Taken from The History of Tuscola County, Biographical Sketches and Illustrations, H. R. Page Co., Chicago, 1883. Transcribed by Bonnie Petee.


This town is bounded on the north by Fair Grove, having Denmark on the west, Vassar to the south and Indian Fields east. Cass River flows through the southeast corner of the town, about three sections lying to the south and east of the river. The most of the town is rolling; about one-third perhaps, in the southeast corner, along the river, being level and having a more sandy soil than the other two-thirds, which is generally a clay loam.

This was among the earliest settled towns in the county. The first settlers in the town were Levi Rogers and family, who came in early in 1850. The first blow struck for improvement was by Andrew Jackson Rogers on land which his father had purchased of Townsend North. From Levi Rogers the town took the name of Rogers under which it was organized.


Shortly after came two German families, and about the same time William Jameson, Jonas Belknap, Ezra A. Belknap, John Freeman, S. H. Moore, Daniel Gorton Truman, and within the next two years Patrick McGlone, Ephraim Smith, Frank Fairhan, Daniel Kinyon, King Allen, Hiram Gibbs, Lucius Marvin, James Wing, Henry S. Russell, William Law, Andrew Schultz, Nelson Vickery, William Fenner, Daniel T. Tonkrey, E. Miller, R. G. Black.

Until 1852 the only roads were the lumberman’s supply and logging roads, very serviceable in winter but almost impassable in spring and summer. In 1852 a road was laid out from the present site of Watrousville which was cut through in 1853, the people generally turning out and helping to open the road. The commissioners to lay out this road were Jackson Rogers and William Jameson. Martin Miller, of Tuscola, was surveryor.

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