Unionville Village

Contributed by Sherrye L. Woodworth.  Taken from, "The History of Tuscola County," H. R. Page Co., Chicago, 1883.

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In the spring of 1856, Samuel B. Covey and William J. Davis brought to their home at the present site of Unionville a small stock of general merchandise, perhaps $500 or $600 worth. Taught by experience the wants of the community, they included a liberal stock of mosquito netting. They did not open a store, but kept the goods at Mr. Covey's, for the convenience of the settlers. On their engaging in milling at Sebewaing, Horace C. Marvin succeeded to the merchandising business. After a year or two he commenced accommodating the traveling public. The hotel part of his establishment, a block-house sided up, is now the north wing of the Unionville House. This was the beginning of Unionville, this point being thus established as a center of trade. The first platting was made by Mr. Marvin, and to this addtions have been made by others. Its growth has been gradual, though for the last few years more rapid than at first.

Unionville was incorporated as a village by act of legislature, approved April 1, 1879. At the first meeting of the council, held May 1, 1879, D. C. Marvin was elected marshal and Isaac Keller engineer of the fire department.

In the winter of 1881-82 the Saginaw, Tuscola, and Huron Railroad was built through this section of country. With its coming a new start has been taken, and the village is rapidly growing.

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Contributed by Sherrye L. Woodworth

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