent; educated Forest High School and Michigan College of Mines, graduating, 1896, degrees of B.S. and M.E.; unmarried. Began active career in employ of engineering department, Houghton, Mich., 1895, continuing until 1902, in charge of breakwater construction, etc; removed to Detroit, 1902, and has since been identified with improvements of St. Clair River and other works, as junior engineer U.S. Engineering Department. Republican. Episcopalian. Member Michigan Mining Institute, Detroit Engineering Society (secretary and treasurer). Mason, Odd Fellow. Recreations: Hunting and fishing. Office: Jones Blk. Residence: 78 W. Elizabeth Street.

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KENT, Charles Artemas, lawyer; born, Hopkinton, N.Y., Oct. 11, 1835; son of Artemas and Sarah (Weed) Kent; educated at St. Lawrence Academy, Pottsdam; University of Vermont, graduating, degree of A.B., 1856; post graduate course in theology at Andover; honorary degrees, University of Michigan, LL.D., 1899. University of Vermont, LL.D., 1904; married at Detroit, Apr. 30, 1874, Miss Frances King. Came to Detroit from Andover, 1859; admitted to bar, May, 1860; member law firm of Walker & Kent, up to 1880, since then has practiced alone. Professor of law, University of Michigan, 1868-86; member Michigan Tax Commission, 1882; school inspector, Detroit, four years. Vice President Michigan Mutual Life Insurance Co.; director Citizens’ Savings Bank; trustee Harper’s Hospital. Member American Bar Association, Detroit Bar Association. Republican. Congregationalist. Clubs: Prismatice (literary), Unity. Recreations: Traveling in United States and Europe. Office: 204 Moffat Blk. Residence: 30 Alfred St.

KERN, Ernst C., president and manager, Ernst Kern Dry Goods Co.; born, Germany, July 7, 1875; son of Ernst and Marie (Held) Kern; came to America with parents, 1883; educated in Germany and Detroit (academic branches); unmarried. Firm of Ernst Kern was established in Detroit by his father, 1883; father died, 1901, and two sons succeeded to the business and have conducted it under original name. Member Detroit Board of Commerce. Recreations: Outdoor sports and travel. Office: Woodward and Gratiot Ave. Residence: N. Grand and Dexter Blvds.

KERN, Otto, dry goods; born, Germany, Oct. 10, 1878; son of Ernst and Marie (Held) Kern; came to America, 1883; educated in Germany and Detroit; unmarried. Secretary and treasurer Ernst Kern Dry Goods Co., established by his father, 1883, and conducted by two sons since death of their father, 1901. Recreations: Out-door sports. Club: Harmonic. Office: Woodward and Gratiot Ave. Residence: N. Grand and Dexter Blvds.

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