Vassar Village Businesses

Taken from The History of Tuscola County, Biographical Sketches and Illustrations, H. R. Page Co., Chicago, 1883. Thanks to Bonnie Petee.

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The Opera House

The Vassar Opera-house is a building highly creditable to this flourishing village. The building is situated on the corner of Main and Pine Streets, and was erected by R. W. & F. Miller in 1879, at a cost of $7,500. The auditorium is reached by an easy flight of stairs from Main Street, and the house will seat 750 persons, about equally divided between the parquette and gallery.

The exterior of the building is very pleasing, the red brick showing off well, and the interior is not only cozy and comfortable, but decorated in a manner that reflects much credit upon the proprietor and the artist. The property is now owned by Frank Miller, his brother, having retired from a proprietary interest in 1881.

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Vassar Banks

The First National bank of Vassar is the successor of T. North & Son. The business was first established in 1875 by Mr. North, who associated with him Bostwick Noble, of Lowell, Mich. The following year Mr. North purchased Mr. Noble’s interest. In 1878 he built a handsome brick building in which the bank is now located. In 1882 Mr. North took his only son, Frank, into partnership, and the firm name of T. North & Son was adopted. The business was continued by this firm until the summer of 1883 when the organization of the First National Bank took place. The organization was completed in June, and the first currency issued early in August. The capital stock is $50,000.

Directors: Townsend North, D. G. Slafter, B. W. Huston, Justin Wentworth, Frank North, George Williamson, and R. C. Burtis.

Officers of the board were elected as follows; President, Hon. Townsend North; vice-president, Hon D. G. Slafter; cashier, Frank North.

The Vassar Exchange Bank is one of the thrifty business institutions of the village of Vassar. It is conducted under the firm name of I .Gibbard & Co., the proprietors being Isaac Gibbard, of Rochester, N. Y., and C. C. Curtis, of Vassar. Mr. Curtis is cashier and has the general management of the business. It was established in February, 1882, and is located in the Opera-house Block.

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The Professions

The professions are represented in Vassar as folllows:

Three legal firms, Huston & Hadsall, Frank L. Fales, and E. H. Taylor, prosecuting attorney.

Seven physicians, L. C. Davis & T. A. Cullis, H. M. Leach, Wm. Johnson, H.A. Brockway, J. B. Lewis, allopathic, and J. R. Nunn, homeopathic.

Two dentists, E. J. Hovey and L. G. Dean.

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