A Biographical Dictionary of

Leading Living Men of the City of Detroit

Edited by Albert Nelson Marquis


A. N. Marquis & Company


Copyright, 1908 by Albert Nelson Marquis

Pages 415 - 418

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Page 415

SMITH, James Cosslett, lawyer; born, Canandaigua, N.Y., Mar. 23, 1857; son of James C. and Emily Ward (Adams) Smith; educated at Canandaigua Academy; M.A. Hobart College, Geneva, N.Y., 1878; Columbia law School, 1880; married at Detroit, Apr 12, 1888, Virginia Ferguson. Was admitted to the bar of New York and later was admitted to practice in Michigan; began practice in offices of Miller, Bissell & Sibley, Detroit, 1881; has been a member of the firm of Miller, Smith, Alexander & Paddock since 1902. Republican. Episcopalian. Member Detroit and Michigan State Bar associations. Clubs: Detroit, Yondotega, Detroit Boat, Country, Witenagemote, Old Club, Detroit Racquet and Curling. Recreations: Books, golf, curling. Office: 1124-1132 Penobscot Bldg. Residence: The Palms.

SMITH, Joseph W.,vice president Wolverine Manufacturing Co.; born, Detroit, June 10,1865; son of Bradford and Lucia (Weston) Smith; educated in Detroit public and high schools; married at Cleveland, O., 1901, Jean Tarbell. has been engaged in manufacture of furniture for twenty years; vice president and sales manager Wolverine Manufacturing Co. since 1897, and vice president Cadillac Cabinet Co., both of Detroit. Republican as to politics. Presbyterian in church affiliation. Mason, Knight Templar. Club: Detroit Golf. Office: 12th and Stanley Avs. Residence: 94 Hazelwood Av.

SMITH, Justin Edward, secretary and treasurer Lightner-Seely Co.; born, Pontiac, Mich., Dec. 22, 1861; son of George Henry and Sarah F. (Corning) Smith; educated in public and private schools and graduated from Detroit High School, 1879; married at Detroit, Oct. 18, 1887, Emma Cowie. Began active career as clerk in the book and stationery business of E.B. Smith & Co., entered employ of Seely Manufacturing Co., Dec., 1880, perfumes, flavoring extracts and toilet specialties; business incorporated as Lightner-Seely Co., 1906,since which time has been secretary and treasurer of the company; also member of firm of Seely manufacturing Co., Windsor, Ont. Republican. Presbyterian. Clubs: Detroit, Country, Detroit Boat, Racquet and Curling. Recreations: Golf and curling. Office; 9 Woodbridge St., W. Residence: 85 Warren Av., E.

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SMITH, Louis, wholesale produce; born, Russia, Apr. 7, 1865; educated in Russia; married in Russia, 1889, Miss Dora Rosenthal. Came to United States, 1890, and lived for three years in New York; has made his home in Detroit since 1893; has been connected with A. Jacobs & Co., wholesale produce merchants, since 1893. Member Detroit Produce Exchange. Jewish religion; member of Shaare Zedeck Congregation and Beth Israel. Member Hebrew Protective union, Breth Abram, and Maccabees. Recreation: Helping the poor in the city. Office; 22-24 Woodbridge St., W. Residence: 221 High St., E.

Page 416

SMITH, Vine LaRue, physician; born, Genessee Co., Mich., July 10, 1875; son of Aretus A. and Susan (Baldwin) Smith; educated in public schools of Flint, Mich.; M.D., Saginaw Valley medical College, 1898; M.D., The Harrey Medical College, 1899; post-graduate study in Germany and England; married at Flint, June 14, 1905, Fannie Beecher. Began practice in Chicago, 1898; located in Detroit, 1904, specializing in orthopedic surgery. republican. member American medical Association, Michigan State and Wayne County Medical societies. Mason, Knight Templar (Damascus Commandery) Club: Fellowcraft. Office: 270 Woodward Av. residence: 201 Westminster Av.

SMITH, Walter W.; born, Washtenaw Co., Mich., Oct. 10, 1863; son of John S. and Cordelia (Bruce) Smith; educated in common schools; married at Detroit, Apr. 26, 1894, Beulah Havens. Has been in charge of real estate department of Citizens’ Savings Bank since Apr. 1, 1901; also buys and sells real estate in his own name. Member of Detroit Real Estate Board. Recreations: Farming and travel. Office; Citizens’ Savings Bank. Residence: 109 Josephine Av.

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SMITH, William Grierson, treasurer and director Berry Brothers, Ltd., varnish manufacturers; born, Edinburgh, Scotland, Mar. 26, 1853; educated at Clarehall Academy and high School, Edinburgh; came to Detroit, May, 1872. Entered employ of Berry Brothers as bookkeeper, June, 1872, and has since continued with the house; became cashier, 1883,and has been treasurer and director since time of incorporation, 1893. Also vice president John Kay & Co., Detroit, and New York Car Wheel Co., Buffalo, N.Y.; secretary and treasurer Akron Water Works Co., Akron, O.; treasurer Detroit heating and Lighting Co., The Welded Steel Bar Corporation, Detroit, The O. & W. Thum Co., of Grand Rapids, Mich., Lake Superior Iron and Chemical Co., Detroit, Antrim Chemical Co., Detroit; secretary Mt. Clemens Gas Co. Member Detroit Board of Commerce. Mason. Club: Detroit. Office: Cor. Leib and Wight Sts. Residence: 251 Iroquois Av.

SMYLIE, Robert William, banker; born, Dublin, Ireland, Oct. 9, 1845; son of Capt. The Hon. Samuel Smylie, J.P., of Woodley Park, County Dublin, and Lady Helena (Macculloch) Smylie; educated in Portora Royal School, Enniskillen, Ireland, Institute "Duplessis Mornay," Paris, France, private tutors in Paris, and at University of Dublin; married at Montreal, Can., Aug. 28, 1871, Frances Helen Empey (died, Aug. 3, 1906). Has passed through all positions in banking from junior clerk up, more particularly in English and Canadian banks; located in Detroit 1888; naturalized citizen of United States; manager credit department People’s State Bank. Episcopalian. Mason (32o), Knight Templar. Club: Detroit. Has traveled all over the world except in interior of India and Australia. Recreation: Walking. Office; Peoples State Bank. Residence: 212 Burns Av.

Page 417

SNOW, Frank E.; born, Bangor, Me., June 2, 1847; son of Edward and Sophia (Simpson) Snow; educated in public and private schools of Detroit; married at Detroit; May 13, 1875, Frances Burtenshaw. Began active career as clerk in local freight office Michigan Central R.R., 1862; was clerk in superintendents office, 1866-68, general agent Michigan Central and Great Western R.R. co’s, with headquarters at Detroit, 1868-74, general Western agent, Chicago, 1874-75; general passenger and ticket agent Canada Southern R.R. at Detroit, 1875-81; general agent Wabash Road, at Detroit, 1881-84. Engaged in real estate business, promotion and building electric railways until 1905, since which time he has been agent at Detroit of the Lehigh Valley Despatch. Republican. Episcopalian. Clubs: Detroit, Detroit Boat, Detroit Athletic. Office: 1323 Majestic Bldg. Residence: 164 McDougall Av.

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SNOW, Neil Worthington, district sales agent Pittsburgh Coal Co.; born, Detroit, Nov. 10, 1879; son of Frank E. and Frances (Burtenshaw) Snow; educated Detroit public schools and Central high School, graduating, June, 1897; University of Michigan, graduating, degree of Bachelor of Arts, June, 1902; unmarried. Spent one year in employ of Parke-Davis & Co., previous to attending college; was for one year with George A. Fuller Co., general contractors, New York City; has been identified with the Pittsburg Coal Co. since Oct., 1904; also sales agent for New Pittsburg Coal Do. Formerly member 7th Regiment National Guard, New York. Republican. Member Alpha Delta Phi. Clubs: University, Detroit Athletic, Country Club of Detroit. Recreations: Outdoor and athletic sports. Office: 1103-1104 Majestic Bldg. Residence: 164 McDougall Av.

SNYDER, Edward P.; born, Chillicothe, O., Apr. 13, 1858; son of Jacob P. and Magdalene (Gartner) Snyder; educated in public schools of Chillicothe; married at Three Rivers, Mich., May, 1889, Miss Lillian Shaad. Began active career, 1871, in employ of Miller, Patterson & Co., Chillicothe; came to Detroit, 1881, and was traveling salesman for A.C. McGraw & Co., 1881-95; was one of the organizers of the Michigan Shoe Co., 1895, and has since been vice president of the company. Methodist. Office: 146-148 Jefferson Av. Residence: 401 The Lennox.

SNYDER, Henry M., rubber tires; born, Easton, Pa., July 11, 1861; son of John W. and Sidney A. (Sigafoo) Snyder; educated in schools of Easton and at Battle Creek College, Battle Creek, Mich.; married at Howell, Mich., 1892, Mary L. Pettibone. Engaged in lumber business at Alpena, Mich., came to Detroit, 1891, and was connected with the W. A. C. Miller Lumber Co., until 1899; managing partner Teagan Bros. & Snyder, factory agents for rubber goods, two years; now manager Michigan branch of the Michelin Tire Co., of France and Milltown, N.J. Republican. Member Masonic order, Knights Templar, Shrine. Clubs; fellowcraft, Detroit Yacht. Recreations: Automobiling, motor boating. Office: 214 Jefferson Av. residence: 404 Field Av.

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Page 418

SNYDER, James Hiram; born, Carbon Co., Pa., Dec. 7, 1844; son of Thomas and LOVINA (Johns) Snyder; educated in district school at Sparta, N.Y., and academy, Dansville, N.Y., married at Michigan City, Ind., Dec. 8, 1875, Jessie Fremont Sovereign. Studied chemistry and practiced same, 1868-70; was salesman of farm machinery one season and school teacher one winter; began in railroad service as brakeman Michigan Central R.R., at Michigan City, Sept., 1871; promoted to conductor, 1873, yard master, 1879; assistant train master, 1880, train master, 1888, division superintendent, 1890; became general superintendent Indiana Harbor Belt Line, 1905, and has been assistant general superintendent Michigan Central R.R., since 1906. Democrat in political sentiment, but does not support nominees that in his opinion are unsuitable persons. Protestant. Office: Gen’l Office Mich. Central R.R. Residence: 130 Lafayette Av.

SOLOMON, Harry R.; born, Au Sable, Mich., July 18, 1875; son of Selig and Rachael (Rosenthal) Solomon; educated in public schools of Au Sable, 1881-91; Detroit Business University, 1893-94; Detroit College of Law, 1895-98, graduating, LL.B., 1898; married at Alpena, Mich., Sept. 4, 1902, Esther S. Levyn. Began active career at Au Sable, in lumber business with his father, continuing until 1893; after entering the bar practiced law at Detroit, 1898-02; was actively identified with the Solomon Lumber Co. and The Morris Co. (manufacturers of collars and cuffs) until 1906; has been secretary and treasurer American Machine Manufacturing Co. since 1906, manufacturers of motor trucks. Also secretary and treasurer Solomon Lumber Co. Republican. Member B’nai B’rith. Recreations: Outdoor sports. Office; Champlain and Beaubien Sts. Residence; 109 Watson St.

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SOUTHWICK, William D.; born, Dexter, Mich., July 11, 1864; son of George E. and Anna E. (Potter) Southwick; educated in public schools and St. Paul Academy, Detroit; married at Detroit, 1887, Catherine E. Scripps (deceased, 1899). Began in hay, grain and feed business at 18 and continued about eight years; purchasing agent Detroit Park and Boulevard Commission for one year; advertising manager Detroit Tribune one year; in charge of general subscription agency of Bradstreet Co. at Detroit, three and one-half years; has since been in business for himself as manager of estates, care of properties, etc. Lessee since 1902 of Wetherbee Bldg.; member firm of Southwick & La Measure, engravers. Republican. Methodist. Director Y.M.C.A. Mason (32o), Knight Templar, Shriner. Office: 401-402 Wetherbee Bldg. Residence: 291 Hancock Av., W.

SPACKMAN, Earl William; born, Glen Richey, Pa., Aug. 3, 1876; son of Thomas and Matilda (Read) Spackman; educated in public schools and at commercial college; married at Detroit, June 4, 1907 Carolyn B. Stock. Began active career as bookkeeper for wholesale grocery firm at Altoona, Pa., where he continued for six years; came to Detroit, Feb., 1903, since which time he has been secretary and treasurer Climax oak Belting Co. Also sales manager Safety Furnace pipe Co. Served in Cuba, 1898-99, as member of N.C. Volunteer Infantry. Protestant. Club: Detroit Motor Boat. Office; 27-29 Bates St. Residence; 36 Garland Av.

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