Volume 50, Number 48, December 25, 1964

Social Notes

Mrs. Cecil Walker and Gordon Walker of Caro visited Rev. and Mrs. Harold McQuire of Oil City last Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Alton Lyons entertained Mr. and Mrs. John Barden and family at a Sunday dinner in honor of Pam Lyons birthday.

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hazen of Farmington, and Gordon Walker of Caro were Sunday guests of Mrs. Cecil Walker.

Mrs. James Caswell was a business caller in Caro, Sat.

Mrs. Arnold Moore entertained her piano pupils, their mothers, brothers and sisters at a Christmas party, Sat. The 13 pupils entertained them by playing Christmas selections. Mrs. Moore served Jello, cake, cookies, punch, coffee and tea.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Browning have moved to their new home East of town.

Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Moore were in Saginaw on business last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Clark of Pontiac were Saturday dinner guests of Mrs. Loie Evans.

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Rassette and family of Linwood spent Sunday at the Eugene Rassette home.

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Ensign were business callers in Saginaw Tuesday.

Mrs. Edith Scrader, Chas. Schrader and family of Marlette were Sunday callers at the Wayne Schrader home.

Mrs. Bernice Walker and Mrs. David Ruby of Lapeer spent Monday with Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Moore to help Mrs. Moore celebrate her birthday.

Miss Arlene Mathews has been quite ill the past week and unable to attend school, Arlene and here mother live at the Loie Evans home.

Mrs. Alice Corbin and granddaughter of Flint visited at the James Coan home Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. James Stoner and sons of Clawson had dinner Saturday with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Doc Stoner.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brooks of Pontiac are spending the week end at the Leland home.

East Dayton

Mrs. Nina Hunter and the Froedes entertained Sunday for early Christmas Mr. and Mrs. Leon Hunter, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Hunter of Flint, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Ross, Susie, Larry and Albert E., Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ross, Richard Jr., Jane and Judy, Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Hunter, Karen and Rebecca and Robert Roberson, Mr. and Mrs. Gary Cooper and Wendy.

Mrs. Nina Hunter, Ed, and Ted Froede were Wednesday supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Wilson.

John Walls spent a few days here to be with his mother, Mrs. Margaret Walls who is still very ill at Saginaw Ostapathic Hospital.

Mr. and Mrs. W. Wilcox were evening guests one evening of Mr. and Mrs. Docherty

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Schliet of Fairgrove visited Mr. and Mrs. Murrey Docherty Sunday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. M. Docherty visited Mr. and Mrs. Nick Ward on Sunday.

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