Frent Centennial Farm

ORIGINAL OWNERS:     George FRENT (1854-1886)

                                              Adelbert FRENT (1886-1939)


     George Frent and his wife built a small log house and barn and began farming the very level land they had purchased.  In 1914 Adelbert and Eva built the present frame home and later a barn which was torn down in 1978.  The chicken coop was turned into a granary.  The remaining 27 acres of woods on the 80 that Adelbert inherited from his father of the original 160 provides heat in the winter for the homestead.  

     Guy remembers the first drills, bean pullers, and corn binders developed during the 20's and 30's.  Wheat, corn, beans, and beets grow in the fields today.  Tractors replaced horses in the 1940's.  He was born on the farm and took it up from his grandparents in 1939.  He had lived on his parent's farm about a half mile away until then.  Thus he is the fourth generation but only the third to own the land - a fact that demonstrates how strong ties and tradtion are in this Centennial Farm Family.

from Michigan's Centennial Family Farm Heritage 1986 by Mary L. Wermuth

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