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April 17, 1855 at the log home of Amos Wolverton, the kindly friend of the Indians, the first township meeting was held. The meeting organized, chosen were Wolverton as moderator, Jay Rice as clerk, and Bernard and Ira Patterson as inspectors as of election. The oath of office properly given to these men, the wheels were set in motion to transact the first public business of the township. A resolution was passed to raise a $1000.00 for the construction of a road from Goodrichville running through Otisville, Millington, and Vassar, to Bay City. Mr. T.North of Vassar and Enos Goodrich of Goodrichville engineered the building of the road.

The first school district organized was the fractional No. 1 of Forest and Millington in 1856. The first school in district No.2 was taught by Susan Hoover. The school director was Marcus Titsworth. The school house was built of logs on the Marcus Titsworth farm 3/4 of a mile east of the village of Millington.

Millington and Watertown were in the township of Millington until November 16,1857 whereas a settlement between the two was made to seperate them into 2 different townships.

On August 28, 1857 the first church, the Free Will Bapist, was organized. In 1853 a mail route was established between Clarkson and Bay City and Amos Wolverton was appointed postmaster in the township. Gordon Shaw was the first mail carrier.

In 1865 a Cemetery was set up in the township. The first sexton was Samuel Atwood.

Out of necessity, Lumbering was as choice one of the 1st industries in the township. In 1854 Remick and Allen located a tract of land situated in Millington and Watertown Townships, and erected dams on Goodwin Creek for the purpose of flooding it and running logs in the spring. The lumber industry which included the erection of lumber shanties, furnished labor and put money into circulation. Other lumber men of that time were E.G.Allen, Wm. Finel, Peter Lane, and Henry Wolfe. Lane and Wolfe built the first saw mill in 1858.

F.W.Brown first man to put in a stock of groceries, and operate a shoe repair shop. Sam Atwood built a hotel in 1865. Richard Atwood built the first Blacksmith shop. Henry Lindsay did the first custom work. Homer Beach started a dry goods and grocery store Moses Farnum operated a grocery and a dry goods store, and the first drug store. Jacob Hoover and Son opened the first hardware store. The first millinery store was opened by Mrs. Ellen A. Farnum.


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