Transcribed by Bonnie Petee.  Extracted from, "The History of Tuscola, MI," H. R. Page and Co., Chicago, 1883.



This town embraces township 13 north, of range 10 east, and is bounded on the north by Elmwood, east by Novesta, west by Almer, and south by Wells. It lies on both sides of the Cass River, which

divides it into two nearly equal parts, running from the northeast to the southwest. The character of the portion north and west of the river is generally rolling. The soil, a clay loam, except near the river, where it is more sandy yet of an excellent quality and very productive. The natural growth of this portion of the town is beech, oak, maple, basswood, elm, etc. South and east of the river the land is more level and comprises more swamp, its timber being generally pine, hemlock and cedar; the soil, a sandy loam, with a clay subsoil. The land having been generally entered for its pine, was of later settlement.


Transcribed by Bonnie Petee.

September 1998

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