Volume 50, Number 12, April 17, 1964


Mrs. William D’Arcy

Funeral services for Mrs. Mary D. Arcy, 77, wife of Wm D’Arcy were held April 8 at 2 p.m. in the First Baptist church Cass City, Michigan. Rev Richard Canfield, the pastor officiated with burial in the Elkland Cemetery.

Mrs. D’Arcy was in ill health for a year and had been in the Hills and Dales Hospital for three weeks. She passed away Sunday evening, April 4.

The former Mary Rose was born in Argyle Twp, Sanilac county, July 19, 1886. She was married to Mr. D’Arcy at Kingston in 1941. They retired and returned to her home in Cass City 19 years ago.

She leaves here husband, a sister Mrs. Minnie Pratt of Pt. Huron, and three step daughters, Mrs. Earl Fortier of Lake City, Mrs. Alton Lyons, and Loyd Howey of Kingston.

Maurice Vennard

Funeral services were held Wednesday at 2 p.m. for Mr. Maurice Vennard at the Pixley Funeral Home in Birmingham. Mrs. Vennard is the former Marilyn Ball, daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Clinton Ball formerly of Kingston. Tuesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Mike Lalko, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Phillips and Mr. and Mrs. John Barden, Jr., paid their respects. Mrs. Lalko and Mrs. Phillips returned Wednesday for the funeral.

To Hold Debate

The 10th grade students in Mr. Spohn’s World History class are studying the history, economics and culture of the Soviet Union.

The students have shown particular interest in the Russian Education system and the ways in which it differs from our own educational system here in Michigan.

Twelve 10th grade World History students are going to debate the strengths and weaknesses of both systems on Monday the 20th of April at 8:30 a.m. in the school gym. This is the time of their regular World History Class.

The students debating will be Ron Lemanski, Dennis Steele, Mary Lou Houghton, Elaine Wolak, Mary Denhoff, Candy Snover, Carl King, Jake Richter, Doug Kramer, Lynn Bilicki, Nancy Adamczyk and Anca Vlasopolos.

The World History class would like to take this opportunity to invite friends, relatives, neighbors and all others interested to visit with our class and listen to the debate.

On the following Monday, the 27th of April the class has invited Mr. Allison Green to further discuss with them the different aspects of our Michigan Educational System.

Cancer Leaflets

"Answers to Questions That May Help Save Your Life."

This is the title of a leaflet that will be left at all homes in Kingston as the American Cancer Society conducts its educational and fund raising Crusade during April

"We hope to make this the greatest educational effort ever undertaken by the Society in its fight to help protect our people from death from cancer," Mr. Roland Layer, President Tuscola County Unit said. "Our volunteers will not be content until every home has a copy of the ACS leaflet because the home is the place where protection against death from cancer begins."

The spokesman added that "if every family reads and follows the message in the leaflet brought into the home, we could say that one out of two of those who develop cancer could be saved. Much of the responsibility for loss of life from cancer depends on the individual --- what action the individual takes. It is tragic that only one of three who develop cancer is saved, when we know that one of two could be saved simply by the exercise of precautions.

Democrat Meeting In Vassar

Democrats from Gratiot, Saginaw, Huron, Tuscola, Sanilac, and St. Clair counties will hold a meeting at 2:00 p.m. Sunday, April 19, in Vassar at the Community Hall at the Fairgrounds. This strategy meeting will be conducted by the State Democratic Party Developing Committee.

Both State Chairman Zolton Ferency and Adelaide Hart, State Vice Chairman, along with a representative of the membership committee plan to attend this meeting according to Melvin J. Stewart, Tuscola County Chairman.

The regular County Committee meeting will be held Saturday, April 18, at 8:00 p.m. at the Circuit Court Room at the Courthouse in Caro.

School Budget

The Board of Education have tentatively adopted a budget calling for expenditures of $231,584 for the 1964-65 school year. This includes $144,910 for Instruction, $1,450 for Driver Training, $6,290 for Special Education $16,400 for Administration, $23, 981 for Transportation. $20,450 for Operation of the Plant, $3,500 for Maintenance, $4,200 for Fixed Charges and $8,403 for Capital expenditures

Income has been estimated at $238,824 which includes $54,275 in local taxes, $2,240 from County sources, $175,309 from State sources, $22,000 from other districts and $3,000 in rental fees for books.

This budget calls for a reduction of the present deficit of $35,000 to $30,000. The deficit has been systematically reduced from $65,000 to the present $35,000 at the rate of $10,000 per year. The board felt that they could not expend the customary $10,000 this year, toward reduction of the debt, due to the fact that they had appropriated $8,403, for capital expenditures, which includes $5,480 for the building addition. $923 for the architects fee, and $2,000 to equip and furnish some of the new class rooms.

The proposed budget will be presented to the Tuscola County Tax Allocation Board on April 20. After allocation is made by this group, there will be a public hearing at the school to explain the budget to interested citizens. Final approval by the Kingston Board of Education will be made at a later date. Notice of the date of the budget hearing will be published in this paper.

In other action the school board voted to ask the people to approve a 3 mill tax levy for 2 years to help defray the cost of operation. This will not be an additional tax but a continuance of the same tax rate which has been in effect for many years.

This income which will amount to approximately $13,500 is necessary to balance the budget and purchase the necessary supplies and equipment for the school. It is assumed that the tax levy for debt retirement will be reduced this year so that the total school tax will be less than it was last year.


The Kingston F.F.A held its 2nd annual Parent and Son Banquet on April 7, 1964. There were about 95 persons who attended. Guests were the school board and teachers.

Awards were presented to the following: Farm Electrification, John Lucius; Star Chapter Farmer, Carl King; Farm Mechanics, John Lucius; Farm Safety, Garry Plane; Star Green Hand, Larry Clink; Livestock Farming, Don Clinesmith; Leadership, Garry Plane; Public Speaking, Albert Denhoff; Dekale Award, Garry Plane; Fung 305 Challenge, Richard Harp; John Lucius, Carl King, and Ed Browning; Honory Chapter Farmers, Stuart Copeland and Robert King.

New officers were installed and the meeting closed.


Ronald Hunter

Band News

Saturday, April 11, 13 Junior High students from Kingston traveled to Bad Axe with Mr. Rupprecht, their director, to the District 3 Solo and Ensemble Festival.

The day proved very profitable as they brought home 1-1st division rating; 3-2nd division ratings; 4-3rd division ratings and 1-4th division.

A cornet trio composed of Denise Kelley, Brett McLaughlin, and Larry Campbell, accompanied by Brenda Lalko, came back with the highest honors. Second division ratings were earned by Lonnie Bewernitz, tenor saxophone solo, a clarinet quartet composed of Brenda Lalko, Evelyn Schmuhl, Marjorie Spear, and Lois Walls, and a clarinet trio composed of Dick Taylor, Brenda Lalko and Evelyn Schmuhl, accompanied by Pam Lyons.

Other events entered were cornet solos by Brett McLaughlin and Larry Campbell. Clarinet solos by Lois Walls and Dick Taylor and a baritone horn solo by Carol Walkiewicz.

White Creek Floral Club

The White Creek Floral Club met with Mr. and Mrs. George Hampshire, Thursday, April 9 for dinner. A bountiful dinner was served by Mrs. Hampshire and her helpers Mrs. Coltson and Mrs. Roberts.

After dinner the President Mrs. Hampshire called the meeting to order by reading Psalm 34 and then singing "Sweet Hour of Prayer." The Secretary’s and Treasurer’s report were read and accepted. It was decided to leave the floral amount as it was. The pieces were brought for the quilt that Irene Sirdan is piecing for the club. There being no further business the club stood and repeated the Lord’s Prayer.

The president turned the meeting over to the Recreation Committee Ethel Seddon and Mary Legg. Bingo was played and everyone won.

The May meeting will be with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Seddon.

The White Creek Floral Club will hold a card party at the School house Saturday evening, April 18. Everyone welcome.

Altar Society

St. Michael’s meeting Thurs., April 9 was opened with a prayer by Father Pilarski. 24 members were present with 3 visitors, Connie Champagne, Joan Bastian, and Norma Campbell. Joan was welcomed as a new member.

Mary Lou Weber, our president was back after a long absence because of a leg injury.

The ladies are having a bake sale April 24 on Sat. at 9 a.m. at Ed’s Plumbing. Ladies are asked to bring their baked goods as early as possible.

The annual Mother and Daughter breakfast will be the first Sunday in May right after 7:30 Mass. Ann Kaminski and Vida Champagne were put in charge.

Father Pilarski announced the Ushers will enclose the Bapistry for a cry room at the church. Also recently a serving window was installed in the rectory basement kitchen. Job well done by members of the Ushers Club.

Mrs. Eugene Rassette gave a report on the meeting of the Catholic League of Women which was held this year at Argyle.

Father Ray showed colored slides of his and Father Messing trip to California for the Rose Bowl game and of Disney Land. Coffee and Cake was served.

Refreshment committee for May is Eleanor Szostak, Mary Biesczak and Viriginia Bilicki.

Kingston News

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Moore and Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Moore called on Mr. and Mrs. James Seib of Oxford Sunday, afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Ensign of Marlette called on Mr. and Mrs. Leland Ensign Sunday evening.

Mrs. Elmer Clark of Pontiac spent Tuesday with Mrs. Loie Evans.

Callers at the Loie Evans home last week were Mrs. Vernon Everett and Mrs. Arnold Moore.

Mrs. John Lalko is a patient in the Saginaw General Hospital.

Miss Harriet Thorp of Reese and Mrs. Leonard Hawley and son of Gagetown were callers in Kingston Monday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Noel Frakes and Dean of Cass City were Friday evening visitors at the Leo Legg home.

Mary Kramer of Ashbury College, Wilmore, Kentucky spent the week end with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Kramer and family.

Mr. and Mrs. John Pohlod Jr., were released from the Hills and Dales Hospital last Wed. They had been patients there for about 4 weeks following an automobile accident near Caro.

Society News

Miss Arlene Mathews has been moved from the Caro Community Hospital to the St. Luke’s hospital in Saginaw. Visitors of her Sunday were Mrs. and Mrs. Ray Campbell of Lapeer, Mr. and Mrs. Orlin Lotter of Silverwood, Miss Judy Mathews, Mrs. Grace Henderson and Mrs. Pearl Ogg.

Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Reddaway of Flint called on Mrs. J. H. Hunter Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Emerson McIntyre and son Kevin of Owosso spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Moore.

Mrs. Lee Ensign of Marlette and Miss Sherrie Knudson of Detroit spent Saturday evening with Mrs. James Caswell and Alice.

Mr. and Mrs. Basil Hudson of Marlette called on Mr. and Mrs. Leland Ensign and Mr. and Mrs. James Caswell Friday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Quiel and family of Taylor spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Torongeau.

Mrs. Ruth Smith of World Gospel Mission Headquarters in Marion, Indiana spent several days with Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Moore last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Sampson of Saginaw and daughter were Sunday evening dinner guests of Mrs. Loie Evans.

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Torongeau called on Mr. and Mrs. John Lewicki of Decker Sun. afternoon.

Tuesday Mr. and Mrs. Chet Myburn and daughter and 2 grandchildren of Mansfield, Ohio visited at the Loie Evans home. Mrs. Myburn is the former Esther Shoemaker, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Shoemaker.

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Rich and son of Lapeer and Mrs. Everett Rich, Patsy and Maxine of Silverwoo called on Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Ensign Sunday afternoon.

Card Of Thanks

We wish to express our gratitude to our many friends for their many kind acts and cards during our bereavement.

The Wm. D’Arcy family.

Committees Appointed by Common Council

A regular meeting of the Common Council was called to order by President John Burns in the Council Room at 7 p.m. April 6, 1964 with the following trustees present: Kaminski, Barden, Heinemann, Lalko, Brief and Phillips. By motion the following bills were referred to the auditing committee.

Motion by Heinemann Sec. by Barden the Bills be allowed and orders drawn for the same. Carried.

The following Committees were appointed: Water, Kaminski & Lalko; Streets, Heieemann & Barden; Bldg. and Insp., Phillips & Brief; Ordinance, Barden & Kaminski; Dump, Brief; Sanitation, Hienemann & Phillips; Insurance, Hienemann & Phillips; Fire Dept., Lalko & Brief; Health Officer, R. J. Gilmore.

Fire Chief Robt. Peter, Eugene Henderson and Frank Shobert took seats to discuss Fire Dept. procedure.

Motion by Barden sec. by Brief that all work orders for Village Maintenance be handled through village clerk. Carried.

President appointed Hienemann, Harmon and Burns to represent village at Legg Addition Broad of Determination meeting April 21, 1964 at 10:00 a.m.

Motion by Kaminski sec. by Barden Council adjourn. Carried.


Pfc P. E. Torongeau, 1963099, VMCJ-2, wnd MAW, FMF, Cherry Point, N.C.

H.N. Stark, B1N2, P.O. Box 215, Kailva, Hawaii

A2C Andrew G. Bieszczak, 16677671, Box 249 A.E. Squadron, Bunker Hill, AFB. Ind.

Pfc Frank Gnandt RA, 16716903, 11th Med Hosp. Field, APO 178, New York, N.Y.

David Hawley, SR. 6862560, Flag Allowance, CIN PAC FLT, c/o FPO Box 2, Navy 128, San Francisco, Calif.

James H. Sura, Sr., 686-40-71, VP 26, NAAS Chase Field, Beeville, Texas

Cpl Ralph M. Yens, 1919322, Bulk Fuel Co., ASD 1st FSR, Camp Pendleton, Calif.

Sgt Lyle T. Torongeau, H&MS 31 MAG 31 MCAS, Beaufort, South Carolina

Nelson Raymond W., SA 6 94 48 14 USN, USS Hermitage LSD –34, c/o FPO New York, NY

Pvt Leo A. Heineman RA 16781350, School Co. CAS 7th ATC, APO 114, New York, New York

PFC Michael D. Dawson, 3rd Bn, 5th Marines, San Margarita Area, 1st Marine Division, FMF, Camp Pendleton, California.

Pvt Robert L. Rossman, NG 2107404, Co G. B.U.P. Bn, 3rd Plt. Fort Polk, LA. 71446.

Theodore L. Nelson, SN USN, USS Hermitage LSD-34, 1st Div., c/o Fleet Post Office, New York, New York.

Church Directory

Deford Methodist Church, Rev. Alan Weeks, Pastor

Evang. Lutheran Church of Our Savior’s, Karl Fuhbrigge, Pastor

Lamotte Presbyterian Church, Rev. B. Heideman, Minister

Clifford Baptist Church, Keith Mead, Pastor

Dayton Center Church, Rev. Charles Jenkins, Pastor

Kingston Methodist Church, Rev. Alan Weeks, Pastor

Pilgrim Holiness Church, Rev. Raymond Dean, Pastor,

St. Michael Church, Rev. Raymond Pilarski, Pastor

Wilmot Holiness Missionary Church, Rev. Wm D. McKay, Pastor

Clifford Methodist Church, Donald Caster, Pastor

Koylton Comm. Church. Robert Cook, Pastor

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