Baur Centennial Farm

ORIGINAL OWNERS:     Simon A. BAUR (1859-1902)

                                             Albert & Clara BAUR (1902-1945)

                                             Clemens P. BAUR (1945-1985)

PRESENT OWNERS:        Raymond & Norma BAUR

     Simon A. Baur purchased 40 acres of land in 1859 for $1.25 per acre from the State before he was married.  He added an adjoining 40 acres in 1891.  Both tracts are in Section 25 N in Akron Township.  M-25 separates this land from a tract purchased in 1852 by Simon's father.  Together the family cleared the level land, found it easy to till and highly productive.

     Family farming with grain crops, sugar beets, hay, pasture, cattle, pigs, and chickens gradually changed after 1945 in favor of navy beans, wheat, and corn as cash crops.

     In 1859 Simon built a barn on the original 40 acres.  This barn, in use for over 126 years, is a landmark.  The white pine siding, never painted, is deeply weathered to a soft gray.  The barn was remodeled in 1909 by adding a gambrel roof, locally known as a hip roof.

     Simon A. Baur sold his 80 acres to Albert and Clara Baur in 1902 who added another 20 acres to the farm.  They transferred the title to son Clemens who sold it to the fourth generation - Raymond and Norma Baur - on contract in 1985.  Simon would be well pleased with the careful husbandry by the Baur Centennial Farm family of his 1859 investment in land near Saginaw Bay.

from Michigan's Centennial Family Farm Heritage 1986 by Mary L. Wermuth

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