Township of Koylton

Taken from The History of Tuscola County, Biographical Sketches and Illustrations, H. R. Page Co., Chicago, 1883. Transcribed by Bonnie Petee.


Early Land Entries


Town of Koylton

Koylton was organized by the board of supervisors, at a meeting held October 11, 1859. The territory comprised township 11 north, of range 11 east. The first annual meeting was ordered held at the house of William Allen.

The names of freeholders in the township to be organized, who signed the application, are as follows: James L. Hitchcock, Allen Hubel, James McAdam, James A. Cross, Levy Koyl, Donald McKenzie, James McKenzie, John McKenzie, Joseph Morris, John Cameron, Jr., Thomas Jeffrey, John Cameron, Sr., Thomas McAdam, Anthony McMangle, Peter Koyl, Sr., A. Ducoln, Henry Murdick, and Orvil Koyl.

This town occupies the southeastern corner of the county, and is bounded north by Kingston, east and south by the county line, and west by Dayton.

In 1860 the population of the town was 60, and in 1880, 869.

In 1864 the population was 142, and the number of acres of taxable land, 8,846; number of acres improved, 276; 320 bushels of corn, and 637 bushels of wheat were raised.

In 1874 the population was 580; number of horses, 64; number of cows, 180; bushels of wheat raised, 4,497; bushels of corn raised, 4,615; bushels of potatoes, 4,064; tons of hay cut, 588.

Population in 1880, 869. In 1882 the number of acres assessed was 22,185; total equalized valuation of real and personal property, $288,800. Number of farms in 1881. 74; acres of improved land, 4,095. Bushels of wheat raised in 1880, 17,291; of corn, 17,727; tons of hay 818.

School Matters

From the annual school report of the town of Koylton, for the year ending September 4, 1882, the following facts are obtained. Directors for the ensuing year, James M. Whittaker, Judson Van Sicklen, Clark Harris and John B. Curtis. There are three whole and one fractional school districts, with four frame school-houses. Number of children of school age, 364; attending school during the year, 222.

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