Akron Township, Tuscola County, Michigan

Akron Township is located in the northwest corner of Tuscola County, Michigan.  It consists of flat, rural farmland and contains the Villages of Akron and Bay Park.  The flat swampy grassland edging the Lake Huron shoreline was known as the "prairie", and much of this area is now home to the Fish Point Wildlife refuge.  My name is Sherrye Luther Woodworth and I am the host for this site.  Please contact me with any questions, comments, or if you wish to contribute to this site.

History of Akron Township
    History of Akron Twp.     History of Akron Village  
 Early Town Supervisors               Early Events
       Early Land Entries

      Early Schools      

Vital Records
1850 Census A-I          1850 Census J-Z 1860 Census  1870 Census Index
       Births               Marriages      Deaths  GLO Land Records
 Naturalizations  Hickory Island Cemetery . .

      William Adlam  King Allen and related families .
.            Charles H. Beach     Charles Blakely
          W. W. Briggs            Aaron Broderick         Fred Bush
       Charles D. Cook             Emery D. Cook      Thomas Gainforth
      Henry H. Gilbert    

  Albert L. Hemstreet 

     Wesley Hover 
         Albert Luther                E.P.  McCollum      Wm. McLaren
         E. H. Moore              John Nicholson        W.J.  Partlo
        Chas. Powell                  George Sharp     John Southgate
     Benjamin Streeter             John Streeter        D. Youmans

Miscellaneous Resources and Links
Baur Centennial Farm    Frent Centennial Farm    Tuscola Deaths    
Akron Multimag Pages  Tuscola County Advertiser  .

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