Tuscola County
Formation of the County

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The formation of Tuscola County, MI

In 1835, several tracts of lands were purchased of the Government in what is now the township of Tuscola, and in June of the following year the first permanent settlement was made in that part of the county by Mr. Ebenezer Davis, whose family was followed by several others a few months later. The lack of roads and markets, and the remoteness of all the privileges of civilized and cultivated society, was so discouraging that the growth of these settlements was small for many years. In 1850, there were only 291 inhabitants in the whole county, and only 300 acres of improved land. From that time forward, the county has settled up more rapidly. In that year the present county was set off from Saginaw county, to which it had been attached for Judical and Representative purposes in 1840, and organized into a separate county bearing it's present Indian name. (From the History of Tuscola County, MI, H. R. Page and Co., 1883, Chicago, IL).

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