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Taken from The History of Tuscola County, Biographical Sketches and Illustrations, H. R. Page Co., Chicago, 1883. Transcribed by Bonnie Petee.
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The act of the legislature, which provides for the incorporation of the village of Cass City defines its corporate limits as follows: the southwest quarter of section 27, the southeast quarter of section 28, the northeast quarter of section 33, and the northwest quarter of section 34.

P. R. Weydemeyer, J. C. Laing, and William Walker, were constituted a board of registration. Pursuant to their call an election was held April 30, 1883, at which ninety-six votes were cast, and the following officers, elected, viz., Henry Butler, president; Samuel C. Armstrong, clerk; Theodore H. Fritz, treasurer; Sylvester Ale, assessor; James J. Hitchcock, James W. Adamson, H. S. Wickware, James D. Crosby, Philetur R. Weydemeyer, Robert G. Orr, trustees; W. Scott Brotherton, street commissioner; A. J. Williams, constable.

The first meeting of the village council was held May 8, 1883, the result of the election being declared and oath of office being duly adminstered the tie vote between Hugh Seed and Henry S. Wickware, being decided by lot in favor of the later. H. S. Work being appointed clerk pro tem., in the absence of the clerk elect, and the council being duly organized for business, the official life of the village was inaugurated by a resolution, that "the bonds for retail liquor dealers in the village of Cass City be fixed at $3,000," and "the bonds of druggists at $1,000." After which the council adjourned until evening.

The further records of the council show that early attention was paid to the good order of the village, the prevention as well as repression and punishment of crime, and the improvement of the streets and walks.

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