Ellington Twp. First Churches

Transcribed by Lila Arroyo. Extracted from, "The History of Tuscola, MI," H. R. Page and Co., Chicago, 1883. 

        Methodist Episcopal Church                                             

               The first services of the Methodist Episcopal Church in the town of Ellington were held in the spring of 1855, when Rev. I. J. B. McKenney preached to the few settlers the first sermon to which they had listened in their new home. About 1858 the Ellington class of the Caro and Ellington Quarterly Conference was organized by Elder Klump with twelve or fifteen members.     Its legal organization and incorporation was effected at a quarterly conference held on the Cass City circuit March 19, 1870, when the following persons were duly elected and appointed a board of trustees to be known and called the "Trustees of the First Methodist Episcopal Church of the Township of Ellington," viz.: James D. Sutton, of the town of Almer, William Medcalf, Inman J. B. McKenney, Samuel Miller and Ozias Hutchinson, of the town of Ellington.    The church has a house of worship in the village of Ellington and is under the pastoral care of Rev. Mr. Benson, of Caro.                         

   The church edifice was completed in 1874 and dedicated July 18th of that year. The event was one of interest, and was mentioned at the time as follows:  "The dedicatory sermon by Rev. O. J. Perrin, P. E., was received with great satisfaction, and listened to with profound attention by a large and imposing audience. "At three o’clock in the afternoon the church was again filled to overflowing to witness the solemn and beautiful ceremony of dedication as conducted by Rev. Mr. Perrin, assisted by Rev. Messrs. McKenney and Ashford. This service was followed by a children’s meeting addressed by Rev. Messrs. Perrin, Gee and    Maywood."                                                                                                                  "The building is a modern structure, completed in modern style and neatly furnished. Though not large, it meets the wants of the community in which it is situated. The success of the enterprise is largely due to the enterprise of the pastor, Rev. Joseph Ashford, and the industrious ladies of the church. Great credit is due to Miss E. L. Bowen, through whose agency means were obtained to supply the furniture of the church.       

     The day passed off pleasantly, richly enjoyed by those present, and will long be remembered with gratitude by the good people of Ellington as a new epoch in their history."

Methodist Protestant Church

About the year 1858,  a class of the Methodist Protestant Church was organized at the house of Simeon Botsford under Rev. A. M. Warren with four members,  Simeon Botsford and wife and William R. Robinson and wife. To this class,  Mr. Warren preached about three years, services being held at school-houses. He was succeeded by Rev. C. D. Covill. The first quarterly conference, embracing nearly all of Tuscola County  was organized as the Cass River circuit at a meeting held at the Bourne school-house, in what is now Ellington, in 1862, Rev. X. O. Smith was chosen pastor and Simeon Botsford, secretary. From this circuit as originally organized new circuits have from time to time been formed,  Fairgrove, Cass City, Prairie and Tuscola. Cass River circuit now embraces Almer, Columbia, Elmwood and Ellington. The pastors from the time of its original organization have been Rev. X. O. Smith, A. Omans, John F. Witherell and wife, Father Bradshaw, John Robertson, Mrs. N. J. Remington and E. B. Sutton, the present    pastor.                                                                                                              

      A special meeting of the legal members of the Ellington class of Cass River circuit of the Methodist Church was held at the school house of District No. 2 of the town of Ellington May 11, 1868, for the purpose of electing trustees and effecting a legal organization. The following were elected trustees: Simeon Botsford, William R. Robinson, John W. Ostrander, John Patterson and A. Wilcox. The trustees were they duly elected a building committee. The name of the church as organized was the "Methodist Church of Cass River Circuit." 

       In 1871 a church building was erected a mile and a half west of Ellington village, and known as the Sutton Church. It is a neat, plain edifice, worth about $2,000. A comfortable parsonage was build about thirteen years ago, to which additions have been made from time to time. The total value of the property is about$3,000.                                                                                                                      * Sutton Church is now called Sutton Sunshine Methodist Church as they merged with the Sunshine Church that was on Cass City Rd. per Lila Arroyo.


The land that the old church was built on, on the corner of Dutcher and M-81, Caro, MI., was donated by Theodore and Mary Jane Landon about 1910-11 and was dedicated 1913. Ira E. Miller , Preached for the Cass River Methodist Protestant Church from 1811 - 1813, thereupon changing to the Nazarene Faith, as written by him in following letter.

Ellington Nazarene Church is still located in Ellington Twp., Caro, Tuscola Co. Mi., at the corner of M 81 and Dutcher Rd. Caro, Mi. When first built on the corner, there was lots of room for the horse and buggy ‘s to travel past the church, but when the roads were built for cars it seems the church was closer to the road. Ellington was the first Nazarene church to be founded in the Thumb Zone area . the building was built in 1915 two years after the church was formed, the 1915 district minutes show that $2600.00 was raised for the building. ( the members of the church have built a new church, see bottom of article)                                                                                          

        Mr. Hutchinson plowed the first furrow for the digging of the basement, then horses with slush scrapers and men with shovels dug out the basement.     A horse barn across Dutcher road from the church was built at the same time the church was being built. Wesley Lockwood remembers helping shingle the horse barn when it was built and also remembers being in the church building before it was completed.  Wesley helped put on the roof of the church as a lad of 5 yrs old.  The land between the old parsonage on M81 was donated by Theodore and Jenny Turner for the building of the church. Wesley remembers that the church was nearly full for the first service in it.   

        The parsonage was purchased n the fall of 1917. The following are the minutes of two meetings that dealt with the purchase and financing.  Special Trustee Meeting held at Ellington , Nov., 21, 1917."   Meeting opened at 20 to 9 with Brother Miller in the chair.  First in order was a short lesson from the Word and prayer by Brother Miller. Moved and supported that we accept the proposition of the property and proceed to raise as much money as we can and hire what we lack to pay for the parsonage and lot.   Moved and supported that we adjourn. CARRIED.

December 17, 1917. Meeting of Trustee Board which convened at Brother Fishes on Monday night. December 17, with Brother Miller in the chair. The Meeting opened with a short lesson from the word and prayer by Brother Miller and Brother Schweigert.                              First in order was the reading of the minutes of the last meeting. The report stands as read.   

Brother Stanley Turner reported the work done on the cistern pump at the parsonage. 

   It was requested that Brother Fish see Mr. Dunn to see if we could hire $400.00 to finish paying for parsonage property. Carried.   

       Moved and supported that we hire a carpenter to fix three windows in the church with ropes and pulleys. Carried. Moved and supported that we adjourn. Carried.      

      Notice that the word "Hire" was used instead of borrow when they needed to borrow money.  In 1920: the pastor’s salary was $12.00 a week until 1927, then up to $15.00/ week. Many times when the offering was not as much as the salary, the salary paid was exactly the same as the offering. In 1928 a new system was started in which people pledged so much a week for pastors salary, local expenses, budgets and Evangelists expenses.     

       In 1954, $4,500.00 was spent on the purchase of a Sunday School bus. Attendance increased quite a bit after that. Also during that time period the Missionary president expressed appreciation at the increasing number of men attending the mission meetings. During one bad winter mission meetings were held the first Sunday morning each month rather than the preaching service.

Often at board meetings each person gave a testimony and a recurring desire at the board meetings was that more people would attend church and that more would be saved.

In 1964-1965 the new parsonage was built on Dutcher Rd. just down from the church. Rev E. J. McFarlands family was the first to live in it. Rev. Alvin Richards and Harrison Wells(one of the laymen) remodeled the church basement to what it is now.

Following its founding , Nazarene churches were built in Gagetown and Colling in 1915, Caro in 1917, Millington in 1919, Vassar in 1924, Cass City in 1936 and Fairgrove, in about 1961. Members of the church built the church themselves in 1914 at the cost of $2,500. The bell originally put in place in 1914 stills rings after being repaired in 1980

Written by Rev. Ira E. Miller, dated 26 January, 1914

The Pentecostal Church of The Nazarene at Ellington and Colling, Michigan, in its beginning was made up largely of members of the Methodist Protestant Church - Cass River Circuit of four appointments, namely, Sutton, Sunshine, Remington, and Abke.   

 This circuit (Cass River) for years has had some avowed holiness opposers both in ministry and laity. Several excellent holiness evangelist such as Moorhouse, Butler, etc., had been in the community and in some of these churches, in camp meetings and revivals, and the result was a number of straight, staunch, Holy holiness people. Glory!         

    These people were "born with " until my pastorate for two years --1911 - 1913. Then a few opposers of this teaching withdrew their support and presence from the church and appealed to the conference of the Methodist Protestant church. Then to the presiding officer, Rev. W. H. Cole, for the removal of the pastor, Ira E. Miller and the end of this preaching Holiness as a second work of grace on the Cass River Circuit. God had blessed us with precious revivals and the circuit in that two years came up financially, Spiritual, and numerically and the dear Lord gave us a host of warm hearted friends and many who did not enjoy sanctifying grace even saw the truth of it and stood firm for us. A number of things happened that I cannot here record for lack of time and space -- cries of "division " by opposers of holiness and promises of "removal of the Divider" buy the president -- W. H. Cole.  Things assumed a more serious trend when at the close of a blessed holiness Camp Meeting conducted by Evangelist George Bernard at which many were saved and sanctified. the fire burning afresh, the president and opposing members was sensed in the air. Many unkind references to holiness were made and "the fight was on," but only by the opposers of Sunday morning and evening the holiness people were misused, abused, and threatened and the advice given the pastor after the Sunday night meeting was to "resign", and he was assured that if the president had his way "none of us fellows" (preaching entire sanctification as a second work of grace) would get a work at conference. The folks began to wake up to the fact that the "Sanhedran" were set against them. At the conference the case of the pastor of the circuit was made a test, and after being summoned before the Judicial committee, was tried and in their minds "found wanting". four charges were made or "findings" discovered, on of which was acknowledged and repented of and the other three we had no hope of clearing ourselves if we called for a trail, and besides the Lord just led us like Jesus before Pilate. - not to answer a word. The Lord gave me this promise before conference in a striking way -- Isaiah 66:5 "Hear the Word of the Lord ye that tremble at His word, your brethren that hated you. that cast you out for my names sake said, Let the Lord be glorified: but He shall appear to your joy and they shall be ashamed. " So we just kept quiet. The other charges were, the old charges that the enemy has used over and over so ran over so long that we all recognize their origin, such as, "disloyalty to the church," "Preaching church dividing doctrine, " and "Slander of the powers that be." The last, just for denying in public some false statements by the president.              Well, the Cass River pastor was decapitated. The faculty of instruction reported, as appears in their minutes of the conference, that since I had not appeared for two year, not taken written on the conference studies, that my name be dropped from the probationary roll of conference. This report was untrue but wasn’t noticed by some and "hastily passed" by the balance. I appeared both years before the faculty, one year by letter. I could not attend the conference on account of the death of our little daughter just before conference and the second year,  I was before them in person, so this report was untrue but passed. there seemed no "mercy" whatever as my friends agree. But we left ground without a remonstrance, believing that "all things work together for good to them that love the Lord". We left , for the first time we could remember, our church conference relation severed, our call to the ministry disregarded, our work of nearly ten years in the conference for gotten. Thank God, we were leagues from discouragement and went away singing and praising God that "we were counted worthy to suffer shame for His name." some faithful friends of the Methodist Episcopal Church, who had been watching proceeding had given us an invitation to that church.         

    A number of ministers also, and one district superintendent was corresponding with us to that end.    When we arrived home to pack up and "Go out not knowing,  owing whither to go" only having the most positive proof we were in God’s will. We found many of the members of the Cass River Circuit ready to leave the church seeing the treatment of their pastor, the outlook for them in the church. What could we do? Should we leave them to be scattered? We counseled with about thirty, one night, as to what they would do and the result was that the president of the conference was voted by the meeting to be called and get it from his own mouth, what they could hope for in the future. This pleased me as I felt the thing was then between them an them. Now what should we do? I had conferred with Dr. Walker, Rev. Butler, and Arthur and Bernard, evangelists in the Methodist Episcopal Church, and they all agreed, if the people left the church I should serve them.       

   A false report got to one of the District Superintendents of the Methodist Episcopal Church, of my work, and the cabinet evidently was notified of my intention to enter the Methodist Episcopal Church, and warning them against me. I saw my hope of being a pastor in the Methodist Episcopal church was now gone. I heard the District Superintendent’s letter read in which the warning against me was recorded.   One of two things was now before me. Either be an evangelist in the Methodist Episcopal Church, a lay evangelist, identified with the conference only by being a member of the church or if the people left in a body, to serve them and all this hung on the visit of the president to be the following Sunday afternoon.   The meeting between the president and the people was held in the Remington Church on the afternoon of Sunday, September 7, 1913. The folks were notified, they would have no more of such preaching as they had . They were refused the privilege of the floor in the meeting for defense or explanation. Even parliamentary rules were set aside in giving the opposers of holiness the right of speech and in shutting up the others, the very ones who had paid and prayed and attended all the year, the folks that the community believed in most. all hope of any longer getting the water of life in the Methodist Protestant church crushed, and a meeting was announced for Monday night at Irving Metcalfs, about forty were present and after agreeing that they would not longer remain in the Methodist Protestant Church. A plan was submitted by the writer, a sort of informal union with the name "Pentecostal Band." About thirty four signed a pledge to that end. Brother Dell Ward immediately offered his tenant house free to the pastor to live in and we were assured that temporarily "we would not want". Glory!                                                                                                                 A temporary organization was formed and the Ellington Methodist Episcopal Church was procured for Sunday meeting. Also the Colling Hall, and services announced,  this Methodist Episcopal Church had no service in it for a year and seemed most providential. We could not secure the church permanently, but went on a week at a time.  

    In the meantime, we had received an invitation from the District Superintendent of the Pentecostal. Church of the Nazarene, Rev. J. M. Wines, in Indiana to join the Nazarene Church, finally, Rev. J. W. Lawrence of the district Board was called to organize this church "or band " into a Nazarene Church. By this time I was a full fledge Nazarene minister. I went to the Assembly at Olivet, Illinois the first of October and I was received into that body, first into the Olivet Church, then recommended for a license to preach, then became a member of the assembly and then was recommended for ordination and was ordained. My decapitation in the Methodist Protestant Church was sudden and my reinstatement or reception to the ordained ministry in the Nazarene Church was almost as sudden. "When my father and mother forsake me, then the Lord will take me up." Glory! The "injustice " of my treatment in the Methodist Protestant Church was so appreciated by the assembly that they hastened to pour oil on me. Glory to God! All this occurred without losing but one Sunday in the work. Glory!       

       On the 19th of October we were organized into a church at Ellington with a membership of 45. The Lord gave us such a conscience of His favor and unsaved folks said, "this seems like old times". The work was organized, a salary of $10.75 per week was promised, a Sunday School was organized that has not ceased to grow since that day. The district superintendent of the Methodist Episcopal Church secured the church to us for services indefinitely. The work has gone on and on. We have just had a gracious revival meeting with evangelist Gilmour of Olivet and how the fire has fallen. Many were saved and sanctified and some healed. The Holy Ghost came in power. Our hearts were melted together and how we love each other. Glory!      

   The Sunday School officers are catching the vision and two were saved in Sabbath school last Sunday. Our membership is now about seventy-five and God is marvelously giving us the good will of many in the community. We are trusting God for a perpetual Pentecostal revival. The Nazarene Church is no longer a prospect but thank God a real thing in the community and may the good Lord, who kept us from compromising in the other church, and led us so marvelously into this one. keep us hot with the Pentecostal fire until Jesus come. Amen*


Ira E. Miller, Lela B. Miller, George Grice, Mary Grice, Carrie Ward, Pearl Hawkins, Orson Hiser Ezra Kelly, James Grice, Frank Seely, Sophia Seeley, Floyd Law, Nettie Law, John Thane, Maggie Thane, Charlie Thane, Mabel Hutchinson, Sarah Lockwood, Flossie Lockwood, Tom Schweigert, Lizie Schweigert, Thomas Schweigert Jr., Willie Schweigert, R. B. Hare, Lela Hare, Irving Metcalf, David Radcliff, Alfred Hutchinson, Anna Hutchinson, James Andress, Ellen Andress, Alfred Andress, Albert Andress, Cyrus Hall, Elden Hall, Claud Farmer, Fannie NcNeil, William Greenwood, Flora Greenwood, Robert Kelly, Lydia Kelly, Bert Hutchinson, Effie Brandon, M. D. Jewell, Mary Greenwood.

PASTORS FROM 1913 to 2000

Ira E. Miller, Alvin H. Kauffman , L. H. Humphrey, Thomas J. Clemons, Lewis H. Bacheller, C. J. Studt, A. L. Leasch, V. C. Mulkin, W, F. Wiggs, John E. Mellish, V. C. Mulkin, B. G. Halliday, Walter S. Hubbard, Willis E. Weaver, Albert Raloff, Everette Kimball, Verne Darling, William D. Kelly, T. C. Riddle, M. S. Sprouse , J. W. VanAmberg, John W. Mellish, Norman J. Brown, William A. Tolbert, A. E. McFarland, Kermit W. Boyce, Curtice E. Deford, Alvin D. Richards, Clayton P. Wilson, Glenn R. Evans,  Dick Mottram, 1981-1984, Roger Mosey, Ronald Comfort


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Vasquez, Alma Vogel, Charles Vogel, Clara Vogel,Adeline Wagner, Frances Wagner, Rosemary Wagner, Shirley (Russ Barriger) Wagner, William Wagner, Orpha (William) Wagner, Angeline Wait, Warrie Ward, Dell Ward, Mrs. Kittie Ward, Vernon Ward, Mrs. Vernon Ward, Vilas Ward, Rev. Willis E. Weaver, Mrs. Willis E Weaver, Grace Weible, William Weible, Mrs. William Weible, Mrs. Belle Wells, Mrs. Blanche Wells, Clark Wells, E. Mastell Wells, Howard Wells, Iva Wells, Lionel Wells, Mrs. Lionel Wells, Martille Wells, Millard Wells, Niva Wells, Pearl  (WM Harrison) Wells, Willard Wells, Mrs. Willard Wells, Willard Lee Wells, William Harrison Wells, Clara West, Flossie Westabe, Cora (J. Wm Parrott) Westerby ,  Angeline Wickware, Charlie Wickwire, Effleda Willett, Rev. Clayton P. Wilson, Rev. Lloyd Wilson, Mrs. Lloyd Wilson, Lola B. Wilson, Mildred (Mrs. Clayton P.) Wilson, Mrs. Cecil Williams, Angeline Woodward.

        Members added after 2000, Sara McConnell, Bill & Linda Warmbier, Les & Linda Nicholas, Normaleen Hudson, Shirley Gray, Gabe & Cheryl Sanger, Jessie McConnell, Tim & Grace Socher,  Gail & Dave Rolfs.

The members of the Ellington church of the Nazarene have built a new church a mile from the old one, God has blessed again, More information to be added here later.

Contributed by Lila Arroyo

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