Caught on the Fly: Cass City Enterprise 1890

Extracted and Contributed by Don Rickwalt

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Friday,  Sept 12, 1890

A H Brown was in Caro on Tuesday.

J D Crosby is painting his barn red.
Elmer Hunt of Caro stopped in town over Sunday.
Everybody comes to Cass City on Sept 24, 25, and 26th.
Gus Keif and John Smith of Caro were in town Wednesday.
Mr George Martin has been ill for the past two weeks with bronchitis.
W O Marshall is assisting K S work in the handling of his fruit.
There was a lawsuit in Justice Butler's court Monday, also on Tuesday.
William Ostrander's threshing engine came into port Saturday night for repairs.
Don't forget the fruit social at the residence of Mrs J. L. Hitchcock tonight.
George Killands is talking of moving into town for the winter season.
Follow the crowd and come to the Cass City Fair to be held Sept 24, 25, and 26th.
The Enterprise and the American Farmer one whole year for $1.00.
J P Hern was called out in the country late last Saturday night to doctor up a threshing machine.
Attorneys T C Quinn and T P Zander of Caro were in town Monday and Tuesday on legal business.

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Sept 5th 1890

Our new bridge over White creek cost us as follows: The iron bridge company $780, Vincent Dutcher and Stitts abutments $500, Filling approaches Writht and Sons $30.00 Total $1,310.00.

Luella Gould who was unfortunate enough to fall from the stoop of her brother's store last week and dislocate her right shoulder. Dr Carey thinks that she hurt herself inwardly somewhat besides.
Ella Hack of Flint the 16 year old daughter of Harry Hack took morphine Sunday night and died Monday morning. No cause is assigned for the act.

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Sept 19, 1890

Caught on the Fly: E J Darbee of Almer was in town on Wednesday. Politics we guess.

Deford: October 3, 1890

Deford was represented at the soldier's reunion at Orion by D O Ramsey and J. R. Lewis and F. D. Curtis.

Oct 10, 1890

Obit:  Died At her home in Elmwood Sept 24th Eliza wife of Joseph Rondo. She was troubled for many years with heart disease and died suddenly. She leaves a husband and nine children to mourn her loss. The funeral services were held at the home and conducted by Rev. James McArthur. The deceased was a member of the Baptist Church and was an exemplary Christian. Her remains were laid to rest in the Almer Cemetery.

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Deford: Oct 10, 1890

J R Lewis had a very sick spell on the evening of the 4th.

State News: Within 30 days electric street cars will be running in Bay City. This beats running for Congress says F O Fisher.
Jason Roach supposed to be dead and the murdered victim of Sand Beach robbers is at the soldier's home in Dayton Ohio.

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Oct 17, 1890

Various Topics:

The Kickapoo Indians are still true to their name. They refuse to be counted by the census taker and in effect kicked him off the reservation.

October 24, 1890

Obit: Mrs Rose Hemerick wife of David Hemerick died on Tuesday evening of blood poisoning. Mrs Hemerick was 32 years of age and has been a resident of Caro for the past eight years. She was a member of Trinity Church and respected by all. The funeral services from the family residence at 2:00pm Thursday afternoon. Rev O E Fuller, officiated. The remains were interred in the Caro cemetery. She leaves a family consisting of a husband and three small children. - Caro Democratic.

Obit: Sidney Powell who's illness we chronicled last week died at his home 2.5 miles Northwest of Cass City on Mon am of lung disease. Mr Powell was a farmer by occupation and was born in Brant County, Burford Twp, Ontario on the 22nd of May 1823 where he resided until 1847 and then moved to Kent County Oxford Twp. He was married to Sarah Wiley in May 1852 and her death occurred 5 years ago. There was born to them 4 sons, and four daughters. all of whom are residing here, except one daughter who is living at Manitoba. He came to this Twp in 1888 and has resided here up to the time of his death. Mr Powell was a very industrious man and was respected by all who knew him. The funeral was held at the M. E. church Wednesday afternoon and the remains laid in the Elkland cemetery.

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Oct 31, 1890

Caught on the Fly: From the Sevewaing Mining Blade: An effort is being made by the young ladies of this place says the Cass City Enterprise, to secure the band instruments and organize a ladies band. Ladies bands take wonderfully well and the enterprise hopes that the council will grant them full permission. Caro organized a ladies band long ago and such was the effect upon young men under the strains of the music that all of them got married shortly after they learned to play. We should not wonder if that was the matter with the Cass City Girls.

Obit: Henry Falmsbee, Sr died at his home in Novesta on Monday last. Mr Falmsbee has been residing on the farm of Henry Falmsbe, Jr since the death of the latter's wife. Paralytic stroke some years ago, subjected him to fits and while attending the fair at this place in September, he was seized with a fit, and it was necessary to take him home. He was a Union soldier during the civil war and was a respected citizen in this community. He leaves a wife to mourn his loss. The remains were interred in the Williamson cemetery in the township of Grant. He was 57 years of age.

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Oct 13, 1890

Obit: Died--In Ellington on Wed evening the 22nd at 7pm. Oliver Hatch father A N Hatch, at the advanced age of 88 years 11 months, 18 days. He was the oldest person living in this township, and has been very feeble for several years past. He was highly respected by all who knew him, and the large company of friends followed his remains to their last resting place in Ellingtion cemetery.

Nov 7, 1890

Married: At the residence of the bride's parents in Evergreen Nov 5 1890, by Reverend S M Gilchriese, Frank W Todd of Pontiac, and Miss Minnie Wells of Evergreen.

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Obit: Mrs C J Lowrie formerly a resident of this place, but late of Det, died at her home in that place last week of consumption. This will be sad news to her many friends and acquaintances in this locality as she was well and favorably knows.
Mrs Larry Nevil died at her home in Greenleaf on Sunday last at 6pm with cancer of the stomach. Mrs Nevil was 54 years of age and was an old resident of Greenleaf Twp. The funeral ceremonies were held in the Catholic Church at Minden City on Wed and the remains were laid in the Catholic cemetery. A A McKezie of this place took charge of the funeral.

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Marriage Licenses

William W Linton Akron, 23; Lorinda Ann Mathews, Akron, 23; John George Waltz, Denmark, 30; Maria R Schutetle, Denmark, 31; Charles A St. Mary, Cass City, 23; Annie S Quirk, Greenleaf, Michigan, 18; Gustavus Zaype, Caro, 24; Clara Christian, Caro, 19; Robert Hunter, Fairgrove, 24; Ellen McCloy, Fairgrove 23, John Hugh Adams, Arbella, 29; Lettie Dennis, Arbella, 18; Henry Gifford, Fairgrove, 32; Anna Scham Gilford, 16; William J Swer, Mayville, 43; Mrs D C Lester, Mayville, 49; John F Allen, Vassar, 23; Emma A Barnes, Vassar 18; William Putnam, Elmwood, 20; Christie Trickey, Ellington, 18; Luman Larryabee, Jr. Watrousville, 26; Addie Chase, Gilford, 21.

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Nov 14, 1890

Obit Deford: At his home in Novesta on Nov 5, Frank Dudley Sole age 19 years 7 months and 18 days. Our news this week is indeed solemn. A family circle has been broken. A young life has gone out from among us. A brother and sister weep, an aged father sorrows, a mother's heart is wrung with poignant grief because a familiar form has been laid away in its narrow home. Through it all, they feel to say thy will be done'. Deceased was born in the township of Kingston, this county, March 17, 1872. He has never been very strong physically and about two years ago he began to show marked decline in health. He was treated by several doctors but all to no purpose. He wasted away until his live went out as gentle as the closing of a summer day. He was buried in Lamotte Cemetery on the 7th inst. followed by sorrowing kindred and a large concourse of friends and neighbors,Rev Karr of this place officiated.

State News: Frederick Golden shot his eye out with a Roman candle at Flint during the democratic celebration and is so jubilant over the victory that he doesn't mind his loss a bit.

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Nov 21, 1890

Obit: Belle, 13 year old daughter of Orlando White who lives three miles East and one half mile south of this place died on Thursday of last week after an illness of only two days.

Nov 28, 1890

Obit: Otis Leonard of Almer died at his home one mile this side of Caro last Monday. Mr Leonard is an old pioneer of this county. having lived in the township of Almer for the past 28 years, during which time he has served 22 years as Twp Clerk, and 21 years in succession. He was clerk at the time death overtook him. He taught the Humes school in Almer Twp for several years during which time he gave the best of satisfaction. he was a member of the Masonic Lodge of Caro and was buried by that order on Wed in the Almer cemetery. He was respected by all who knew him. He leaves one son to mourn his loss, Warren W Leonard with whom he has resided for several years.

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Friday Dec 19, 1890

Caught on the Fly:

Sitting Bull the indian chief who has been one of the leading instigators among the Western indians can now take an active part in a genuine ghost dance. Monday morning the indian police started out to arrest the old chief and met him about three miles from camp. They made a dash and caught the foxy old redskin, his followers attempted a rescue and in the fight that ensued, Sitting Bull, his son Black Bird, Catch Bear and four others were killed. Seven of the indian police were also killed. It is thought that the death of Sitting Bull will result in the quieting of the indians.

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