Ellington, Tuscola MI

Good Templars

Transcribed by Lila Arroyo, from the History of Tuscola County, MI.


The good Templars Lodge at Ellington, was organized in the fall of 1879, with thirty charter members. It has Kept up its regular Saturday evening meetings with increasing interest, and has now upward of 100 members. Great good has resulted from the presence and influence of this lodge in the community.


August 31, 1881, Rev E. B. Sutton was appointed by the Michigan State Temperance Alliance as its agent in Tuscola county. By his invitation Capt. J. C. Banticue, the state agent, visited the county and organized the first branch at Ellington on the evening of January 9, 1881, with twenty three charter members, Nelson Hatch, president and Mrs. Lois Brooker, vice president. The membership has steadily increased and now numbers fifty. The meetings are held the first Monday evening of each month without fail. Lectures are delivered at each meeting: the attendance is large, and the interest deep and constant. The present officers of this branch are: Nelson Hatch, president: Mrs. Lois Brooker, vice-president, Nelson Mallory, secretary and Samuel Elliott, treasurer.

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