Town of Freemont

Taken from, "The History of Tuscola County," H. R. Page. Co., 1883.   Transcribed by Bonnie J. Petee.


The Town of Fremont

By Hon. Alonzo B. Markham

This town is bounded on the north by Indian Fields, east by Dayton, south by Watertown and county line, and west by Vassar and Juniata.

According to Indian traditons, this township was once an important portion of the hunting grounds of the Chippewa Indians, and there are abundant evidences of sanguinary conflicts between hostile tribes of these natives of the soil.

The first lands located in this township were on Houghton Creek, and selected by the late Professor Douglass Houghton.


The town of Fremont was organized by the board of supervisors at a meeting held January 6, 1857. The territory comprised township 11 north, of range 9 east.

The names of the freeholders of the above described township who signed the application are as follows: C. B. Mills, Ezra Tripp, Calvin Fox, James Wells, Wilson Kitchen, James Mead, A. B. Tripp, James Roberts, Joseph Mead, S. Spencer, Leonard Fox, R. B. Smith, David Fulton, and L. C. Schermerhorn.

The first township meeting was held at the house of James Wells, on section 26, the 6th day of April, 1857. There were six votes cast, and every voter was elected to one or more offices.

It is related that at this town meeting an inventory of the cash on hand was taken, which resulted in an exhibit of $2.50.

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