Town of Gilford

Contributed by Debbie Axtman. Extracted from, "The History of Tuscola, MI", H. R. Page and Co., Chicago, 1883, page 192.

Town of Gilford

The board of supervisors at a meeting held January 12, 1858, adopted a resolution organizing the town of Gilford. The territory comprised township 18 and fractional township 14 north, of range 7 east. The first township meeting was held at the school-house on section 86, in township 18 north, of range 7 east. Inspectors of election were E. B. Hayes, Hamilton Hobart and F. Batille.

The application was signed by the following freeholders of the territory described: E. Battille, John D. Hayes, James C. Luce, S. M. French, M. B. French, John Morse, Benjamin Griswold, Joseph L. Cooley, E. B. Hayes, H. Hobart, John A. Hayes, E. French, Jane Gaunt, George Wilkinson, Joseph Spencer and A. Spencer.

At the first election eighteen votes were polled, and every elector in the town voted. The following officers were elected:

Supervisor – Hamilton Hobart

Clerk – E. B. Hayes

Treasurer – E. Batille

School Inspectors – John D. Hayes, Joseph L. Cooley

Directors of Poor – Joseph L. Cooley and Hamilton Hobart

Highway Commissioners – Joseph L. Cooley and Samuel M. French

Justices of the Peace – Joseph L. Cooley and E. Batille

Constables – Joseph Spencer and John D. Hayes


Contributed by Debbie Axtman

September 1998

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