Tuscola Folks Relaxing after a Hard Day's Work

Contributed by Philip Kelly


This photograph has been submitted by Philip Kelly.  If anyone is able to identify the persons below who are currently not known, please contact Phil. Identifying information is below the photo.

BeerKeg2.jpg (58398 bytes)

The back of it has 8 names out of 12 people shown. The names are:
*Ted Ormes
*Ela Harrison (Ela short for....?)
Alf Rosencrants (seated in the front center with pipe)(1862-1924 Millington)
Denna Harrison (acutally Calvin Dennis Harrison 1866-1940, under right side of tree, Demma was his daughter, He lived in Arbela Twp & Flint)
*Pete Baldwin
*Will Veder (actually Veeder? 1858-1929 Tuscola Twp)
*Charlie Rogers (on file: Charles Rogers 1846-1917, Arbela Twp)
*George Diamond (actually George W. Dimond? 1858-1924 Arbela Twp)

Can anyone help confirm the names to the faces to all names with an asterisk? C. Dennis (Denny) Harrison and Alfred Rosencrants are confirmed by my family's photos and memories. And does anyone know the others?

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Created October 3, 1999

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