Columbia Township

Contributed by Sherrye L. Woodworth. Extracted from, "The History of Tuscola and Bay Counties, Mich.,"  H. R. Page and Co., Chicago, 1883, page 140-141.


Township 14 north, of Range 9 east, was organized by the board of supervisors at a meeting held December 31, 1855, and designated by the name of Columbia. The first township meeting was held at the house of David Clark on section 18. The inspectors of election were Wesley Hess, Andrew Marshall and Horace Marvin. This township had formerly belonged to Indian Fields. It belongs to the north tier of townships and is bounded on the north by Huron County, east by Elmwood, south by Almer and Akron and west by Akron

Its boundaries were slightly changed in 1879 by the annexation to its territory of sections 36 of Geneva and 1 of Akron, which included the site of Unionville

Owing to the absence of the town records from 1856 to 1866, inclusive, the proceedings of town meetings and of town boards during those years cannot be given. It is known, however, that at the first town meeting there were thirteen voters present and fourteen offices to be filled. Allen Brewer was chosen supervisor; H. C. Marvin, treasurer; Almon Achenbach, clerk

At the annual town meeting of 1883 the number of votes cast was 270.

Contributed by Sherrye L. Woodworth

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