Volume 50, Number 10, April 3, 1964


Ed Schrader, Tuscola county 4 H Club Agent has announced the organization of another 4 H Club in Tuscola County, lead by Mr. and Mrs. Ford Boyne and Mr. and Mrs. Ben Hoist. The Club will offer a wide range of 4-H projects.

The club will be located in the southeast corner of Tuscola County in Koylton township. The club will draw members from Tuscola, Sanilac, and Lapeer counties.

We are very fortunate to obtain such capable people as the Hoist’s and Boynes as leader, Schrader continued. The Boynes had lead a 4 H Club before and have a lot to offer the youngsters in that area.

Boys and girls who want to join the new club should contact Mrs. Floyd Boyne, Marlette, Michigan.


Under the leadership of Robert Schwaderer, Albert Ruggles, Louis Salas, Mrs. William Schwaderer, Mrs. Louis Gyomory, Mrs. Wayne Schrader, and Mary Denhoff, the Kingston area organized a new 4-H Club according to Ed Schrader, County Extension Agent in 4-H Club work.

This will be a community 4-H club offering a wide variety of projects. Schrader continued. The club was officially organized last Tuesday night when the 4-H members and their parents met at the Kingston School to select their projects.

Projects selected was basic conservation, livestock, vegetable gardening, child care, foods and flower gardening. New members may join the club by contacting the leaders.

Every 4-H member must carry at least one project. The projects provide for a real life work experience Schrader concluded.

Kingston to Washington

The proposed consolidation of rural delivery service affecting Deford, Kingston, and Clifford Post Offices recently suggested by the Post Office Department led to a meeting last week between Post Office officials in Washington and Kingston area residents.

William Drillock, Marlette, John Burn, Kingston Village President, Tom Grissman, Jim Harvey, Orrie Reimann, and Jack Wesch. Were photographed on the steps of the Capital Building.

The Kingston group met with W. Carson Browning Staff Assistant to the Deputy Assistant Post Master General seeking a delay in the proposed consolidation. Under the pending plan it was decided to consolidate the one rural route at Deford with the two routes at Kingston and the one at Clifford.

It is hoped that a delay will be granted and that the Post Office Department will review the rural delivery system for the entire southeast Tuscola County area and that of North Lapeer County.

Marriage Announced

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Grow would like to announce the marriage of their daughter Arlene Grow to David Clinesmith. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Clinesmith of Kingston.

They were married March 8, 1964.

Virginia Grow and Donald Clinesmith were their attendants.

Reverand Traver of Kingston performed the ceremony.

Aarlene was given two showers. One by her aunt Agnes Moyer of Kingston and one by Mrs Garnet Gilmore and Mrs. Beatrice Peet of Silverwood.


Mr. and Mrs. Lee Brown of Clifford have announced the engagement of their daughter Patricia Ann to John E. Bruman, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Bruman of North Branch. A September wedding is planned.

First Place at Science Fair

At the regional Science Fair held last week end in Lakers High School, Kurt Legg, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harland Legg of Kingston won first place in the division on Earth and Space Science. He entered an "Astronomical Spectroscope." Kurt was awarded with a medal and ten dollars.

New Arrivals

Mr. and Mrs. John Walker of Decker are the parents of a son John Patrick Adam Walker born Wednesday, March 25, at Cass City Michigan. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Walker of Caro and Mr. and Mrs. Chester Adam Engelhart of Pontiac.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Torongeau of Wyandotte, a son, Andre Perrie on March 6. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Torongeau of Kingston and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hoagland of Sena, Michigan. This made the 30th grandchild for the Torongeaus.


The March meeting of the Kingston P.T.A. was called order by the PresidentMr. Wesch.

Minutes of the February meeting were read and approved.

Treasurer’s report was read and approved.

Mrs. Parrott made the motion that each family donate $1.00 toward boys state and $1.00 toward girl state. The motion was seconded and passed.

Lunch committee for April is as follows, Eugene Henderson, Gary Koehler, Wm. Kramer, Mike Lalko, Lew Lester, Harland Legg, and James Mallory.

The meeting was turned over to Mr. Spohn who showed a film on "Faith of American Youth." At the conclusion of the film, Mr. Spohn gave a talk on parents and teen agers.

Delores Gottler made a motion the meeting be adjourned. Mr. Roberson seconded it. Meeting adjourned.

Wilda Nemeth, Sec.

School Board Elections

The annual school election will be held on the second Monday in June. The terms of Mr. Walter Wolak, President, and Mr. Donald Lanaway, Treasurer will expire on June 30. They will be candidates for re-election to a four year term to expire on June 30, 1968.

The term of Mr. John Fox will also expire on June 30, 1964. He will be a candidate for re-election to a two year term to expire on June 30, 1966.

Nominating petitions are available from the Secretary of the School Board for from the Superintendents office. Petitions must be turned in by 4:00 p.m. on May 9, 1964 in order to be put on the ballot. The petitions must specify whether a candidate is running for a four year term or a two year term. Each petition shall be signed by not less than 26 qualified school electors. No elector shall sign petitions for more than two candidates for a four year term and one candidate for a two year term.

Concert Played in Living Room

Have you ever been to a band concert played in a living room? Well, there’s a first for everything and the Kingston Senior Band has done it again.

This "first" will be held on April 10. The Bands under the direction of Mr. William Rupprecht will hold their Annual Spring Concert amidst the Junior and Senior play scenery. Mr. Rupprecht took advantage of the setting to literally produce a concert in your living room.

This years spring Concert will feature music that will fascinate both young and old alike.

You will hear a jive number featuring the saxes called "Swing Low Sweet Saxes." There will be several popular numbers also. One of these is a real swinger called "Dixieland Parade." "Tango for Band," and "Moon River" are two more featured numbers. For those lovers of semi classical music, there will be highlights from "Camelot" one of the most successful Broadway Musicals of our time. A novelty number, "Crime Does Not Pay," will be featured in the Cadet Band’s portion of the program.

This swinging concert will all its swinging music will be held on April 10 at 8 p.m. in the gym. The price will be just 75 cents and 50 cents for K.H.S. first. Come and see history made.


Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Poissant and daughter Lisa and Mr. Ed Poissant of Detroit were Easter Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Rassette and Mary.

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Moore spent Easter with Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wynn and Rhonda in Pontiac.

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Ensign and children were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Miles of Silverwood.

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Van Cleave, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Parker, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Parker and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Parker were Easter dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Dale Clement in Marlette.

Mr. and Mrs. Wally Wilmot of Royal Oak called on his mother Mrs. Hazel Wilmot Friday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. George Whaley and son Brian and Mrs. Mattie Whaley of Parkersburg, W. Va., enjoyed Easter week end with relatives. Mrs. George Whaley is the former Thelma Allen.

Easter morning breakfast guest of Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Moore were Mr. and Mrs. B.E. Moore, Rev. and Mrs. R. Dean, and son Richard, Miss Carolyn Wilson of Owosso, Mr. and Mrs. D. Makinsie and Mr. and Mrs. Emerson McIntyre and son also of Owosso.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gayer and family of Sandusky were Friday evening callers of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Torongeau.

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Ensign and son Tom and Sherrie Knudson of Detroit called on Mr. and Mrs. Leland Ensign Saturday evening.

Easter dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Carlyle Everett were Mrs. Hazel Wilmot and Marilyn Everett of East Lansing. Marilyn was home for the Easter Holidays and returned to college Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Leland Ensign were Easter guests of Mr. and Mrs. James Caswell and children.

Easter guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Allen were Mr. and Mrs. George Whaley and son Brian and Mrs. Mattie Whaley of Parkersburg, W. Va., Mr. and Mrs. Wm Ruhl and sons of Cass City, Miss Joan Hallack of Manistee, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Allen and children and Mr. and Mrs. Daryl Allen and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Ensign and sons Tom and Lee of Marlette and Sherrie Knudson of Detroit called on Mr. and Mrs. James Caswell Sunday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Alton Lyons, Mr. and Mrs. Loyd Howey and Wilma, and Mr. Wm. D’Arcy of Cass City were Easter dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ingleright in Saginaw.

Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Burmeister and family of Auburn Heights, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Gould and daughter of Caro and Mr. and Mrs. Glen Van Wagoner were guests of Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Burmeister on Easter Sunday.

Society News

Recent guests at the J. M. Burmeister home were Mr. and Mrs. John Lingle, Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Maloney and daughter Clare of Dearborn, Mr. and Mrs. David Edwards, Mrs. Ernest France and Mr. Leroy Murphy of Pontiac.

Easter guests of Mr. and Mrs. Geo Beech were Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Beech of Dearborn, Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Mouser of Pontiac, granddaughter Mrs. Stanley Kwaithowski of Pontiac, and great granddaughter Shelly Ann.

Mr. and Mrs. Leo Legg were Easter Sunday guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Kramer and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Lalko and family spent Easter Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. John Lalko and family.

Th Quiel family of Taylor spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Tprpmgeau.

Miss Arlene Mathews is a patient in the Caro Community Hospital

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