Tuscola Marriages

The Dibean Collections


Many thanks to Jack and Marianne Dibean, who are allowing us to put their database of marriages performed in Tuscola County, MI, online.

CODES: Names with a Forward (/) Slash are related to us. Names with a Backward (\) Slash have a source other than CD available. To obtain that information, please contact Jack and Marianne for those sources. Names with a Dash (-) have sources other than a CD, but are not available. To submit corrections or additions to this collections or to your marriages, please contact either Jack and Marianne or Deb.

Due to the large number of marriges for Tuscola, I have indexed them into three separate pages. Please click on the page you would like to visit. They are listed alphabetically.

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The Dibean Collections, used with permission

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December 5, 1999

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