Vassar Village Lodges and Societies

Taken from The History of Tuscola County, Biographical Sketches and Illustrations, H. R. Page Co., Chicago, 1883. Transcribed by Bonnie Petee.

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Cass River Lodge, No. 163, F. and A. M., was granted a charter by the Grand Lodge at its session of January, 1865, with J. J. Wilder, W. M.; I. C. Kibbe, S. W.; B. A. Wood, J. W.; H. P. Atwood, secretary. In February the following officers were elected: I. C. Kibbe, W. M.; H. P. Atwood, S. W.; I. Killam, J. W.; J. H. Grinnell, treasurer; W. Lake, Jr., secretary; J. Gould, S. D.; L. F. Hinson, J. D.; P. D. Bush, tyler. Monday evening, February 20, the lodge was duly constituted and the officers installed. The officers in 1883 are as follows:

W.M., J. A. Trotter; S. W., J. R. Bancroft; J. W., L. C. Merritt; treasurer, M. L. Gage; secretary, E. A. Bullard; S. D., C. H. Richardson; J. D., Jas. Stewart; stewards, T. H. Lake, E. J. Hovey; Tyler, M. P. McHose.

A few years after its organization the name of the lodge was changed to Vassar Lodge. The lodge is building a new hall on Pine Street which when completed, will provide it with desirable apartments.

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Odd Fellows

Vassar Lodge, No. 264, I. O. O. F., was organized in February, 1876. The charter members were P. D. Irons, H. B. McHose, J. H. Wagner, H. N. Montague, P. L. Varnum, John Clark and A. H. Wilber. Principal officers were: N. G., P. D. Irons; secretary, J. A. Clark; treasurer, H. B. McHose; V. G., J. H. Wagner; present officers: N. G., J. A. Clark; secretary, P. L. Varnum; treasurer, J. H. Wagner; V. G., C. D. Bennett.

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Library Association

The Vassar Library association was organized in January, 1882, largely through the instrumentality of Mrs. Anna Oakley. A village library has been established which now contains 268 volumes. The officers in 1883 are: President, Horace A. Miller; vice president, P. L. Varnum, secretary, Rev. E. P. Clark; treasurer, Geo. E. Williamson.

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Knights of Honor

Eureka Lodge, N. 869, Knights of Honor, was organized with about eighteen members, in September, 1878. The present dictator is D. G. Whitcomb; reporter, Horace A. Miller; finance reporter, M. P. McHose, medical examiner and treasurer, Dr. L. C. Davis.

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Good Templars

Vassar Lodge of Good Templars, No. 431, was organized in May, 1882. W. C. T., W. E.

Clough; W. V. T., Mrs. W. H. Dack; secretary, Mary E. Kesseler; treasurer, Mrs. A. Hartman, P. W. C. T., W. H. Dack. The lodge had had a succcessful career thus far, and is a present in a flourishing condition.

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Chosen Friends

A lodge of the order of Chosen Friends was organized in March 1883, with twenty-two members. The following were the officer elected; Chief councilor, W. E. Clough; vice councilor, G. W. Laking; secretary, G. R. Wightman; treasurer, J. H. Wagner; medical examiner, Dr. T. A. Cullis; probate, Wm. Kenyon; marshal, John Scott; guard, M. Fogler; warden, John Parker; sentinel, E. Adams.

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Knights of the Maccabees

Vassar tent, No. 66, Knights of the Maccabees, was organized in December, 1882. Sir Kt. C., Frank L. Fales; S. K. L. C., Horace A. Miller; R. K., H. S. Hadsall; F. K., T. Lane; P. S. Kt.; C., S. A. Lane; prelate, D. C. Atkins.

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