A Biographical Dictionary of

Leading Living Men of the City of Detroit

Edited by Albert Nelson Marquis


A. N. Marquis & Company


Copyright, 1908 by Albert Nelson Marquis

Pages 297 - 300

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Page 297

McCOLLESTER, Lee Sullivan, clergyman; born, Westmoreland, N. H., June 5, 1859; son of Sullivan Holman and Fanny Sophia (Knight) McCollester; attended public schools of Nashua, N.H., 1869-73; Buchtel Academy, Akron, O., 1873-76, Buchtel College, Akron, 1876-77; special student, London College, England, 1878; A.B., Tufts College, Mass., 1881 (D.D., 1898); B.D., Crane Theological School, 1884; married, 1st at Troy, N.H., Aug. 21, 1874, Lillian A. Wright, who died August, 1885; 2d, at Claremont, N.H., May 1, 1889, Lizzie S. Parker. Ordained Universalist clergyman, 1884; pastor Claremont, N.H., 1884-1888, Church of Our Father, Detroit, since 1889. Traveled abroad for about three years, making a special study of the Orient, Secretary Universalist Convention of Michigan; member of board of trustees National Universalist Convention; trustee Buchtel College and of Boys’ Home and d’Arcombal Association. Independent Republican. Member Sons of American Revolution (chaplain State Society), Fine Arts Society, Phi Delta Theta, Phi Beta Kappa. 32o Mason (prelate Detroit Commandery, K.T. No. 1, for ten years), Shriner. Club: Detroit Golf. Recreations: Mountain climbing and traveling. Office: Church of Our Father. Residence: 655 John R St.

McCORKLE, William Foster, lawyer; born, Thorntown, Ind., Jan. 7, 1855; son of William A. and Cordelia m. (Foster) McCorkle; graduate Princeton University, degree of A.B., 1877; married, Detroit, Apr. 20, 1897, Bessie L. Dalzell. Studied law, was admitted to the bar at Brooklyn, N.Y., and began practice at Nyack, N.Y., 1880; after a short time went to Chicago and engaged in business for a year; located in Detroit, 1882, where he has since practiced. Member Detroit Bar Association. Republican. Presbyterian. Club: Detroit Boat. Recreations: Reading. Office: Union Trust Bldg. Residence: 38 Alfred St.

McCRICKETT, Thomas Francis, engineer; born at Detroit, Nov. 9, 1869; son of Patrick and Elizabeth (O’Flynn) McCrickett; educated in private schools and at University of Michigan, degrees of B.S. and M.E., 1897; unmarried. Has been identified with engineering department of the Russel Wheel and Foundry Co. as chief engineer, since 1897. Independent in politics. Member American Society of Civil Engineers, Detroit Engineering Society. Club: University. Office: Russell Wheel and Foundry Co. Residence: 904 Brush St.

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McDonald, Charles Sheldon, Lawyer; born, Macomb Co., Mich.; son of Benjamin Fowler and Maria (Duncan) McDonald; graduate Ann Arbor (Mich.) high school; educated at University of Michigan and University of Goettingen, Germany, and one year in Boston libraries; married at Detroit, July 11, 1900, Linda E. Harris. Has been engaged in practice in Detroit since 1886;member law firm of McDonald & Fowler, established 1900. Member Detroit Bar Association, Michigan State Bar Association. member School Board, City of Detroit, one year. Independent in politics. Clubs: University, Detroit, Detroit Curling, Unity. Recreations: Hunting, fishing, traveling (especially over historic grounds), athletics. Office: Hammond Bldg. Residence: 146 W. Alexandrine Av.

Page 298

McDONALD, Fred J., manufacturer of brick and drain tile; born, Springwells, Mich., Jan. 8, 1864; son of John C. and Margaret A. (McFarlane) McDonald; educated in Detroit High School; married, Detroit, September, 1888, Miss Martha D. Otis. Taught school in Springwells, Mich., 1882-85; became associated with father in brick and drain tile manufacturing, 1885; was admitted to firm, 1902, as J. C. McDonald & Son, plants in Springwells, covering forty-five acres. member Detroit Builders and Traders’ Exchange. Republican. Methodist. Mason, Knight Templar, Shriner. Club: Detroit Boat. Recreations: Reading and lodge matters. Office: 211 Hammond Bldg. Residence: Warren Avenue, W.

MacDONALD, Frederick William, dentist; born, Ripley, Can., Feb. 12, 1876; son of Archibald and Elizabeth (McAsh) MacDonald; educated in public schools of Ripley and Owen Sound Collegiate Institute; D.D.S., Dental Department, Detroit Medical College, 1899; married at Centralia, Can., Sept. 3, 1903, Ada Mary Hutton. Has practiced in Detroit since 1899; professor operative dentistry, Detroit College of Medicine (dental department); editor The Odontoblast, a dental magazine. Republican. Presbyterian. President First District Dental Society; member Michigan State Dental Society. Mason (Palestine Lodge). Recreations: Athletics. Office: 271 Woodward Av. Residence: 506 Alexandrine Av., W.

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McDONALD, James H.; born, Macomb Co., Mich., Feb. 14, 1853; son of Theodore F. and Elizabeth A. (Jones) McDonald; educated in district schools; Mt. Clemens (Mich.) High School, Ann Arbor High School; University of Michigan, graduating from Literary Department, 1876, and from Law Department, LL.B., 1878; married, Detroit, May 18, 1904, Christine Jewell; four daughters. Admitted to the bar, 1878, and has since been in practice in Detroit; has associated with Lloyd L. Axford since Jan. 1, 1905. Director United States Savings Bank, Detroit, and Armada Savings Bank. Member Detroit Bar Association, Michigan State Bar Association. Democrat. Episcopalian. Member University of Michigan Society, Detroit Municipal League (executive committee). Clubs: Bankers’, Church Club. Recreations: Horticulture and farming. Office: 411 Moffat Blk., Detroit. Residence: Winter, 68 Erskine St., Detroit; summer, 2017 Geddes Av., Ann Arbor, Mich.

McDONALD, John C., brick and drain tile manufacturing; born, Springwells, Mich., Nov. 29, 1834; educated in district schools; married at Greenfield, Mich., 1861, Margaret A. McFarlane. Began active career as a farmer, later engaging in agricultural implement business in Wayne Co., Mich.; entered manufacture of brick and drain tile at Springwells, Mich., 1882, in which continues as J.C. McDonald & Son, operating two plants of forty-five acres. Also conducts 100-acre farm in Wayne Co., and is developing Cherry Beach near Marine City, Mich., comprising tract of nine acres, subdivided and and improved for summer resort cottages, for Detroit people. Formerly treasurer of Springwells, member board of public works and poor commissioner of Wayne Co. member Detroit Builders and Traders Exchange. Republican. Methodist. Associate member Detroit post, G.A.R. Office: 211 Hammond Bldg. Residence: Warren Av., W.

Page 299

McDONELL, Alexander Henry; born, Petite Cote, Ont., July 28, 1855; son of Donald L. and Frances (Gillman) McDonell; educated in public schools of Detroit; married at Detroit, 1880, Miss Ellen L. Rice. Has been identified with the Detroit Fire and Marine Insurance Co., since 1874, and has been secretary of the company since 1899. Independent in politics. Episcopalian, Club: Fellowcraft. Recreations: Social diversions, Office: 100 Griswold St Residence: 50 Virginia Av.

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McDONNELL, Henry Patrick; born, Marine City, Mich., Nov. 17, 1855; son of Patrick and Mary McDonnell; educated in Marine City High School; married at Detroit, 1883, Elizabeth Creland. Has resided in Detroit since 1877 and has been engaged in the produce commission business since the beginning of his active career; president McDonnell Bros., established 1880. Democrat. Member Knights of Columbus, Knights of Equity, C.M.B.A. Clubs: Detroit Athletic, Rushmere. Office: 35 Woodbridge St., W. Residence: 136 Canfield Av., W.

McDONOUGH, Terence E.; born, Geneva, N.Y., July 12, 1848; son of Patrick E. and Mary J. (Ryan) McDonough, of New York; had limited opportunity of education in common schools; married at Geneva, February, 1880, Josephine Green. Was engaged for twelve years in the West in United States treasury service; located in Detroit, 1883, and has been connected with the Michigan Mutual Life Insurance Co. since December, 1894. Recreation: Fishing. Office: 150 Jefferson Av. Residence: 46 Joy St.

McFALL, Guy Harrison, physician; born, Sandusky, O., Apr. 21, 1876; son of Eugene and Anna (Stevens) McFall; educated in public schools; graduate Detroit Church Academy, 1895; M.D., Detroit College of Medicine, 1899; post graduate study, London, Paris and New York; married at Louisville, Ky., Jan. 3, 1906, Linnie Belle Tucker. Has practiced in Detroit since January, 1902; lecturer on materia medica, Detroit College of Medicine; laryngologist Harper Hospital polyclinic and Children’s Free hospital. Republican. Episcopalian. Member American Medical Association, Michigan State, northern Tri-State and Wayne County medical societies, American Academy of Ophthalmology and Oto-Laryngology. Clubs: Detroit Boat, Detroit motor Boat. Recreation: Yachting. Office: 305 Gladwin Bldg. Residence: 720 Jefferson Av.

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MACFARLANE, J. F. Maurice, manager The Hees, Macfarlane Co.; born, Montreal, Can., Sept. 18, 1849; son of William Stewart and Mary, daughter of Hon. James Ferrier, who, with John Molson, brought the first steam engine to Canada, built the first railroad, from Montreal to Lachine, was for many years chairman of the Grand Trunk Ry., and a member of the Quebec legislature and of the senate in the Canadian Parliament. Educated in preparatory school of McGill College, Montreal; married, 1874, Victoria A. Amsden, of Scranton, O. (died, 1882); again, 1887, Harriet Story, of New York. Left Montreal, 1868, for Chicago, and was with Field, Leiter & Co., until 1870; returned to Montreal and for four years was connected with a wholesale dry goods house; was proprietor general merchandise business at Woodstock, Ont., 1874-80; removed to Toronto, Ont., and engaged in manufacture of window shades, 1880-94; came to Detroit, January, 1895, and organized the firm of Hees, Macfarlane & Co., which was incorporated, 1904, as The Hees, Macfarlane Co. (subsidiary company of the Columbus Shade Cloth Co.), manufacturers of window shades and window shade cloths. Member Canadian Militia during the Fenian raid. Republican. Protestant. Royal Arch Mason; member Foresters. Clubs: Detroit Golf, Automobile. Recreations: Golf, automobiling. Office: Myrtle and Hubbard Av. Residence: 17 Joy St.

Page 300

McFARLANE, William Phelps; born, Detroit, Mar. 8, 1864; son of James K. and Emily (Edwards) McFarlane; educated in public schools of Romeo, Mich.; married, Port Huron, Mich., 1885, Miss Emma Smith. Learned trade of carriage trimming with Ketchum Bros., carriage manufacturers, Romeo, continuing for four years; became foreman of carriage trimming department Anderson Carriage Co., Port Huron, 1886, superintendent of factory, 1892 (plant removed to Detroit, 1895), and has been secretary and superintendent of the company since 1900. member Knights of Maccabees, Modern Woodmen of America. Recreation: Automobiling. Office: Corner Clay and Randolph Sts. Residence: 3039 North East Grand Blvd.

McFATE, Robert, contractor and builder; born, St. Catherines, Can., June 13, 1871; son of Robert and Margaret (Killman) McFate; educated in Dutton, Can.; married at Detroit, 1906, Miss Maud Todd. Came to Detroit, 1891, and entered employ of the Vinton Company, general building contractors; has remained with the company continuously and has been its vice president since January, 1906. Also treasurer Manufacturers’ Lumber Co. Republican. Methodist. Club: Y.M.C.A. Recreation: Baseball. Office: 120-146 Woodbridge Av., E. Residence: 839 Milwaukee Av., W.

McGOUGH, Albert Lee, physician; born, Geneva, N.Y., Oct. 16, 1870; son of Thomas and Mary (Mahon) McGough; educated in private schools and Detroit Jesuit College; M.D., Detroit College of Medicine, 1894; interne Wayne County Hospital two years; married at Detroit, 1898, Marie Lodewyck; again at Dalton, Ga., 1905, Mary Wortley. Began practice in Detroit, 1894; practiced in Westfield, Wis., 1897-98, returning to Detroit, 1898; associated in practice with Dr. George Duffield Stewart two years; has practiced alone since 1900. Democrat. Roman Catholic. Member American Medical Association, Michigan State and Wayne County Medical societies. Recreations: Shooting and fishing. Office: 402 Fine Arts Bldg. Residence: 294 Pennsylvania Av.

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