Tuscola County Photographs

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Tuscola Photographs

Civil War Photos
Brown Photo Collections
Davenport Photo Collections
Franklin Lee Photo Collections
1948 Almer School Photos
World War I Photos
The First Car in Michigan (Caro)
Cass Graduating Class of 1925
Cass Graduating Class of 1966
Cook's Store, Wisner, Circa 1911/12
Drinkle-Horner photograph
Gill-Valentine photo
Gummerson, Gill, and McKillop
Gummerson-Valentine photo
Rich Hitchcock Photo Collection
John Lambert, Blacksmith
Juniata Sand and Gravel, 1941
Mildred Lambert and friends
Lewis Family Farm, Circa, 1889
W. T. Lewis and Family, 1937
W. T. Lewis and Jennie Ladd Lewis, 1945
W. T. Lewis at Vassar Centennial
Obertein Photo Collections
Miriam Horner Rickwalt, Flapper, 1923
Rickwalt Homestead, Wells Twp.
Robbins-Aikens Show Tent, Vassar
Robbins Homestead, Vassar
Walt and Ellen Short Photo Collection
Amos Spencer and Sons
Madge Keggs Spencer, Reese
Valentine Family
Henry Valentine 
Vassar Bridge
Wells Twp. Farm
Mary Herrick Wood
Wood Sisters, 1900, Vassar
Wood Sisters, 1950
WWI Tuscola Soldier (Lambert/Miller)


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