Happy 150th Birthday, Tuscola County!!!

If you wish to contribute information to this project, please contact Gloria Hall.

Tuscola County Sesquicentennial

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Tuscola County will be 150 years old in the year 2002, and several projects are now underway to record it’s history. Your help is urgently needed to ensure that this and other Tuscola projects will keep Tuscola’s rich history alive. The following are several ways you can contribute your Tuscola County information:

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Tuscola County’s Sesquicentennial Project:

We are trying to preserve our history for future generations. We need photos of street scenes and buildings, and photos of the people who made us a community. We want to make negatives and can either have you make them, or send them to us and we will have them made. We will also accept photos as gifts.

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Tuscola Civil War Project:

The second project is about our Civil War Soldiers. We would like photos of the men in Tuscola County who were in the Civil War, regardless of where they joined or served. If they were residents of Tuscola County, we want them. They may be sent via e-mail, or we can get negatives made.

If you have copies of the service records of any Civil War Soldier, may we make a copy? We have our own copier and will pay the postage.

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Tuscola One-Room Schools:

A third project is the history of Tuscola County one-room schools. We are collecting photos of the one-room schools, and also photos of the students. We will take copies made on a color lazer printer, negatives, or make negatives from your photos.

We hope to complete these in 1 to 3 years, depending on how long it takes to get the information, and will put copies in the libraries and make them available for sale. We will accept gifts, or return loans.

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For more information: contact Gloria Hall:

e-mail: TrischHall@centuryinter.net

Snail Mail Address:
Gloria Hall
1405 Hunt Rd.
Mayville, MI 48744

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