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The Tuscola County Combined Surname & Query page is an alphabetical listing of all names submitted by people researching in Tuscola County. Thanks to huge public interest, this page has become so large, I have had to divide it up into smaller pages. However, since some people visit this page regularly to check on new queries, I will be posting them first to this page and then moving them over to the master listing after approximately a month or two. If you change your e-mail address, please let us know so we can keep our links current and people can reach you. We reserve the right to remove queries without correct addresses in order to save space.

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Avery - Am wondering about James Avery died ca 1904. Helen, Sunday, July 4, 1999

Benkelman - Looking for information on the Benkelman family who came to Cass City, Tuscola County, Michigan in the mid 1800's from Germany by way of New York.  STRIF123@aol.com, Sunday, July 4, 1999

Brintnell -My grandmother Armantha Emeline (Emma) Brintnell married AndrewStephen SMITH of Iosco Co in Reese April 17, 1887.  Does anyone know anything about the Brintnell family? Joye Giroux jphjp@webtv.net, Sunday, July 4, 1999

Bell - I need any info on William Bell (originally from Canada) who aquired land in Tuscola Co. under the Michigan Homestead Act (mid 1800's). His son, William Bell (jr.) is buried, with wife Jamina, in Demorest , cemetery. Tuscola Co.7-14-99 DEJE@webtv.net , July 20, 1999.

Bross - Martha. I need some help. Martha BROSS married Joel INGERSOLL in Sussex Co., NJ about 1832. They moved to Orion, Oakland Co., Michigan about 1854. Joel died there 1 Sept. 1854. Martha BROSS was born 18 January 1812, the daughter of Gabriel BROSS and Martha Benedict DIXON/DICKSON. Sometime after the death of her husband Joel, she married a TUBBS. (Her daughter, Elizabeth INGERSOLL (1839-1925) married Walter TUBBS. Martha (BROSS) INGERSOLL TUBBS died in Michigan about 1906 or 1910. It may have been in Oakland County or Tuscola County. Please, if anyone can find a copy of the obituary of her death, I really would like to know exactly when she died and WHERE she is buried. I hope to make a trip to that area of Michigan in about two months and if I can find out where she is buried, I wish to visit the cemetery.I would appreciate any help that anyone might be able to give me.

MonaMusic@aol.com TIA Aug 14,1999.

Subject: newspaper article The newspaper article only stated as follows for February 1882: Mr. Lee received word recently that his brother and family had, who had left Mara Township last year for Northern Michigan, had all perished in a fire. This paper has had no other word of a fire. Thats all I have to go on, any ideas? S. Burke slburke@bconnex.net Thanks Lisa Sept 9,1999.


Conley-The year was 1864, William R.Conley Sr. left his home in Lockport, New York. He came to Caro then called Centerville, Tuscola County, Mi., with his wife Mary Ann Barber and their oldest son William R. Conley Jr. Soon after he arrived he purchased a farm of seventy-eight acres located in section three (3) in Centerville.In the year 1867, he traded the land to David Kinyon for two hundred acres of woodlands in Juniata Twp. and two hundred acres of woodlands in Fairgrove Twp, Tuscola County. The Conley men worked from dawn to dusk clearing the unwanted trees from the land by using brute force with their bare hands and with the use of horses and determination, they succeeded. After two years of hard labor William had built a fine farm and home in Fairgrove for his family. This was to be the Conley homestead for the next sixty-nine years. William Conley and his wife had seven children. Any additional history on the Conley families would be gratefully appreciated. William R. Conley Jr.(b)05.20.1863 (m) Winfred Partridge Frank Conley (b) 02.1866 (m) Emily Sayers David Conley (b) 07.16.1869 (m) Caroline Press John Conley (b) 1871 (m) Kate Jenny M. Conley (b) 1873 (m) Delbert Kelly George Conley (b) 04.03.1877 (m) unk. Charles Conley (b) 01.09.1879 (m) Mable Sayers All marriages took place in Tuscola County. Contact debra videna sum-1@home.com , Wed, July 28,1999.

Cooper - James W. Cooper and L(ue)ceve Ward are my great grand parents. I have a copy of the marriage certificate. They were married in Tuscola, Co. on October 20, 1872. The minister's name was A.A. Mead, Witnesses were Mrs. L. Spaulding of Arbela & C. Mead of Arbela. County Clerk was C. Stoddard. James was a farmer. They had five childred, Wm. was my grandfather. They had four daughters, Sada, Rose, Daisy and Grace. All were born in Tuscola, County. And all died in Tuscola, Co. I have no information on Grace, she might have died young. I wonder if they could be buried with her. I know that most are buried in Vassar, at the Riverside Cememtery, I have been there. My Grandfather is buried in Royal Oak. I would like to find out where my greatgrand parents are buried. I was told that my Grandmother was born in Fairgrove, but their marriage certificate says Pennsylvania. Can you help me? Contact PruntyDS@aol.com , Wed ,July 28,1999.

Chardon-I am researching the Chardon Family. Vincent Chardon and his wife Margaret (LaBeau) are living in or near Albion, Orleans County, NY as late as 1860. Their children are: Mary, Alice, Jeanette and Charles Edward. Mary marries James Hammant/Hammett Jr. and they are in Vassar by 1864 when their son William Hammant/Hammett is born. Their daughter Minnie (b. 1874 in Vassar) marries George Gawne and they have a daughter, Marguerite Gawne, b. 1909. William Hammett marries Cynthia Sprague and they have a daughter Iva (b. 1891) who marries Adolph Kern, and their daughter Doris Kern (b. 1917) seems to be the end of information I have on that side. Iva and Adolph lived in Bay County, and I have not done research there of them. William Hammant/Hammett's 1st wife Cynthia died before 1900. I find William marrying Sarah A. Root in Montcalm Co. They had no children, but she had children from her first marriage to Henry Yonker, Elsa and Fanny Yonker. I have no information on Alice, but Jeanette "Nettie" marries Henry Fisk/Fish in 1890 in Vassar, however I believe this marriage did not work as she is later found in the census living with her sister and using her maiden name Chardon. Our line is through the youngest, Charles Edward Chardon, who came to Vassar in the early 1880's with his mother Margaret LaBeau Chardon. Margaret remarried, in 1885, to John Adams. I have no idea what happened to Vincent Chardon, but I am sure he died either in NY or on the way to Michigan, although I cannot find the Chardons anywhere in the 1870 or 1880 census! Charles Edward Chardon married Madorah "Dora" Hiller in 1884 in Vassar and to them were born 7 children. I have found all of them except the death of Agnes who married twice, and has proved very elusive. I have been in contact with Leon Chardon who still lives in Vassar, but he has helped me all he can, giving me stories of his family. Surprisingly, he did not even know the Hammant/Hammetts or Gawnes who lived there! I know this is very long, but what I am trying to put together is information on Vincent Chardon who was born about 1814 in Canada, but was in the United States by 1845 working along the Erie Canal as a wheelwright. He applied for and received Citizenship in 1861 in Orleans Co., NY, but that's the last I have on him. Any help would be appreciated. Nancy J. Van Blaricum Dexter, MI nanvanb@voyager.net July 20,1999.

Crittenden -  Looking for information on Crittenden family.  Gordon H. Crittenden born in Koylton Twp. about 1936.  Has brothers and sisters.  I   only know the name of one Charles Crittenden.  If anyone can help me please   write to Julie Crittenden Walker   5806 Riley   Corpus Christi, TX  78412, or give phone number to anyone who will call me at (361) 993-2137.  JWa1009211@aol.com, Sunday, July, 4, 1999

Curtis- Looking for info on Charles Curtis, wife Susan Curtis. lived in Akron in 1870.child: Charles Curtis.Married to Betsey Tellapaw- Curtis.lived in Akron also.Children of; Deloss, Bblanchy,thomas,mimmi,maude,ward. c9933@aol.com. July20, 1999.

Drake, Swanson, Patterson, Smith, Nixon Most of these familys came from Ontario Canada around 1870s and settled  near Watertown, Fostoria, Fremont in Tuscola Couny We also have some Ross, D'Arcy, Tripp, leix,plumb and others who married into the family.Do you have any more information esp. in Canada?   garden13@tir.com Tuesday, July 6,1999.

Dunlaps - lived in Caro. Contact Barb Naruta naruta@tir.com Sept 9,1999.

Finn - Looking for. Contact TCEM@centuryinter.net Wed, Aug 4,1999.

Hall, Patterson, Paul, McIntyre, Gould, Sanford, Sage Most of these families came from Ontario to Tuscola in the 1870-1880 time frame. They lived in or near Cass City and in Lapeer County (Gould and Sage). The HALLs are my direct line. George, Isaac, Alfred, Anna, and Charles Hall were siblings that came together to Tuscola County from Ontario c1880. They intermarried with the other surnames. William Hall (Bill) Grimes Round Rock, TX grimy_b@swbell.net Monday, Oct 11,1999.

Higley - Orson Higley married Lorrettia Coe(1866). Need more data on Orson. Is he brother to Milton Higley Of Birch Run? Deslet@aol.com, Sunday, July 4, 1999

Hunter - William Wheelock, I have several letters from Tuscola County, Michigan, and postmarked, "Worth, Michigan", that were written shortly before, and during the Civil War. The name of is mentioned often. A few letters were written by himself after he enlisted in Co.'C',7th Regt., Michigan Cav. I have not been able to determine what became of him, but perhaps I found a >clue when I saw a gravestone in Hammond cemetery, Sec. 2, Birch Run Twp., that read: "MARK Son of W.W. & E.M. HUNTER Died June 26, 1875, Aged 4ys. 4m. 8ds." I would like to contact anyone who knows of this Civil War soldier and his family. Congratulations on your ambitious project for Tuscola County. Richard Wyman rwyman@tir.com Saturday, Oct 2, 1999.

Knisley - Henry; Daniel Roy Knisley; Cynt Knisley; Tean Knisley, George Knisley, John Knisley; Frank Knisley, etc. Looking for Knisley's in Caro, Tuscola County, Michigan area. Looking for living, related Knisley's from this Claudia Beardslee CORK1@prodigy.net Saturday, OCT 2, 1999.

Legg - Samuel and Hannah born in England, settled in Midddlesex Co, Ontario, Canada. Their son Henry Legg (born in England in 1810) married Lucy Meadows( born in England in 1814). Their fourth son Joseph married Elenor Daniels and moved to Michigan after 1877. They lived around Kingston,Mi. Their children were Alexander Wright, Harriet(my great grandmother), Arthur, Henry W., John Bradford, George, William, Lucyemma, Walter, Elenor, Hannah, Laura Elizabeth and Alfred.
Harriet Legg married Edward Hartt. Other connected families are London, Nagle, Hetley, Jeffries Any relatives or connections?Scott Ewbank
scotte1@ix.netcom.com Saturday, OCT 2,1999.

Lee - I would like to submit the names of my ancestors that I have been searching for.May have settled in Tuscola County, but I am at a loss as to how to find them. The only information I have is as follows: John Lee and his wife Mary(nee Morrison), and their three children, John Edward, Mary, and Catherine??, left Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada, for Northern Michigan, in 1881. I found a small article in our local paper, that stated that they had all perished in a house fire, but no exact location was given, or any other information. I would like to find out if it is the fire that was in September of 1881, and where they are buried. They were Roman Catholic. Thank you for any help. Contact S. Burke slburke@bconnex.net Wed, Aug 4,1999.

Leonard -I know that a great great uncle, named John Leonard, lived with wife, Delphine (Johnson) Leonard and 4 children, and owned and operated a livery in Cass City in late 1880's/early 1890's, before moving to Bad Axe where he bought and operated a hotel. His parents were Patrick and Julia (McMahon) Leonard, born abt. 1824, Irish/Catholics, who emigrated from Ireland > Morristown, NJ> Oakland County, Michigan (Clarkston> Bay City, Michigan and then I suspect Tuscola County. I have seen the surname "Leonard" mentioned in the county, but have no way of determining whether those Leonards relate to my "Leonards". Does anyone out there have any connection to my family? Thanks. Larry E. Powe lpowe@freemanlegal.com Monday. Oct 11,1999.

Lindsay - Looking for following surnames:  Lindsay, Sherman, and Ryan.  Especially interested in obtaining information on Minnie Lindsey Ryan who lived in Fostoria in Tuscola County and also on John and Charlotte Lindsay who are buried in the cemetary in Fostoria next to Carl Lindsay. Gary Klingler, Sunday, July 4, 1999

Maul or Maule, Dennis Maul married Emma or Amy Graves . Would like information on each of their parents. When born etc. They were married on Dec 24, 1885. Dennis died June 28, 1930. Contact rose a maul rmaul@spinn.net Aug 14,1999.

McArthur- Emilme---Searching for connections on my ggggrandmother. She was probably born around 1812. She married Erza Moe. They had seven children. The ones that I have are Albert (my gggrandfather) and Alexander. The Moes travelled alot and finally settled in Skamokawa, Washington. She died around 1880. Julie Hendrix Poker2@aol.com Saturday Oct 2,1999.

McKenzie- John - I am searching for any information regarding McKenzie's in Tuscola County.They would be located in Koylton Twp. Specifically my ancestor is John McKenzie who married Mary Ann Bell. I believe that this person and his brother James are the two McKenzie's an the application for the town of Koylton.Contact Michael T. McKenzie at michael_mckenzie@bigfoot.com August 15,1999.

McDowel - see Mier.

Mier - I am looking for two things. A family photo with the name J. Mier photogher Cass City when did he exist and the family in the picture, J Philip McDOWEL, circa 1895-1901. please help, Cathy Williamson, Sunday, July 4, 1999

Miles- My g-g-grandfather was George L. Miles married to Margaret Nelson both born in Canada and settling in Elkland Twp. in the late 1860's. George was one of seven boys in his family all of his brothers settling in Elkland Twp. except for one who settled in Gage Twp. instead. Am seeking any information on ancestry/descendents of any of these family members. Joseph B. Miller http://homestead.juno.com/joemiller5/ contact Joseph B Miller joemiller5@juno.com Saturday, OCT 2,1999.

Payne/Pain - Seeking information on Edward Payne/Pain, married Harriet E. Sherman on July 19, 1874, Tuscola, MI; they had daughter, Olive Isabell Payne, b. June 3, 1878.  Contact Jacalyn Findley, Sunday, July 4, 1999

Dunlap/Parrot - William & Margaret (PARROTT) DUNLAP descendants I am looking for descendants of Margaret PARROTT (17 June 1875 Ont. -1962) mar. William DUNLAP. Margaret PARROTT was the daughter of John PARROTT (1831 Eng-1831-1931 MI) and Margaret AKE (1841-1929 MI) who lived in Shabbona, Sanilac Co., MI. William DUNLAP was the son of James Dunlap (1839-1928) & Mary A. LYTLE (1831-1912). I have information about the PARROTT family to share. Barb Naruta 3000 West Water Port Huron, MI 48060 naruta@tir.com Sept 9,1999.

Peaslee/ Peasley-I am researching the Peaslee families that came to Michigan (Lapeer Co.,Tuscola Co., Antrim Co. and elsewhere) in the 1840s and 1850s. Previous to this they were in Norwich, Oxford Co., Ontario since about 1820. I believe they are descended from Philip Peaslee and possibly Silas Peaslee of Quebec and Vermont. I am trying to track descendants as well as connect my ancestors to their New England forebears. Some specific names are Luke Peaslee (b. abt. 1800 in VT- died abt. 1890), his siblings, Samuel, Patience, John W., Eunice, and Martha. Also- Luke's children: Augustus, William, Eunice, Sally Ann, and Henry. I am very interested in all Peaslees in Michigan in the 1800s and early 1900s, as most are related. Does anyone have any connections? Contact Melinda M. Anderson linroo@ix.netcom.com July 21,1999.

Perry -I need information on a William Perry who married Lucinda Whitman/Martin on Feb. 8, 1875 in Tuscola County, MI. Both William and Lucinda were in their 40s when they married according to their marriage record. Wiliam Perry shows up in an 1870 neighboring Sanilac County census so I know he was a real person. This couple could be my elusive great grandparents, but I need help with them. My grandfather's birth record (filed in 1940 in Lenawee County, MI and a year before his death in Tecumseh, MI) states he was born Dec. 19, 1876 in Port Huron, St. Claire, Michigan to William Perry Martin and Lucinda Whitman. He recorded their ages to be in the 30s when he was born, and his birth record states he was the third child born to Lucinda. However, there is no paper trail for William Perry Martin and/or Lucinda Whitman in St. Claire County, or anywhere else for that matter. In fact, I can't find a paper trail for my grandfather until the early 1900s when he showed up in Lenawee County, MI and married my grandmother. He told everyone he was an only child, yet his birth record states otherwise. Any information on William Perry; William Perry Martin Sr or Jr; Lucinda Whitman/Martin; or her children would be appreciated. Contact Judy Martin/Harvey harveyj@zoomnet.net Saturday, July 24,1999.

Press - My gggrandfather's name was Simmon Press (b) abt.1830, of English descent, born in Ontario, Canada. He married Mary Ann Remoar (b)bw.1830 -1832, of French descent in Crediton, Canada. They had seven children, all born in Canada. The family settled in Tuscola Co., and remained in the vacenity throughout their lives. The names of their children are Lucinda aka Sin Press, Lon Press, Martha Press, Rachel Press, Frank Press, Robert Harrison Press aka Bob, and Caroline Louise Press. I would be happy to share what information I have. Contact Deb sum-1@home.com , Tuesday,July 20, 1999.

Riker, Streval, Gilbert- These are lines I'm researching.  All resided in Tuscola Co. Wisner area.  Would like to share info with anyone working on these families.  Also, does anyone know who is the keeper of the burial records for the Wisner cemetary? Contact Moldymi@cs.com, Sunday, July 4, 1999.

Rikert - Seeking info on the Phillip Homer Rikert family who lived near Watrousville per 1860 census. Daughter Margaret married Dan'l? Wilder.   Did Rikerts stay in the area?  Unable to locate them in 1870 either in Tuscola or Bay or Saginaw counties.  Know they were in Bay later, as they are buried there. Son Henry who was supposed to have died in the Civil War is said to have been buried in the Watrousville  Cemetary, but have been unable to locate grave in a walk thru.   Are there burial records available? Robert Barber, Sunday, July 4, 1999

Roderick - see Williams.

Ryan - See Sherman

Schumachar-Looking for CHRISTIAN SCHUMACHAR born ABT 1844 in Ann Arbor he married JANETTE BECKLAY/BECKLY. They had a daughter MARY MATILDA SCHUMACHAR b. 1 Nov 1866 Ann Arbor,MI. d. 28 Dec 1946 Ann Arbor, MI She married WILLIAM ARTHUR CROSBY 27 Feb 1883 Washtenaw Co.,MI. They had a son PERRY YALE CROSBY he died in prison for killing a man. He married FRANCIS LORETTA MCGUIRE. If you have info or need what I have I am more than willing to share. Possibly we could work together like I do with my Cox cousins it works great.BUSHY HARTMAN mihartman@InfoAve.Net Sunday, Sept 19th, 1999.

Sherman - see Payne/Pain.

Sherman - see Ryan

Sherman - I am interested in info regarding the Sherman Family of Watertown township. William R Sherman & wife Emaline Cole came to watertown from Ontario. Harvey Sherman was his son, I can  find the grave markers in the watertown cemetary. I have quite a bit of info I am willing to share. Harvey F. Sherman, Sunday, July 4, 1999

Sprecksel / Gillies -Grandparents Peter Sprecksel b1821 Germany x Ann Gillies b1838 Scotland married 1872 in Denmark township.  Had 2 children, Daniel b1873 & Kathryn b1876, both born in Reese.  Family letters show  them still living in Reese in 1888 & their place was to be sold at auction.  Census 1900 places them in Misaukee county but Ann's father Daniel Gillies b1808 Scotland & her brother William Gillies b1832 Scotland are supposedly buried in Tuscola county, Daniel in Reese & William in Gilford.  Can anyone verify?  Any info about this family is greatly appreciated.  Thanks so much. SHERRI HACKMAN SISTERSGRIMM@webtv.net July 6, 1999

Swarthout- Is it possible for you to tell me anything about Edson Swarthout? My fraternal grandmother's name was Maude Estella Swarthout. She married Paul Wesley Putnam.This is interesting because Paul Wesley Putnam had a brother named Edson Putnam (if memory is correct). Contact David Paul Putnam putt@usxchange.net July 31,1999.

Tallman - Matthew Henry, I am looking for information on the Tallman family. Matthew Henry Tallman married Mary Catherine More. Their son William N. Tallman married Mary Evelyne Ellsworth. They had 4 children: Lizzie, Charles, Florence and Clarence (October 22, 1895-May 13, 1985) This is the only date we have. We know Clarence and the other kids grew up in Kingston, and think Matthew may have settled in Wilmot, probably from Canada.Any information, leads, hints, anything would be greatly appreciated. We are at a dead end.Contact Judy Stevens at JJBS@aol.com August 15,1999.

Tiedgen - I am looking for information on my grandfather, Fred A. TIEDGEN and his ancestors.  My mother's cousin was Lucian TIEDGEN who lived in Caro and died in Caro in 1993. I assume that Lucian's father was a brother of my grandfather.  My grandfather was born about 1890.  I would appreciate any suggestions or help with my efforts to find out more about the TIEDGEN's.  Thanks, Sallie Giffen, Sunday, July 4, 1999

Tubbs -I need the name of the Mr.Tubbs that Martha (BROSS), widow of Joel INGERSOLL married after the death of husband Joel in 1854. (Martha and Joel moved to MI with their seven or eight children in 1854 from Sussex Co., NJ) I also would like to know when Martha died and where she is buried. Some say she died 1906; others say 1910. Probably in Tuscola County, MI. Martha was 88 years of age in the 1900 Census. Martha and Joel had a daughter, Elizabeth, who married Walter TUBBS March 1857 in Mayville, Tuscola Co., MI Any help will be most appreciated. Mona Bross Hylton, Richmond, IN MonaMusic@aol.com Note SEE ABOVE: Martha (BROSS) INGERSOLL TUBBS. Monday, Sept 20, 1999.

Warren- Ghouly E. Was b. Jan. 3, 1874 and came to MI a year later, d. 1943. Ghouly married Hattie STEFFENS b. OH of Vassar on Aug. 23, 1908. They lived in Tuscola Co. in 1910 and in Allegan Co. in 1920 censuses. They had a daughter Frances(married SCHMIDT) not yet 1 yr old in 1910 census, living in Saginaw in 1943; and son Albert Eugene WARREN age 8 yr. 9 mo. in 1920 census, living in Tuscola Co. in 1943. At the time of Ghouly's death he had 3 grand children. Ghouly's parents were John WARREN b. about 1846 NY d. about Mar. 1911 MI and Frances (last name unk.)d. about 1905 in MI. Any information on this WARREM family would be appreciated. Contact Carol Niewinski at kaci@means.net Sunday, Sept 19th,1999.

Wilber - Looking for information on the following names/surnames:  Wilber, Wilbur, Wilbore, Vanatter Winfield Scott Wilber, Jerome Wilber, Claude Wilber.  Thank You, Chuck Wilber, Sunday, July 4, 1999

Williams - Looking for information on Frederick Leland Williams and/or Maud H. Williams.  They had a child in Caro, Tuscola, County, in 1903.  His name was Jacque L. Williams.  It is possible that his mother's name is wrong, possibly Rose Ellen Roderick.  Any suggestions or volunteer census lookups would be appreciated. Brenda, Sunday, July 4, 1999

Williams- Elijah b. ~1834 in New York; farmer in Indian Fields in 1870 census. His father may have been Othaniel WILLIAMS and his mother's name may have been Samantha (they were living with him in 1870). His daughter Harriet b. 1861 was my ggrandmother. Her mother was from Wales, but was not listed on the 1870 census? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sally Coanes Santeford hssantef@mtu.edu MESSAGE #2 >WILLIAMS, Elijah b.1834 in New York. His father may have been Othanial WILLIAMS, his mother Samantha. Farmer in Indian Fields in 1860 and 1870 census. I'm looking for the names of his wives. Monday, Sept 20,1999.



# 95 February 9, 1900, JOSEPH PETIPRIN, male/while/married; age 66 years, 10mths, 26 days; lived in Almer, cause of death is Pheumonia; born in Switzerland; farmer, parents are Enos Petiprin and Susan Forshee of Switzerland; recorded March 24, 1900. Page 113,

# 66: March 10, 1899; AMANDRUS HEIM; male/while/married; age 56 years 9 months, 10 days; lived in Almer; cause of death is Chronic Endocarditis; born in Germany; farmer; parents are John V. Heim and Mary L. Trost of Germany; recorded April 4, 1899.

# 10: October 18, 1931; MARY E. TUPPER HEIM; female/while/widowed; age 81 yrs, 16 days; lived in Columbia Twp; Cause of death is Diabetes; born in New York; no occupation; parents are Hiram Tupper and Lucy Riker Tupper, recorded December 4, 1931.


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