Gilford Schools and Templars

Contributed by Debbie Axtman. Extracted from, "The History of Tuscola, MI," H. R. Page and Co., Chicago, 1883, pages 193 – 194.

School Matters

The first school district was organized in 1854, and the school-house was built in the fall of that year. The first school was taught in the winter of 1854-55 by Miss Mary E. Leach with nine pupils.

In the spring of 1860, Messrs. Battille, Randall, Whittemore and one or two others, having settled in the north part of the town, Mrs. Randall was engaged as teacher, and with eight scholars, she passed the ensuing summer, in the back room of her own dwelling in "teaching" the young idea "how to shoot." This was the humble beginning of School District No. 2. They have now a substantial frame school-house and a flourishing school.

So schools followed closely upon the advent of the settlers, and the schools of Gilford, at the present time, are a credit to the town.

From the annual school report of the town of Gilford for the year ending September 4, 1882, the following facts are obtained. Directors for the ensuing year, Andrew Kirk, L. H. Whitmore, A. P. Barden, A. H. Guisbert, Sampson Ward, John M. Ellison, and James D. Lane. There are four whole and three fractional districts with five frame and two log school-houses. Number of children of school age, 844; attending school during the year, 874.

Good Templars

A lodge of Good Templars was organized at Gilford, April 18, 1888, with the following officers: W. C. T., Mathias Burk, W. V. T., Libbie Bears, W. T., James Yeomans, W. M., Ira W. Slade, W. A. M., Ida Park, W. A. S., Mrs. Paul, W. C., D. P. Pomeroy, W. S., John Paul, W. F. S., W. H. Beal, W. L. G., Maggie Burk, W. O. G., Henry Dowd, R. H. S., Mrs. Burk, L. H. S., Nellie Oliver. The officers installed August 1, 1888, were as follows: John Paul, W. C., Libbie Beals, W. V., Henry Jessup, W. S., John Warren, W. T., C. W. Dawley, W. M., D. P. Pomeroy, W. C.

Contributed by Debbie Axtman

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