Albert Luther

Charlotte Luther, widow of Smith Luther, came from Brownville, New York, with her three grown sons, Albert, Watson, and Curtis. They bought government land near Fairgrove in Sections 27, 33, and 34 around 1854.  Charlotte later married Thomas Streeter, and is buried in Brookside Cemetery.  Albert married Mary E. Hinson and they later farmed in Akron Township.  Watson married Mary Jane Chamberlain and they are buried in Brookside Cemetery.  Curtis married first Rebecca Gordon and second Linda Vaughn.  They were farmers near Unionville.  Many  descendants of Charlotte and her sons still live in the Fairgrove, Akron, and Unionville areas.

Albert Luther removed with his mother and two brothers to Fairgrove, Michigan in 1854. He was a farmer in Akron Township and a steamship pilot on the Great Lakes. Albert is buried in Hickory Island Cemetery, Unionville.  He and his  wife Mary had three children: Carrie Anna who married Cyrus Ackerman; Oscar Budd who married Orilla Streeter; and Frederick Albert who married Mrs. Annie Waltenburg.

Submitted by Sherrye Woodworth October 2000.

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