Village of Caro

Taken from The History of Tuscola County, Illustrations and Biographical Sketches, 1883, H. R. Page and Co., page 79.  Contributed by Debbie Axtman.


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Village of Caro

Caro is the county seat of Tuscola County, and is located on section 3, in the township of Indian Fields.  It is surrounded by a rich farming country, which contributes liberally to its commercial prosperity and social progress.  The geographical position of the village is near the center of the county, and it had its origin in the idea that it might some time become the county seat. Previous to 1869 it was designated by the name of Centerville.

The first settler upon any part of the present site of the village was the late Samuel P. Sherman, who entered the north half of the northwest quarter of section 3, September 8, 1852, and December 1st of the same year entered the south half of the northwest quarter.  Only two entries were made in this section prior to September 1852, and they were for lumbering or speculative purposes. 

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