Ellington  Cemetery, Tuscola Co.  MI.

Burials A - C

Transcribed by Lila Arroyo from Miscellaneous Records

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Ackley, Hugh d. 15 Oct 1926, Ellington,  home of acute gastritis due to faulty heart, b. 1874, died at 52 yrs, parents unknown, single, blk4 lot2 sp2
Adams, Almon Alvin d. 18 May 1985 in Ellington, b. 1915, Spouse: Eleanor Adams, blk6 lot47 sp5
Adams, Almon W. d. 1928, b. 1839, spouse; Anne S. Adams, blk4 lot8 sp5
Adams, Anne S.


d. 30 Apr 1939, b. 29 July 1849 Springfield Township, Oakland County, Michigan, parents: Daniel Jarvis Turner and Catherine Webb, husband: Almon W. Adams,  blk4 lot8 sp4
Adams, Cecil d. 1922, b. 1898, blk4 lot9 sp5
Adams, Daniel d. 20 Feb 1959, B. 1870, blk4 lot9 sp1
Adams, Eleanor (Pohl) d. 30 Nov 2001 at Rendon’s AFC Home in Caro, Tuscola County, Michigan,  b. 30 July 1910 in Fargo, Michigan. 1st spouse; Luther Dill, 2nd: Almon Adams, blk6 lot47 sp4
Adams, James d. 6 Apr 1936, 1855, blk4 lot8 sp3
Adams. Mary d. 2 Mar 1958, b. 1874, blk4 lot9 sp2
Adams, Vance d. 5 March 1998 in Gagetown, MI at home, b. 31 Mar 1922 in Blackey, Kentucky to Alex Adams & Ida Hampton, m. 2 Mar 1956 in Detroit to Marion C. Reid, son: Timothy Vance, sibs: Nola Perrers, Ettie Bowens, Vaulta Stumbo, Trunetta Adams, Ruby, Myrtle, Ruth Adams, Estill & Birchell Adams, PFC US Army in WWII. blk5S lot1 sp1
Adams, Villa Hazel d. 28 Oct 1900 of diphtheria in Ellington, Caro, b. 21 Oct 1896 in Michigan, parents: Daniel Adams and Mary Lockwood,  blk4 lot9 sp4
Albertson, Edward no info, , spouse: Laura Albertson, buried in  blk1 lot81 sp2
Albertson, Goldie d. 17 July 1895 at 8 mo's 7 days of consumption in Ellington, b. Michigan, farmers wife, parents: Edward E. & Laurie Albertson. blk1 lot81 sp3
Albertson, Laura buried 13 Feb 1934, b. 1857, blk1 lot81 sp1
Alfield, John Henry d. 27 June 1959 of cerebral hemorrhage at Tuscola County Nursing Home, Caro, Michigan, burial in Ellington Township Cemetery, Caro, Tuscola County, Michigan, b. 2 Dec 1886 in Michigan, parents. unknown, spouse: Laura Alfield, d. 28 Oct 1900, parents: Daniel Adams and Mary Lockwood.

Allard, Blanche Florence

d. 3 O ct 1973, b. 1879, blk6 lot16 sp3
Allard, Frances d. 1982, b. 1893, blk4 lot16 sp3
Allen, David Charles d. 20 Nov 1928 of cardiac arrhythmia on the way to Caro Community Hospital, Tuscola County, Michigan, b. 2 June 1939 in Michigan, parents: David A. Allen and Bernice Craig, spouse: Beverly Tibbits.   blk6 lot35 sp4
Allen, Helen  d. 1936, b. 1844, blk2 lot85 sp 2
Allen, Isaac d. 1894, b. 1840, blk2 lot85 sp1
Allen, (Turner) Jean Margaret, d. 24 Dec 2002 in Grand Haven, Michigan, b. 26 Oct 1918 in Cass City, Tuscola County, Michigan, to Francis George Bardwell & Hallie Spurgeon, m. 12 Feb 1937 to 1st spouse: John Dwight Turner, d. 13 Dec 1977, m. 25 May 1991 to 2nd spouse: Wendell M. Allen, d. 11 Oct 2000, blk5N lot8 sp4
Allen, James W. d. 4 July 1878,  burial in Ellington, served in Civil War in Co G 1st Mich Inf per TC war rcds
Allen, Joan L. Yax d. 17 July 1965, b. 1935, blk5N lot33 sp5
Allen, Wendell M. d. 11 Oct 2000, blk5N lot8 sp4
Allison, Mary Ann d. April 24, 2006, at her home in Mt Pleasant, Michigan, formerly of Caro, Tuscola County, b. August 23, 1954, in Cass City, parents: Samuel Salgat and Arlene Freeman, possibly 1st spouse unknown Reedy. children, Timothy (Scarlott) Reedy of Burton, and Joshua Allison of Mt. Pleasant and his father, Robert Allison of Caro;  grandson, Garett Brent Reedy of Burton;  siblings, James (Charlene) Trisch of Pickford, Sandra Smith of Mt. Pleasant, Eugene Salgat of Fargo, North Dakota and Michael Salgat of Fairgrove; as well as several nieces and nephews. In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by two nephews, Scott and Jeff Salgat. burial in  Ellington Township Cemetery.
Almas, Fred d. abt 13 Mar 1896, served in late war, buried by GAR in the Hurds Corner Cemetery, (Ellington Township Cemetery, Caro) res: Kingston,
Andrzejewski, Casmer d. 25 Mar 1963in Cass City Hospital, Tuscola County, b. 18 Feb 1889 in Poland, parents: John Andrzejewsk and Veronica Blochowick, wife: Martha Madziarski,  blk7 lot126 sp1.
Andrejewski, Martha d. 7 Mar 1970, b.  18 May 1893 in Warsaw, Poland, spouse: Casmer Andrezejewski, blk7 lot126 sp2
Andress, Albert d. 3 Feb 1969 in Caro Hospital, b. 10 Aug 1892 Tusc Co, spouse: Hazel Kinnell. blk5N lot22 sp1
Andress, Alberta d. 21 May 1931, b. 1931, blk5N lot22 sp4
Andress, Dennis d. 2 May 1964, b. 1880, blk3lot21 sp4
Andress, Ellen d. 19 Feb 1932, b. 1859, blk3lot21sp 2
Andress, Ellis Alfred d. 6 Jun 1952 in Caro, Tuscola County, b. 14 Dec 1885 in Colwood, Tuscola County,  blk1lot2sp3
Andress, Gladys Hazel d. 22 Feb 1983, b. 1926, unmarried. blk5Nlot22sp3
Andress, Harold Albert d. 21 Oct 1930, b. 1930, blk5N lot22 sp5
Andress, Hazel d. 3 Apr 1970 in Heatherstone Nursing, b. 1898 in Gagetown. spouse: Albert Andress, nee: Kinnell, blk5N lot22 sp
Andress, James d. 1915. b. 1843, blk3 lot21 sp1
Andress, Nicholas  d. buried, 15 Jan 1949, b. 1848, blk1 lot1 sp2
Andrzejewski, Casmer d. 25 Mar 1963 at Cass City Hospital, Elkland Township, Cass City, Tuscola County, Michigan, buried in Ellington Township Cemetery, Caro, Tuscola County, Michigan, b. 18 Feb 1889 in Poland, parents: John Andrzejewski and Veronica Blochowich, wife: Martha Madziarski, (tcd vol 61-F734)
Anger, Abraham d. 17 Sept 1862, killed in Action at the Battle of Antietam, res: Ellington, enlisted on August 25th, 1861 at Monroe for 3 years, age 23, mustered August 29th, 1861
Antya, Myra Ellen  d. 7 Feb 1962, b. 1897, blk3 lot37 sp4
Arroyo, Lisa Mae d. 14 Sept 1961 in Saginaw General Hospital, Saginaw County, Saginaw, Michigan, b. 16 June 1960 in Cass City Hospital, Cass City Tuscola County, Michigan, lived in Ellington Township, Cass City, Tuscola County, Michigan, 4th child of Luis Arroyo & Lila Marie Neiman, blk5Slot56sp3 .
Atfield, John Alfred d. 30 June 1959, b. 1881, blk3 lot35 sp1
Atfield, Laura M.  d. 30 June 1959, b. 1886, blk3 lot35 sp2
Babcock, Franklin Delano d. 22 Apr 1999, b. 14 Apr 1934, parents: Zebe Alvin Babcock and Gladys Mary Nichols, wife: Judy Miller.
Babcock, George, d. 29 Aug 1952 of brain tumor, b. 26 June 1889 in Ellington, Michigan, parents: George Babcock and Sarah Grove. spouse: Esther Babcock, served in Korean War, blk3 lot16 sp4
Babcock, George Raymond d. 23 Jan 1990 of myocardial infraction at Caro Community Hospital. buried in Ellington Township Cemetery, Caro, Tuscola County, Michigan. - b. 18 July 1926, in Ellington of Dutch/English descent, 2nd child of Zebe Alvin Babcock, b. Michigan, farmer and Gladys Mary Nichols, b. Mi, wife: Rose Mary Baker, served in US Navy during WW II,  blk5S lot42 sp1   
Babcock, James d. 26 Feb 1965, b. 1903, blk5S lot43 sp1
Babock, May  Living? ? b. 1918, blk3 lot14 sp4
Babcock, Martin R. d. 24 Aug 1952, b. 1952, (twin) , parents George Raymond & Rosemary Babcock,blk5S lot42 sp4
Babcock, Michael R. d. 24 Aug 1952, b. 1952 (twin), parents: George Raymond & Rosemary Babcock, blk5S lot42 sp4
Babcock, Ralph Clifford d. 28 Dec 1984, b. 1918, Served in WWII. blk3 lot 14 sp 3
Babcock, Rose Mary d. 4 Oct 2001 at Covenant Medical Center in Saginaw, Michigan, b. 29 Oct 1928 in Reyno, Arkansas, parents unknown, husband: George Babcock,  nee: Baker, children: David Lee Babcock and Debra Babcock Mantey, blk5S lot42 sp2
Bailey, Claudia d. 1888, b. ? blk1  lot743 sp3
Bailey, Earl Lionel d. 1910, b. 24 Nov 1878 in Michigan to Wm. E. Bailey, b. Michigan, farmer and Ellen A. Bailey, b. Michigan, spouse: Iley Bailey, blk2 lot57 sp1
Bailey, Henry A. d. 9 Aug 1903 at 68d3m23dy in Ellington, b. New York, served in Civil War in Co. K. 31st .Wis Inf. parents: Henry Bailey and Eliza Brown.
Bailey, Iley B. d. 30 Jan 1945 in Wright Nursing home, died of toxemia following acute cystitis, b. 7 Aug 1876 in Elmwood Twp, Mi, nee: Smith, spouse: Earl L. Bailey, blk2 lot57 sp2
Bailey, Lyle L. d. 2 May 1916 in Ellington, b. 30 May 1888 in MI, parents: William Bailey and Ella Wilbur.
Bailey, Mabel d. 10 Feb 1881 at 4 mos 3 days of Diphtheria, b. Michigan, parents: H. A. Bailey and Marion Bailey
Bailey, Minerva d. 16 May 1890 of pneumonia in Ellington, b. 1836, spouse: Henry A. Bailey, son: Wm H. Bailey, blk1 lot73 sp3
Bailey, William A. d. 25 Aug 1903, Pontiac Asylum in MI, b. 1876 Ellington, blk1 lot74 sp2
Balch, Edgar Theron Sr. d. 24 Jan 1938 in Ellington, b. 2 July 1851 Lapeer Co, parents: Edgar Theron Balch Sr. and Ann Eliza Auis, blk2lt44sp1
Balch, Edgar Theron Jr. d. 24 Aug 1970, b. 1889, parents: Edgar Theron Balch Sr. and Ann Eliza Auis.  blk2 lot44 sp3
Balch, Freddie M. d.  2 July 1894 of fits,  b. 1894,. blk2 lot44 sp4
Balch, Ila May d. 23 Sept 1995 in Tusc Co Nursing Home, Caro,  b. 14 Dec 1894, parents: Edgar T. Balch and Sophia Osterle, unmarried. blk4 lot34 sp5
Balch, Sophia d. 1 Oct 1942, b. 12 Nov 1859 in Sanilac Co,  parents: Julius Pesterle, b. Germany and Mary Somerhaulter, b. Switzerland, spouse: Edgar Theron Balch JR. blk2 lot44 sp2
Ball, Beverly A. Tibbits Allan -  d. 22 Nov 2005, in a traffic accident near Akron, Michigan, b. 16 Apr 1938 in Pinnebog, Michigan, 1st spouse: David Allan, 2nd spouse: Norman Ball, blk35 lot6 sp3.
Bardwell, Frederick John  Sr. d. 3 Aug 1988, b. 11 Feb 1921, parents Frank Bardwell and Hallie Spurgeon, wife: Twila Kenney. blk6 lot17 sp5
Bardwell, Frank George d. 4 May 1966, b. 28 June 1894, parents: Frederick Bardwell and Nancy Eldred, wife: Hallie Bardwell. blk6 lot14 sp1
Bardwell, Hallie B. d. 13 July 1977 in Caro Hospital, b. 2 Sept 1894 in Oakland Co, b. 1894,. spouse Frank Bardwell. blk6 lot14 sp2
Barrigar, Audrey M. d. 14 June 1998,  b. 19 Mar 1916 in Elmwood Township, parents: Perry & Anna (Lounsbury) Livingston) spouse: Cecil Barriger, German/English descent, blk6 lot57 sp2
Barrigar, Cecil d.  22 Dec 1992, b. 26 Mar 1910 in Ellington Township, spouse: Audrey Barriger. blk6lot57sp1
Barrigar, Horace B. d. 10 Apr 1926 at Howell Sanitarium of TB , MI, b. 1885 in Canada, spouse: sibs: Mrs. Wm Freeman, Mrs. Joseph Brophy, & Wm & Howard Barriger, blk4 lot4 sp4
Barrigar, Mary Ethel d. 17 Apr 1998, b. 7 Feb 1908, parents: William Barriger and Sarah Andress, unmarried, blk4 lot5 sp1
Barrigar, Sarah A. d. 19 July 1942, b. 1874, spouse : Wm E. Barriger, blk4 lot5 sp2
Barrigar, Sarah E. d. 20 Dec 1938, b 1844, spouse: Sarah E. Barriger, blk4 lot4 sp3
Barriger, Robie A. d. 25 Dec 1906, parents: James Hutchinson and Martha Smith.
Barrigar, William E. d. 22 July 1907, parents: William Barriger and Mary E. Lennox. blk4 lot4 sp2
Baxter, Elizabeth M. d. 1864, b. 1837, blk1 lot55 sp4
Baxter, Hiram d. 1866, b. 1866, blk1 lot55 sp5
Behrens, Robert Gustare  d. 5 Oct 1918, b. 1 Oct 1918, parents: Gustare Behrens and Emma Burkhardt.
Bean, Arthur Russell David  d. 31 May 1999, b. 6 July 1946, parents: William Edward Bean and Dorothy Signurey, wife: Helen Mulrath. blk4 lot64 sp1
Bearss, Hiram d. 1919, b. 1850, blk1lot37sp2
Bearss, Jonnie d. 20 June 1881, parents: Hiram & Malinda Bearss, blk1lot37
Bearss, Malinda d. 1903, b. 1850, blk1 lot37 sp3
Bearss, Maudy b. 1888, d. 1888, blk1 lot51 sp5
Bearss, Minnie d. 1 June 1881, parents: Hiram & Malinda Bearss, blk1 lot37
Bearss, Wealthy J. d. 1912, b. 1841, blk1 lot51 sp2
Bearss, William  d. 1882, b. 1815, blk1 lot37 sp 1
Beecher, Herbert Oliver d. 29 Oct 1992, b. 1931, spouse: Patricia Urquhart, served in US Army, blk5Nlot23sp4.
Beecher, Patricia Jane d. 11 Mar 1997, b. 1937, spouse: Herbert O. Beecher, parents: Leonard & Emaline Urquhart, blk5N lot23 sp5.
Beers, Chester d. 1965, b. 1912, blk6 lot30 sp5
Beers, John Edward d. 3 Oct 1984, b.  29 Sept 1948, served in US Navy in Vietnam. blk6lot39sp3
Behrens, Robert Gustave d. 5 Oct 1918 of traumatic meningitis, buried in Ellington Township Cemetery, Tuscola County, Caro, Michigan, b. 1 Oct 1918 in Michigan, dad: Gustave Behrens, b. Germany mom: Emma Burkhardt, b. New York City, New York
Bell, Unnamed d. 1896, b. 1896,  blk2 lot65 sp4.
Bell, Herman D. d. 27 Nov 1984, b. 1912, blk7 lot52 sp4.
Bell, Hilma S. d. 15 July 1995, b. 1911, blk7 lot52 sp5.
Bell, Mary d. 1928, b. 1862, blk2 lot65 sp2
Bell, Samuel d. 20 Nov 1913, b. 15 Aug 1851, parents: George Bell and Mary McDowell. blk2 lot65 sp1
Benjamin, Delbert d. buried 31 Mar 1952, b. 1886, blk1 lot84 sp3
Benjamin, George d. no info, blk1 lot84 sp4
Benjamin, Lura d. 21 Mar 1904, parents: Luc Bardwell and Miss Skinner.
Benjamin, Mary A. Della d. 11 Dec 1911, b. 28 Mar 1878, parents: L. M. and Margaret Hainy.
Benjamin, Wellington  no info,  blk1 lot84 sp5
Biglow, Flora R. d. 6 Jan 1887, blk2 lot50 sp3
Biglow, Marve d. 1887, blk2 lot50 sp2
Binder, Catherine d. 5 May 1969, b. 1891, blk6 lot 51 sp2
Binder, David W. d. 24 Feb 1976, b. 1891, blk6 lot51 sp1
Bishop, Charlotte d. 18 June 1983 of cardiac arrest in Provincial House nursing home, Cass City, Tuscola County, Michigan, b. 16 Oct 1885 in Michigan, parents: Benjamin Southworth & Elizabeth Hutchinson, blk1 lot13 sp3
Bishop, Edith d. 7 Jan 1998, b. 17 Mar 1912, spouse: Oscar Bishop,  blk1 lot13 sp2
Bishop, Ella d. 12 July 1938, parents: Charles Young and Mary Arnold.
Bishop, Oscar H d. 2 May 1908, b. 16 Dec 1894, spouse: Edith Bishop, blk1 lot13 sp1
Blackmore, Edward d. 31 Mar 1906, parents: J. B. Blackmore and Helen Peterson.
Blaczk, Barbara d. 2 Mar 1964 of coronary thrombosis at Almont Community Hospital, Almont, Michigan,  b. 4 Dec 1888 Poland; parents, unknown Piotrowski &  mom: unknown Frost, husband, Jacob Blaczk. blk3 lot38 sp4
Blaczk, Jacob (Jack) d. 27 Feb 1964 of carcinoma of prostate at Tuscola County Nursing Home, Caro, Michigan, b. 25 Apr 1886 in Poland, parents: Unknown Blaczk & Ann unknown, wife : Barbara Blaczk, blk3 lot8 sp5
Blakely, Frederick S. d. 27 Nov 2005 at St Mary’s Hospital, Saginaw, residence  Cass City, b. 1 June 1943 in Unionville, Tuscola County, Michigan, parents Spencer Blakely and Irene E. Freeman, m. 26 Oct 1963 in Vassar, Tuscola County, Michigan to Carol Bills.
Bliss, Dyland Todd d. 12 Oct 1999, b. ?  blk7 lot80 sp1
Botsford, Unnamed no info blk1 lot20 sp5
Botsford, Mary A. d. 1902, b. 1803, blk1 lot20 sp1
Botsford, Simeon d. 1898, b. 1804, blk1 lot20 sp2
Boughan, George Alton d. 25 June 1989, d. 1911, blk3 lot15 sp1
Boughan, Kenneth James d. 18 July 2003, blk3 lot15 sp3
Boughan, Marjorie May d. 31 Dec 1992, b. 1915, blk3 lot15 sp2
Boynton, Harriett  d. 22 June 1935, b. 1855, parents: William Brown and Mary Soner.  blk5N lot31 sp5
Bradley, Baby d. 22 Jan 1936, parents: Theodore Bradley, and Marguerite Tait.
Bradley, Ernest  d. 5 May 1967, b. 1880, blk5N lot46 sp4
Bradley, Ernest Lorn d. 26 Jan 1981, b. 1912, blk5N lot46 sp1
Bradley, Gayle M. d. 23 Jan 1943, b. 1942, blk5N lot47 sp5
Bradley, Ila Ruth d. 8 July 1973, b. 1915, blk5N lot46 sp3
Bradley, Max Ward d. 27 Apr 1995, blk5N lot47 sp2
Bradley, Nellie G 5 May 1967, b. 1880, blk5N lot46 sp3
Bradley, Tamara Fay d. 20 Dec 1977, b. 1958, blk5N lot47 sp4
Bromley, Esther A. d. 14 Jan 1910 of cerebral apopleer,  b. 17 July 1847 in Genesee County, Michigan, parents: Jesse O’Dell, b. Orange County, New York, and Eliza Woodcock  New York.  
Bromley, Silas  d. 24 Apr 1917 at 72 yrs, b. Ohio, parents: George Bromley and Pheby Slafter, widow.
Brown, Joseph d. 25 Mar 1963, b. 1885, blk3 lot38 sp2
Broxham, Phoebe d. no info, blk23 lot30 sp2
Bullock, Margery Jean d. 22 Aug 1929, b. 22 Aug 1929, parents: Omar Bullock and Lila F. Hendrick, blk4 lot52sp1
Burd, Ada June d. 2 Nov 1982 of cerebral thrombosis buried in Ellington Township Cemetery, Michigan, b. 2 Dec 1900 to Joseph Hutchinson & Mabel Smith, 1st spouse: Harry Olson, 2nd spouse: Harry Burd of Chicago, Illinois, Harry buried in Wisconsin.
Burgess, Frank d. 28 Nov 1967, b. 1890. spouse: Goldie Burgess. blk1 lot35 sp2
Burgess, Goldie d. 26 Nov 1966, b. 25 Nov 1900, parents: Charles Turner and Eugenia Mosher, spouse: Frank Burgess. blk1lot35sp1
Burroughs, Harry d. 11 Feb 1956, b. 1889, blk4 lot25 sp4
Burroughs, John  d. 1924 , b. 1841, blk4lot25
Burroughs, Margaret d. 10 Aug 1935, b. 1861, blk4 lot25 sp1
Burroughs, Myrtle H. d. 10 June 1979, b. 1891, blk4 lot25 sp5
Burroughs, Norma d. 22 Dec 1997, b. 1910, blk4 lot25 sp3
Burse, Amos d. 22 Nov 1922, b. 27 Dec 1856, parents. David Burse and Elizabeth Wood. blk2lot59sp1
Calberry, Charles d. 30 Dec 1949 of coronary occlusion at home, buried in Almer Township Cemetery, Caro, Tuscola County, Michigan, b. 16 Aug 1881 in Colburn, Ontario, Canada. parents: John and Samantha Popham, spouse: Ethel E. Calbery.
Campbell, Unnamed d. 28 Sept 1874, blk1, lot21 sp1 (son)
Campbell, Unnamed  d. 19 June 1878, blk1 lot21 sp3 (daughter)
Campbell, Unnamed d. 21 Dec 1889, b. 13 Dec 1889 blk1 lot12


Campbell, Alice Evelyn d. 24 Nov 1959, b. 3 June 1876, parents: A. N. Hatch and Euphonia Lamson, spouse Richard N. Campbell, blk5S lot60 sp2
Campbell, Amelia D. d. 1920, b. 1897, blk1 lot21 sp2
Campbell, Andrew d. 5 Oct 1964,  b. 20 Feb 1822, blk1 lot28 sp1
Campbell, Anna W. d. 21 Oct 1951, b. 15 May 1878, parents: Charles Tasch and Freda Ulrich,  husband unknown. blk5N lot30 sp3
Campbell, Bonnie Jean d. 27 Aug 1977 in Caro Hospital, b. 24 July 1921 in Caro, spouse: Harold Campbell, mom Tessa Farris, bro: Richard Farris, blk6 lot4 sp4
Campbell, Ellis D. d. 11 Dec 1988, b.1898, blk2 lot51 sp1
Campbell, Harold W. d. 2004, b. 1917, spouse: Retta Campbell, blk6-lot4


Campbell, James A. d. 21 Mar 1955, b. 1886, blk5S lot60 sp1
Campbell, John A. d. 15 Mar 1899, of typhoid pneumonia,  b. 27 Feb 1819, parents: Andrew Campbell b. Canada, and Margaret Steward, b. New York, blk1 lot21 sp5 
Campbell, Mabel Helen d. 14 Aug 1972, b. 1902, blk2 lot51 sp2
Campbell, Margaret d. 6 Oct 1895, b. 1 Oct 1822, blk1 lot28 sp2
Campbell, Retta Lillian d. 26 May 1960, b. 27 Jan 1918, parents: Edward Witkovsky, mom unknown, spouse: Harold Campbell.
Campbell, Pauline Elizabeth Burton Botham d. 26 Dec 2005 , b. 27 Apr 1908 in Norwich, Connecticut, spouse: Richard N. Campbell, sons, Richard (Kaye) Campbell of Caro, Arthur Everett Botham of Venice, Florida and Lloyd (Delores) Botham of Bay City and Venice Florida,  blk5S lot60 sp4
Campbell, Richard Nelson d. 9 Apr 1999, b. 13 Oct 1914, to James Andrew Campbell and Alice Evelyn Hatch, spouse: Pauline Elizabeth Burton. (tcdvol99-pg82)blk5S lot60 sp3
Campbell, Wallace W. d. 22 Aug 1930, b. 1844, blk2 lot52 sp1 .
Campbell, William d. 23 Aug 1930, b. 1845, blk1 lot12 sp2
Campbell, William E. d. 17 Feb 1953, b. 1871, blk5N lot30 sp4.
Chapel, Charles d. buried 14 June 1947, b. 1887, blk2 lot3 sp1
Chapel, Essie M. d. buried 4 May 1948, b. 1885, blk2 lot2 sp2
Chase, Philinda B.  d. 28 Oct 1910 after childbirth, b. 8 May 1894, parents: Egbert Seymour Hendrick Sr. and Bessie Eleanora Downing, spouse: George Chase. One son Egbert Chase died and buried in Colorado. blk4 lot52 sp1
Chasser, Alex  d. 12 May 1959, b. 1892, blk3 lot36 sp1
Clark, Harry Leslie d. 26 Oct 1998, b. 13 Sept 1911, parents: Mina Clark and Carrie Soles, wife: Mary Czyzowski. blk7 lot52 sp1
Clark, Mary Caroline d. 22 Mar 1999, b.? spouse Harry L. Clark. blk7 lot52 sp2
Clay, Anna d. 28 Jan 1956, of cerebral thrombosis, b. 12 Aug 1872 in Ellington, to Aurzy Clay and Eunice Heller, unmarried. blk1 lot11 sp2
Clay, Aurzy d. 25 Oct 1907, parents: Henry Clay and   Mrs. Rosick, spouse: Eunice Heller, blk1 lot11 sp1
Clay, Eunice C. d. May 1938, b. 1839, spouse: Aurzy Clay, blk1 lot11 sp2
Clay, Grant d. Jul 1957, b. 1869, blk1 lot11 sp5.
Clay, Ida E. d. Nov 1944, b. 1865, blk1 lot11 sp3
Clay, Unis d. 19 May 1908, parents: Nukel Heller and Mary Eadew
Clay, Mary d. 1 May 1881 in Ellington Twp at 3y1m4dy of diphtheria, b. to Aurzy & Eunice (Heller) Clay, pg119-vol1 TCD
Clement, Charles E.  d. 1933,  buried 10 Oct 1933, b. 1881. blk1 lot80 sp1
Clements, Fae Arlene Putnam d. 11 Feb 1998, b. 1907, 1st spouse: Claude Kenneth Putnam, 2nd spouse:  Mr. Clements. blk3 lot17 sp1
Clink, Esther E. d. 24 Sept 1984. b. 1912, blk3 lot14 sp5
Cockrain, Dorothy d. 12 Dec 2000, 12 Dec 2000, in Farmington Hlt Care, b. 14 Sept 1937 in Cass City, spouse: Homer Cockrain, parents: Louis & Lula (Lintner) Fry, tca 12/20/2000, blk4 lot73 sp3
Cole, Celestia E. d. 16 Jan 1976, b. 1868. blk5N lot13 sp3
Cole, Daniel N. d. 7 Apr 1948, b. 7 Apr 1948, parents: James Cole, b. New York and Laina Willis, b. New York. blk5N lot13 sp4
Cole, Thomas E. d. 22 Sept 1918 of acute debilitation of heart, buried in Blanchester, Quebec, b. 6 Dec 1871 in Netownville, farmer, dad: Joseph Cole, b. Ohio, mom: Lida Shumard, b. Ohio.  informant Iva Cole
Colwell, William d. 2 May 1917 of cancer of face, b. 17 Mar 1828 in Holland, parents unknown, widowed.     blk1 lot32 sp
Compton, Elizabeth  d. 8 Nov 1906, b. 1846, spouse" Thaddeus Compton, blk2 lot36 sp2
Compton, Maria E. d. 3 Nov 1906, parents: Peter Brokaw and Harriet Bodine
Compton, Thaddeus d. 16 Nov 1911, b. 8 Sept 1841, parents: Jacob Compton, and Martha Runyan, blk2 lot36 sp3
Comstock, Adelaide d. 1909, b. 1835, blk4 lot24 sp2
Conant, Elmer W. d. 29 Aug 1975 , apparently distraught at the death of his wife he died of gunshot wound to head at home on Elmwood Road, Cass City, Tuscola County, Michigan, buried Ellington Township Cemetery, Caro, Tuscola County, Michigan, occupation: thresher man, b. 17 Oct 1889, widower, parents: Corneluis Conant and Charlotte Barriager. blk7 lot14 sp1
Conant, Perry Elmer d. 10 Aug 1986 of acute myocardial infraction with cardial pulmonary arrest at home on Elmwood Road, Ellington Township, Tuscola County, Michigan, b. 1914, donated his body as an anatomical gift to Michigan State University, Demonstrator of Anatomy, East Lansing, Michigan, served as COL in US Army in WWII & Korea, Vietnam,  parents: Elmer Wilbur Conant and Rosa Perry, wife: Jean Hurst. blk7lot14 sp5
Conant, Rosa Perry d. 12 Dec 1974, b. 18 July 1893, spouse: Elmer Conant, blk7-lot14 sp2
Cones, Grace Ann d. 30 Nov 1943, b. 1871, parents: Calvin Churchill, b. Canada and Emma Kilbisth, b. Canada, husband: Emery Cones. blk5S lot4 sp1
Cones, Emery d. 11 Dec 1948, b. 5 Nov 1871, parents: Edgar Cones and Louise Burgess, wife: Grace Churchill, blk5S lot4 sp1
Cooklin, August d. 30 Aug 1953, b. 1885, blk3 lot12 sp2
Cooklin, Clara Fay d. 25 Aug 1934, b. 1902, blk3 lot33 sp1
Cooklin, George M. d. 26 Dec 1998, served in US Army in Korean War, blk3 lot11 sp4
Cooklin, Godfrey d. 24 Mar 1932, b. 1848, parents: unknown.
Cooklin, Henry d. 4 Aug 1988, b. 1898, blk3 lot33 sp2
Cooklin, Henrietta Louise d. 10 Oct 1914, b. 18 Sept 1914, parents: Fred Cooklin and Helen Beerwith.
Cooklin, Louis d. 1929, b. 1852, blk3lt12sp3
Cooklin, Louise d. 19 Dec 1920, b. 30 Dec 1851, parents: Fred Holden and Minnie unknown.
Cooklin, Paul  d. 1916, b. 1891, blk3lot12sp4
Cooley, Unnamed d. 21 July 1916, b. 20 July 1920, parents: Charles Cooley and Elizabeth Howkswort.
Coons, Luella d. 2 Jan 1962, b. 1881, blk2lt58sp3
Cope, Mary d. 1929, b. 1858, blk1 lot52 sp2
Cope, Robert d. 29 May 1902 in Ontario, Canada, parents: Jacob Cope, and Phebo Beans.
Cope, William Rev. d. 25 Feb 1892 in Ellington at his farm, b. 1815, blk1lt50sp1
Cory, Catherine L. K. d. 25 Apr 1984, b. 1928, spouse: John Thomas Cory, William Stobie and Jessie Adams. (tcd F-pg54) blk57 lot57 sp3
Cory, John Thomas d. 24 Feb 1989, b. 27, July 1919, parents: Joseph Czyzowski and Rose Quala, wife: Ardist Jewett, served in US Army during WWII
Craig, Frieda Lavina d. 12 Aug 1994, b. 5 Sept 1910, parents: William E. Campbell and Ann M. Teach, husband: Cecil Craig
Crane, Harold R. d. 14 Nov. 1998. b. 31 Jan 1916, Served in Coast Guard in WWII,  parents: James Crane and Bella Ball,  spouse: Wanda Seekings Crane.
Crane, Wanda Aileen d. 17 July 2001 in POH Medical Center, Pontiac. b 23 Apr 1918 in Cass City, Tuscola County, Michigan, parents: Charlie Seekings and Fern Turner, husband: Harold R. Crane.
Crosby, Tracy Powell d. 19 June 1947, b 1881, blk5 lot5 sp2
Crosby, Lillian Mae d. 1930, b. 1904, blk5 lot5 sp5
Crosby, Lulu Mae d. 22 Aug 1961, 1883, blk5 lot5 sp3
Cross, Iva d. 12 Dec 1989, b. 1897, blk3 lot18 sp5
Cross, Otho U. d. 1917, b. 1916, blk3 lot18 sp4
Cross. Wayne T. d. 19 Jul 1943, b. 1928, blk3 lot18 sp3
Croswell, Ina d. 1 Jan 1977, b. 1885, blk5N lot44 sp4.
Cummings, Unnamed  d. 1893, b. 1893, blk1 lot81 sp4
Curtis, Unnamed b. & d. 11 Mar 1915, stillborn in Ellington Township, Tuscola County, Michigan, parents: George Curtis and Lena Rohr.
Curtis, Robert James d. 27 Feb 1974, b. 1965, blk4 lot39 sp1
Czapla, Theodore Edward d. 12 June 1991, he had a heart attack in the field and they found him there deceased, b. 22 June 1930, parents: Andrew Czapla and Mary Murdza, 2nd spouse:  Peggy Urquhart.


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